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Thread: Methods of control - Keeping us ill and unhappy

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    Default Methods of control - Keeping us ill and unhappy

    A short and very incomplete list of how the elites are dumbing us down, keeping us ill and unhappy (other than the chemicals in foods and drinks). As you will notice, some of the methods are being practiced for a long time in our history and require knowledge beyond their time.

    Change in time – “day-light saving” (typical construct of the reptilians to confuse our biorhythms)

    Change in the yearly calendar courtesy of the little gecko Pope Gregory XIII who created the Gregorian Calendar, formerly we followed the rhythm of the moon and had 13 periods per year and Gecko Greg had it changed to 12, to confuse the female cycles in particular (use a search engine for “circadian rhythms”)

    TV (subliminals) – most programs are permeated by mind-control material, particularly the news, soap operas and advertising

    Destructive Music (Reverse beat) – scrambles the brain, so one cannot reflect or think straight

    Chemtrails – the ultimate weapon being rained down on the unsuspecting flock of Christ!

    Cosmetics – The ladies just lather it on as if the skin was not the body’s largest organ and as if it did not absorb whatever was in the poisonous cream/lotion
    Lipstick (lead laden) – the ultimate stealth weapon worn for vanity’s sake which serves as the perfect vehicle for all sorts if destinations!!

    Lighting (mercury and neon) – Another CCCC agenda item, one of the more recent ones, energy never really was an issue, neither is the size of your bill a concern. If it ever is, and it is, for, to the contrary, the higher YOUR expense the more beholden and enslaved YOU are, but alas it is the MERCURY in the light that is of interest, for, whilst you live under it, it STEALTHILY CULLS you, for mercury lighting weakens the immune system, it reduces your vitality – Don’t believe it? Investigate how they already demonstrated that poor lighting induces LEUCEMIA in children at primary schools in the US over half a century ago!

    Earrings – These usually are METAL and the piercings are usually made in an area corresponding with the PINEAL GLAND, your connection to the universe, and you thereby hamper your potential for prayer….how convenient! Women and men who love piercings! And of course, noblesse oblige, society obliges you to have a pair, preferably BIG ones, to keep up with appearances and demonstrate your status. As ALWAYS, the geckoes want to hamper you BADLY if you are in a position of influence and power!! Obviously, the metal in your ears also messes with your energy flow in the BRAIN, which is of course the point. Better still, if less noble metals are used, then these intoxicate locally and in the corresponding acupuncture region, in this case, the BRAIN!

    Belts – Again, a triple whammy! On the one hand you strangle off the abdomen from the pelvic region, interfering with digestion, absorption and irrigation, creating reflux, relative obstipation, relative indigestion, and hernias, then you have BARELY PERCEPTIBLE interference with RESPIRATION, which those who deal with PRANIC healing know the fundamental importance of, and, on the other, the metal buckle interferes with the MAIN meridian of energy flow in your body, the CENTRAL Meridian! What does that mean? You investigate! The metal zipper had the same function when it comes to interference with energy flow of the energy meridians. BARELY PERCEPTIBLE is the OPERATIVE CONCEPT!! We shower praise on the REPTILIAN DIMENSION for their BRILLIANCE! Indeed, we should BOW in AWE!!

    Metal Jewelry (necklaces, wedding rings) – Metal necklaces interfere with the energy flow of the kidney and liver meridians, FEAR and ANGER are thus amplified. JUST WHAT THE GECKOES ordered. The metal WEDDING ring interferes with the triple warmer meridian and the metabolic energy meridian and when placed on the left hand it is female related. Further, it is a finger which is related to VITALITY, so placing a metal ring there crimples VITALITY, get it?! The emotion related to the ring-finger on the other hand is anxiety and preoccupation, and a ring here, the tighter the worse, enhances these emotions! Wonderful, LADIES and GENTS!

    Piercings – See above. Depending on their placement, we have interference with the corresponding organs/body regions and corresponding emotions.

    Change in pitch – This seemingly small change had a profound effect on the human psyche for this pitch is out of harmony with our beings and is thus DISHARMONIOUS

    Female circumcision – The clitoris in the female has its energetic equivalent in the ……..

