Project Camelot interviews Igor Witkowski : The Nazi Bell

This interview was recorded in October 2009, but was only published in July 2010 due to technical problems: several tapes were corrupted and one was lost, and the result is the best that I (Bill Ryan) have been able to do with the material.After a vivid start, the interview is one in which Polish military historian Igor Witkowski drills down, in considerable detail, into the fascinating history of the Nazi Bell - basically an advanced, highly classified physics experiment regarded by the Nazis as being of the highest importance for reasons which are still not totally clear.The depth of historical information in this interview may be valuable for researchers. Meanwhile, the physics of the 'Bell' remains unclear... but the Nazis may well have been investigating the very fabric of spacetime itself, based on an early understanding of what is now known as torsion physics.This is a companion interview to Project Camelot's interview with researcher Joseph Farrell. Click here: Ryan and Kerry Cassidyhttp://projectcamelot.org
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