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Thread: 30 Touching Seconds With Ron Paul

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    Default 30 Touching Seconds With Ron Paul


    Ron Paul 2012

    It has been a long road, and along the way I have lost faith in pretty much everyone and everything, including Dr. Paul. Through it all, it was truth I sought, and that can be an elusive prey.

    I came back to supporting Ron Paul's candidacy slowly, reluctantly, even grudgingly. I am not cut out for politics, I was chewed up and spit out by my last effort, and life has not really improved for any of us for my efforts. I was so bitter that when Dr. Paul came to Boise between campaigns, I did not go.

    To be honest, it was mostly a need for a drive in the country that got me to go to Twin Falls the other day. I was glad to go see him, but I still just don't have the taste for politics. Watching him there, I remembered, this is so much more than politics, and he is much more than a politician. I was pretty excited about today's event, I collected names passed out registrations and gave out caucus info - it was all good stuff. It was nice to be "dabbling" - not toe to toe with the neocons. Not as "thrilling" but the thrill is kinda gone for me.... My efforts earned me a front row seat, near the end.

    Dr. Paul entered from the far side, and gave one of his "typical" amazing speeches. Then he walked to my end, and started shaking hands of volunteers.

    When he came to me, he literally stepped back, and I was stunned to realize he knew who I was. I half wondered if I was about to get ripped a new orifice, but of course not. He reached out to me, and said he was glad to see me, and thanked me for coming. I finally remembered to ask him what I really wanted to know all these years - "Do you remember my father, Leigh Latta?" and he did. (Goldwater campaign.) I just can't describe what that meant to me, and the warmth from him. And then he hugged me, and (it is making me cry to type this) I swear it felt like my father was hugging me, he has been dead for 20 years and that was just the most amazing gift.

    Dr. Paul, your "prodigal daughter" is home. Thank you so much for all you have done, thank you for being there when I came home.

    The (TRUTH) is simple, its just plain old (COMMON-SENSE)..!

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