    Preservatives – These ingredients besides being toxic to a BARELY PERCEPTIBLE OFFICAL ENTITY-APPROVED EXTENT are also preservatives of your own BODY, something you would usually only want to consider for mummies.

    MSG (taste enhancers) – another neuro-toxic

    Fluoride – neurotoxic and also shown to cause bone cancer in children, that is obviously why it is in the water supply and in your toothe-paste, or did you really think that someone cared for the wellbeing of your teeth??
    Your next-door neighbor maybe, your average human being not bent on making the biggest buck out of you might, but not those who implement the reptilian agenda through remote missions on this dimension.

    Tampax – Dioxins in the structure, just BARELY PERCEPTIBLE, yet strategically located next to the source of future generations! THE OVARIES. What foresight! Such planning is taking place on the reptilian plane that it befuddles the mind!

    Mobiles – Dig into findings of the Swedish Karolinska Institute to find out just how damaging the radiation is to you. Neuro-surgeons appanrently AVOID mobiles like the plague!

    Episiotomy – Another juicy procedure which most women who can still give child-birth “normally” undergo and which, as always, BARELY PERCEPTIBLY, interferes with both the CENTRAL and GOVERNING MERIDIANS, the two most important meridians of the BODY, your body being that of a woman, hence you are considered a major threat…indeed throughout millennia!

    Female contraceptives – Just about the most toxic SOLUTION to HUMAN CULLING, sorry, “Family PLANNING”, avaibable.

    High heel shoes – dissociates the two hemipheres. Again, it is the WOMAN who is the real THREAT

    Rubber soled shoes – This little gimmick reduces your conncction with Mother Earth, it alienates YOU. And it also interferes with your natural capacity to detoxify! AGAIN, the effect is BARELY PERCEPTIBLE, absolutely PARAMOUNT!

    Marking the forehead (3rd eye) in some religions – this is a sense WE ALL had, and it was by curtailing this sense that we were made WHOLLY dependent on written and spoken language for communication, which is wholly unsatisfactory for it dampens ones capacity for EMPATHY and COMPASSSION, for it is all too dangerous for us to FEEL and UNDERSTAND our fellow HUMAN BEINGS, that being exactly how the geckoes want it, DIVIDE and RULE!! It is a very basic principle, for if it is in COMPLETION that HUMANITY can ACHIEVE PERFECTION, then it is in DIVISION that IMPERFECTION is GUARANTEED. BUT WHY, you may ask, ALL THIS CONCERN? BECAUSE YOU, THE AVERAGE HUMAN BEING, is FAR MORE POWERFUL THAN the GECKO run system would like to EVER HAVE you REALIZE. EVER. YOU are CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD!! THEY TREMBLE, LITERALLY, at our DISCOVERY OF THE SAME. We can be REALLY FREE! We can PRAY FOR ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE FOR US AND FOR US TO PASS ON!!

    Baptism – IN certain RELGIONS, this ceremony is also a strategy to CLOSE THE 3rd EYE!

    Watches – First the manual, then the automatic, and finally the QUARTZ! With each generation, the concept of TIME which PHYSICISTS INSIST does NOT EXIST, with each GERNATION of “EVOLTION”, let us call it EVOLTIONARY IMPLEMENTATION OF CONTROL by the GECKO dimension with each new generation the concept of time becomes increasingly IMPRESSED on the HUMAN psyche!

    Bras (interrupt meridian energy flow and lymphatic flow) – ALL IN THE NAME OF VANITY. with toxicity accumulating in the most sensitive tissue of the female gender. But no problem, all we need to do now is create guidelines to regularly radiate the two breasts to properly increase their risk of becoming seriously ill, all in the name of good science and preventive “healthcare”.

