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Thread: Are we all just frogs in a pot???

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    Default Are we all just frogs in a pot???

    I'm sure we have all heard that if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will jump out but put that same frog in a pot and heat the water slowly to boiling and it will just sit there!!! With all that is going on in the world I have to wonder if we are all just frogs in a pot about to boil??? If anyone of us were throwen into this world from 30-40 years ago we would "jump out of the pot" but because things have happened so slowly over aeriod of years that we have become accustom to it. The world is changing and no one is raising an alarm!!! Lets look at some scare stats.

    1st earthquakes
    There has been a dramatic increase in earthquakes during this century. They are more common and more powerful.

    --------------------------- ----------- ------------------------------
    1863 to 1900 - incl 38 yrs 12
    1901 to 1938 - incl 38 yrs 53
    1939 to 1976 - incl 38 yrs 71
    1977 to 2014 - incl * 38 yrs 164 (through Mar. 2011) predict >190 in total.

    Then there is thde weather. I live outside Chicago and I can tell you this has been a really odd winter. It was perdicted that this winter was going to be really bad with beow normal temps and extrem snowfall. However that is not at all what we have had. This has been the 3rd wrmest winter on record. The only warmer winters have been 1st 31-32 and a tie for 2nd during 97-98 and 2001-2002. We have also seen this not only have a higher than normal average temp but we have also tied the warmest day on record on Jan 6th with 55 degrees. Futher we have only had a few days that have been in the teen and even less in the single digits. Here in Chicago we are zone 5a with an average winter low of-10 to -20. There have been no days below 0. While here in Chicago we have had a very very mild winter in Russia it has been a very different story. They have some really extrem cold over there and while Russia is knowen for its cold they have had long periods that 40-50 degrees centigrade below average. Then there is this last week here in the Midwest of the US with the extrem tornado outbreak. In 2 day there were nearly 100 reported tornados from the gulf to the greatlakes. Its not even tornado season here yet.

    I have to wonder if the earth is just tiered of us and is pushing all her reset buttons. She knows we are the problem we are the ones that are making her unlivable and she wont have it at all. We need to get up get out of the pot and look around. W need to see the changes that we need to make and we need to make them. The time is now we can't sit on our hands anymore and hope things will get better. Cuz they wont!!!!!
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    i get a fleating glimps of how green it is on the otherside
    and i know i can forge the river
    but the water is deep
    the current swift
    the river is wide
    and i
    i am terrified of drownding


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