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Thread: Architects and Engineers and 9/11 research!

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    Default Re: Architects and Engineers and 9/11 research!

    Dastardly Dick Cheney stood to gain by all of it. A marine in the pentagon on the radio servelence of incoming flying objects told Dastardly Dick the object was coming in, and he did nothing, just went down to the bunker and allowed it to happen, which means he knew all the targets for that day. Conde had to give him the info about Bin Rotten, and he was to give it to Bush. Colin was not notified, just as he wasn't notified of the "fake evidence" they presented him to go into Iraq. He retired from their corporate film engineered war evidence, and hasn't looked back.
    Like others in the party stated. "WE didn't leave the party when the neocons took over, the party left the people and went corporate with stock shares and bonus trips for the kitty.

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    Default Re: Architects and Engineers and 9/11 research!

    Quote Posted by whenyournex2me (here)
    Thanks again guys for your praise... Im struggling in school cause Ive been homeless since april last year, my truck towed, lost all my stuff, and much more... All cause I tried to show my ex gf what the **** is really going on, and she and her family shunned me out and left me in a bad way. I even had some legal issues come of it. I havent seen my daughter since April of last year, and I dont know where she is. The state here isnt helping me with it, and I feel like My daughter was taken, kidnapped from me. WTF is wrong with this world? I know not everyone is a terrorist... or a wolf in sheeps clothing, but come on. I deal with it as best I can, wish for the best, and try to hold my own. Ive learned you cannot provide answers to people is dissonance, but rather questions leading to the answer seem to work better. She doesnt care about the americans that were murdered, the jews, syrian civilians getting murdered, people starving... jsut her self, what she can collect and horde from the pack. I dont like non team players. Im glad through out all this misery Ive endured these last three years has sparked this passion in my heart to continue one and help where I can, to those that want to listen. those that care. Thank you all.
    Great you were helping to host Richard Gage. I've ordered the AE911 pre-release dvd and watched the part about building number 7. Just watch it with familymembers / friends and you don't really have to convince them. Just watch the experts explain building 7 must have been brought down with explosives, because it came down with freefall speed. It is always difficult to explain it yourself, because it soon will become ego against ego. So watching together at architecs and engineers is a great way to wake people close to you.

    I feel sorry for you your relationship ended and you haven't seen your daughter since a long time.
    If you wake up it's like you are living in another world. And I do think by waking up together
    with the expanding of our consciousness we actually live in another dimension (from 3th via 4th to the 5th). That's why we have to say goodbye to our old life and start meeting other people who can understand us. I'm still in a transformation state, but I have met quite a lot of great people already. I do live in two worlds at the moment. It's difficult sometimes, but if you have the intention to do the right thing and you know where you wanna go it will work out fine in the end.
    Remember Who You Are!

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    Default Re: Architects and Engineers and 9/11 research!

    You all should speak to my uncle who designs the kind of targeting systems for this ****. He was in the pentagon when it was hit, I was told from family....
    "A mighty order of ages is born anew. Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return. Now a new progeny is let down from the lofty heavens... The boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth." Charles A.L. Totten

    "Home: Arcturus
    Been to: Orion, Andromeda, Pleiades"

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