    Anti-perspirants/deodorants – release of toxicity, which is supposed to FLOW and be ELIMINATED through the arm-pits, is hampered. Anti-perspirants raise levels of TOXICTY, local and general. All those great breast cancers waiting in the wings to pop out of nowhere, those special hereditary characteristics are of course the culprits. Add the BRA and you have the PERFECT COMBINATION to increase the ODDS of BREAST CANCER. And remember the secret: BARELY PERCEPTIBLY, intoxicating and the CULLING

    Refined sugar – Like so many other foods, sugar went from GOOD (pure unrefined sugar cane) to BAD (refined sugar) to a “SOLUTION” (not yours, the GECKOES’) which is DEADLY, your TABLE-TOP SWEETNER (aspartame or equivalent)

    Refined salt – Like so many other foods, salt went from GOOD (pure unrefined seasalt, celtic salt) to BAD (refined salt) to a “SOLUTION” (not yours, the GECKOES’) which is DEADLY, your TABLE-TOP FOOD taste enhancer (MSG)…remember when food did not need taste enhancers? Possibly not, because all you knew were prayer inhibiting, biological, chemical, energetic-TOXIC BURGERS (remember that before they were injected with over 40 antibiotics, chemicals and synthetic hormones, they actually drank that toxic soup called WATER!)

    Refined flour – Now here is a product which is doubtlessly one of the BEST EARLY CULLERS, no doubt invented and introduced as a staple by some little GECKO, for it induces CELIAC DISEASE and other great allergies which obviously interfere with digestion and absorption and obviously the entire well-being of a person. REFINING IT merely had the advantage of removing the little NUTRITIONAL value it initially had. This is basically a staple which CLOGS the HUMAN SPONGE as does the REFIEND SUGAR

    Refined carbohydrates – CLOGGERS of the SPONGE, helps to keep the toxic soup in our system

    Homogenized milk – CLOGGERS of the SPONGE, helps to keep the toxic soup in our system. Cancer-Inducing

    Soja (soy) derivatives – Cancer-Inducing, the typical GECKO SOLUTION, your DEADLY SOLUTION, the latest replacement to what is nowadays seriously adulterated milk!
    Fast-food – The GECKO SOLUTION to the LACK of TIME

    All “LIGHT” and many “DIET”-labeled products – have the ultimate brain-toxic SOLUTION, aspartame or an equally unhealthy equivalent

    Practically all chewing gum containing the artificial sweetener, BRAIN-toxic and immune-toxic, aspartame –

    Microwaves – Dr Hertel, a Swiss-GERMAN doc, showed this process to be utterly unwholesome over 20 years ago!

    Sunscreens – BRAIN-TOXIC CHEMICALS containing the latest nano-technology which crosses the blood brain barrier of mom and the child she carries – CULLING TWO HUMAN BEINGS IN ONE, not to mention the stuff you catch when you lie down on someone else’s sun-lounge…pass it on!!

    Pesticides/Herbicides/Chemical fertilizers – These are great culling agents which when used in small quantities fit the required formula: A BARELY PERCEPTIBLE CULLING MECHANISM of ACTION. Oh, some brain-washed idiot or little gecko will say these are required to contain the pests and the herbs and increase the YIELDS. Sure, show me the unadulterated SCIENCE. READ David ICKE to find where they find the pseudo-science.

    Radiation from nuclear bomb testing – With the need to defend themselves, radiation was spewed into the atmosphere over decades, literally! Then we had Chernobyl and now we have Japan. Now we have the very serious fallout from Japan which was GECKO custom-made!
    http://www.infowars.com/helen-caldic...-of-fukushima/ The doc even mentions the REPTILIAN BRAINED men, poor souls!

    Depilation – Disconnects the person, scars them and sets them up for better uptake of BRAIN-TOXIC chemicals from the sunscreens that follow. VANITY is the root cause as is the need to conform to the NORM of beauty no doubt setup by some little GECKO whose mission it was, probably unbeknownst to him/her, upon incarnation

    Subliminals (radio/TV/CDs/DVDs) – Mind control is the objective, KEEPING US CALM and ENTERTAINED whilst they CULL the HUMAN HERD.

    Lighting (neon/mercury) –– HUMAN CULLING - as if they EVER were concerned with your bill – posturing as energy saving. Some countries’ authorities have shown that it COSTS more ENERGY to dispose of the TOXIC MERCURY – second most toxic metal on the planet! – than the purported energy everyone actually saves!

