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Thread: Possible Link Between ELF waves and Autisim

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    Default Possible Link Between ELF waves and Autisim

    Interesting Video on the possible cause for Autisim.

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    Default Re: Possible Link Between ELF waves and Autisim

    Thanks. We do need more science, eventually to cover all aspects. This video should help people, take an interest in doing what ever aspect they can manage.

    I googled/ Image search this key word set:
    microwave antenna smartmeter
    This search set develops new links as the months pass by.

    Let us first realize though, that there seems to be two differing kinds of smartmetters:

    1] The wifi type which communicate with a repeater using strong microwaves, (typical for urban settings).

    "Wireless antenna are being installed under utility grates throughout the city. Did PG&E obtain permission from the city for these? Homeless people sleep on top of these grates to keep warm in the winter- what about their health?"

    2] The in-line type, more like ethernet over the power lines... connecting to powerful microwave antennas on top of poles (fewer in number, typical for rural, especially hilly rural settings.)

    I have the power-line-modem type on my house... Some people in my area pay extra to keep the old meters but do not realize that their home power will still, also carry the 'noise' of modem transmissions. This type of modem 'noise' is not so detrimental, providing one is far from the microwave antennas, atop power line poles. (Located miles apart in my hilly area).

    In any case, the power lines are corruptively 'noisy' irregardless of smart meters. This is due to many other reasons. But all of which contribute to the dirty power grids in general, almost everywhere.

    Ultimately, a low cost meter might be marketed-- this type appears designed for security tech:

    But possibly does not detect the full microwave spectrum. The trouble with this simplistic type of meter is that one cannot pinpoint the frequency and power levels of micro waves.

    Good rf "radio frequency" meters with accurate readings of micro waves (the most detrimental EMR, "electro magnetic radiation", from power distribution companies) have cost from $400 and up, my last check on new prices, last year... It takes time to research qualities of this equipment.
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