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Thread: HUGE explosion on Sakurajima Volcano in Japan..!

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    Default HUGE explosion on Sakurajima Volcano in Japan..!

    Feb 18, 2012

    Sakurjima volcano in Japan erupts...BIG time..!


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    Default Re: HUGE explosion on Sakurajima Volcano in Japan..!

    Alex Collier and his Zenetae ET's said this would be happening.
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    Default Re: HUGE explosion on Sakurajima Volcano in Japan..!

    Excerpt from the link below...

    Sakurajima's activity became prominent in 1955, and the volcano has been erupting almost constantly ever since. Thousands of small explosions occur each year, throwing ash to heights of up to a few kilometers above the mountain.
    The Sakurajima Volcano Observatory was set up in 1960 to monitor these eruptions.

    The web page has link to webcams that have been showing its eruptions. Its a daily occurrence.


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    Default Re: HUGE explosion on Sakurajima Volcano in Japan..!

    I remember reading (or hearing) that a big volcanic eruption in Japan would be the precursor to earthquakes that are bigger and more devastating than last year's earthquakes and tsunamis. Sorry, I can't remember the source. Perhaps someone else saw/heard the same thing and can remember the source.
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