    Metal fillings/toxic composite fillings – 53% mercury – see http://iaomt.org/ , the second most toxic metal on EARTH which is just fine and STABLE in your mouth…a crime towards humanity according to Otto Warburg, Nobel prize-winner of Medicine over 70 years ago! According to the EPA the mercury content of ONE molar filling poisons a 100 square meter lake making the fish UNFIT for human consumption

    Metal braces – Stainless steel, sounds NOBLE right, now graces the teeth of children and adults for vanity’s sake, and this alloy slowly releases wonderful cancer causing nickel and chrome and other delightful metals, whilst the mid-line crossing interferes with the connection of the two hemispheres of the brain.

    Metal dentures – Same toxic advantage of braces

    Some toxic materials in plastic dentures – search the net

    Coloring for the hair – Highly toxic chemicals applied to the skin out of the sake of VANITY and absorbed directly into the SKULL, ie, BRAIN

    Endocrine disruptors in the water (your shower-water/your tap-water) where you are encouraged to take showers DAILY rather than baths, for in showers you are confined into a small cubicle where you can BREATH in those wonderfully toxic vapor–laden ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS and receive them on your SKIN, the BODY’s largest organ the last time I looked

    Drinking water form plastic bottles (we are 75% water) – the plastic contaminants make the water unfit for human consumption. We complain about all the plastic, but we see more and more of it.

    Heavy metals – The ALL TIME favorite of the GECKOES, first LEAD and now MERCURY. It is the super glue of your terrain, your human sponge body!

    Lead piping – great to promote insanity as it did regularly in the Romans. And then you thought INSANITY was peculiar to the ROMANS! No, it is typical of lead poisoning!

    Lead crystal glasses – This is the same technique as is currently being used by the PLASTIC BOTTLED WATER we all drink and also the Mercury lighting, it affects the structure of the water, making it LITERALLY LEAD-like, just like the plastic bottled water of today makes the water PLASTIC-LIKE! I’m a Barbie girl, life in plastic it’s fantastic…for a Gecko from the other dimension perhaps!

    Drinking Alcohol – Many great souls have been culled by the vice! It should be noted that many human’s favorite drink is wine, something that JESUS CHRIST NEVER EVER DRANK. However, the GRAPE provided a great drink, one that cleanses the body as Arlnold Ehret discovered when he decided to cure most diseases known to man over 90 years ago. Any wonder the Rothschilds have the finest vineyards in the world? ?!? Little geckoes, poor little geckoes, so rich, and yet so sad and poor. Any wonder, vineyards are sprouting up everywhere in the WORLD?? The grapes are for WINE ONLY, not for GRAPE eating or GRAPE JUICE! So chique. Oh, yes, ever so chique!

    Chlorine in the water (reacts with organic matter creating carcinogens) – just wonderful that daily morning or evening shower. http://waterfilters.mercola.com/shower-filter.aspx

    Catalyzers (VW experiment with flies) – Much like everything else, the mercury lighting etc, etc, the catalyzers were never needed to be introduced except to CULL us, the HUMAN RACE, better than before. Flies placed behind the conventional exhaust became really drunk, LITERALLY, whilst those behind the catalyzers LITERALLY DIED. Oh, yes, “we are NOT flies”, replies the reptilian or hamburger laden human being!

    All pharmaceuticals – All synthetic and alien molecules to the body, some are great for one thing and an absolute DISASTER for other things, but providing it is BARELY PERCEPTIBLE, RIGHT?! No problem! All those side-effects which only affect your neighbor in any meaningful way, providing it is BARELY PERCEPTIBLE and way down the road! It could have been that breathe of stale air you had the other day at your friend’s, or the drink, or , or , or , or……ooops, we shall need a thorough INVESTIGATION!! Something really SCIENTIFIC, preferably using language the author does not really understand himself! Bring out the heavy fire-power, the scientific big-wigs the geckoes will pay off with money created out of nowhere in order to reach the geckoes desired conclusion. We stand in AWE! For we are true believers of all the HUBRIS they present us with!

    Chemtrails – having become more and more frantic in their attempts to CULL us more quickly and perfectly, they have resorted to more dramatic measures, namely having toxic chemical rain down on us on a regular basis.

    Forceps/Suction – Cripples the skull and the brain, but BARELY PERCEPTIVELY …J

    Cutting the umbilical too soon – deprives the youngling of oxygen and nutrients Nothing like an OXYGEN-deprived start to life in this dimension, EH?!

    Vaccination – First place FAVORITE of the GECKOES along with HEAVY metals, indeed, to some extent they are one and the same. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/ar...-diseases.aspx

    Biopsies – a wonderful way to SPREAD the DISEASE. One really wonders where all of us have their BRAINS!

    Incubators and the tendency for isolation - Deprives CHILDREN of LOVE, the driving force of the Universe

    Grains/cereals – Same implications as flour. CLOGGER of the HUMAN SPONGE

    Modern Toilet seats (pubo-rectalis muscle does not relax and leaves just a little bit of TOXIC stool in rectum!) – BARELY PERCEPTIBLE REDUCTION in VITALITY and…CAPACITY FOR PRAYER, GIRLS and BOYS

    Grinding of grain – in the past a great source of ruined teeth, considering all those little stones in the bread.…bad teeth, bad health, boys and girls!

    Meat eating (biological-chemical-energetic bombs) – upper end of the food chain does not require much brain power to gather the implications. People, study Biology 101, if you are still capable of the feat! These poor animals which we treat with so much disrespect, see Meet the Meat, are close to the top of the proverbial FOOD-CHAIN! http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?ne...%3DPle_syJmAoA

    Fish eating (chemical-HEAVY METAL-Radioactive-energetic bombs)

    Destruction of food through heating – The evolution of heating “FOOD” has been wonderful for mankind, in particular when viewed from the Gecko’s perspective, for it has served him, the GECKO, more than well. The Bible insists that man was created to eat FRUIT and HERBs, not much veracity in that statement nowadays. It does however give you a great notion of just how far mankind has been led astray from his path!!

    MICROWAVES – the practical and convenient culling tool

    Pots and pans – Whilst heating DESTROYS the value of most food, the pots just add that little bit of METAL to the mixture. Oh, it is only just a little!...the BARELY PERCEPTIBLE DOSE. that is bound not to harm you! And the authorities have approved it, haven’t they? Yes, those cute little geckoes did!! Cute, cute, cute! Give them a little hug.

    Asbestos – Great for those lungs!

    ….and the list is interminable.

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    Default Re: Methods of control - Keeping us ill and unhappy

    This is a really extensive list. I follow a lot of this but there are some on the list that I had not considered. Like sunscreen, and heels (never bought into wearing them) now I've got another reason besides crunched up toes. Rubber sole shoes? Won't give up my Uggs and sneakers.

    “Day-light saving” - now that's interesting. Boink, so true!

    Thanks for the post, AlexanderLight. It's worth a look and another look.

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    Default Re: Methods of control - Keeping us ill and unhappy

    I'm detoxing sunscreen this week. My body usually needs to detox some chemical or another. Soaps were last month (had to change to a cleure brand that didn't have much additives).
    Always detoxing plastics, and so on.

    Always a good idea to invest in a infrared sauna (I would, don't have the cash.....did find a gym once with one, ...I liked the experience).

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    Default Re: Methods of control - Keeping us ill and unhappy

    But wait... I am still alive!

    Its a miracle I tells ya!

    Mind you I avoid most of the things on that list, but not for my first 25years...
    Those of the positive polarity are of service when by action or thought or even intention, another entity or the self is freer to seek his or her own path than before the intended service was performed. --L/Leema

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    Default Re: Methods of control - Keeping us ill and unhappy

    None of the above are able to terminate the human body on their own. Our bodies are amazing organic machines, able to recover from high quantities of toxins, chemicals or radiation intake. But we need to become aware of what we consume, before we do irreparable damages to our bodies.

    The illness we will face in the XXI'st century from unhealthy lifestyle are:

    - all types of cancer, AIDS, nervous system affections, neurological problems, women unable to carry babies, men sterility and the worse, negative genetic mutations.

    We must become aware of the dangers and fight for the survival of the human species!

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    Default Re: Methods of control - Keeping us ill and unhappy

    They won't win....Trying as hard as they have, they won't be able to stop what's going to happen when our galaxy hits the photon belt.... Hundreds of years of planning and executing this type of harm on us will come to an end. The whole point is that they'll lose all holds on us. So, they've doubled and tripled their attacks on us. But it's not working anymore. They know it and they're scared.....rightly so.

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