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Thread: The Reset Button Movement

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    Default Re: The Reset Button Movement

    Astrologer Ang Stoic speaks of a big "reset" in his latest prediction here:

    Quote Humanity is at a huge reset point. Hope becomes the key to our positivity through this next few months. But we must not get too ahead of ourselves. We are selectively entering into the Meditative Stillness. In this space, those journeying most consciously are able to contact angels, ascended masters and other spirit guides to assist them to see humanity’s course most clearly. They are also learning how to choose not to react to negativity, and in this they practicing their ability to avoid the dreadful karma that comes from blindly acting in negative ways. Are you one of these?

    The Aquarian Sun/Moon convergence resonates with an awareness that all problems encountered by humans today are actually here for the purpose of furthering humanity’s spiritual evolution. We must either take any adversity, blockage or frustration, whether personal or public, as an opportunity to grow out of our negativity and dismay. Unless we take a proactive approach to what we experience as negative, divisive, crazy, unenlightened, etc., the same problems, or variations of them are likely to repeat, possibly with much more devastating outcomes. It’s no good trying to shut the problem off, or running away from it. Karma, like the proverbial bad smell, has a way of stalking us and catching up.

    The Venus/Chiron combination’s exact semi-square to the New Moon creates events (both personal and global) where we are somehow able to see the true, underlying value of all things that come to our attention.

    Look at what’s happening in your life.
    Look deeply into it.
    See the people around you.
    Look into their core, can you see their soul?
    Perhaps you should try this. Inside each person lives a light of consciousness.
    If you can connect with that, you have a better chance, not only of creating a better, more positive connection, but together aim to reach a more harmonious, co-creative moment.
    Check it out…

    At this amazing moment, it serves our intention for this Aquarius New Moon to channel our ability to see and transmit love everywhere and in everything. We must maintain a strength and purpose to stay and work from a place of acceptance and forgiveness, and try to find the positive lesson in even the most challenging of experiences. Through a vigilant presence we form ‘friends’, with whom we will slowly co-create a soothing, calming effect upon the planet. The humanitarian, more altruistic elements of Aquarius, when combined with the forgiving, compassionate elements of Pisces can assist in the healing of selfishness upon this planet.In the end all things must change. After all, life is simply a series of cyclical and spontaneous progressions. We must learn to overcome our resistance to these, otherwise we are destined to be stuck in the grief and sorrow of a past moment. By coming to a deeper understanding that the root cause of all our suffering is our fear of letting go of the past, we can allow our future to flow naturally in the direction it must go.
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: The Reset Button Movement

    Quote Posted by Ron Mauer Sr (here)
    Quote Posted by Nick07 (here)
    I think a reset button is a wicked awesome idea, Iceland did it best in my opion, petitioning will never work, if world wants to be free of the corrupt elete then we need to march in and physically remove them ALL and start fresh. Or we can keep talking about the problem and petetioning and hope it goes away.
    Just my thoughts
    I wonder how Iceland physically removed the corrupt legislators without the removers getting shot by security/police/military.
    actually a key observation which hasn't really been addressed to my knowledge....
    any other country has some very loyal hench-people who have no compunctions when it comes to enforcing the status quo.....amazing what people will do for money/privilege
    pinochet's regime fall comes to mind as an example of solidarity amongst the people which is essential to any change that would matter

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    Default Re: The Reset Button Movement

    Hi Dennis Leahy

    am about halfway through this thread and need to read the Reset Button Document.
    Where would I find this since the website has been deactivated ??

    Thanks for your help !

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    Default Re: The Reset Button Movement

    Quote Posted by kfm27917 (here)
    Hi Dennis Leahy

    am about halfway through this thread and need to read the Reset Button Document.
    Where would I find this since the website has been deactivated ??

    Thanks for your help !
    Hello kfm27917,

    Thanks for your interest. Sorry for the slow response - I thought I'd have to re-upload the files, and was searching for the most recent versions, but found that I had archived them online.

    If the concept ever gets another attempt (by me), it will be under the heading of "Citizens Control Elections", rather than "The Reset Button" - because that is the gist. Until citizens of a nation gain control - complete control - over their election system, the current self-declared Ruling Class will retain control over the people's governance.

    I don't know the exact mechanisms that the Ruling Class use in other nations, and so this particular plan, The Reset Button (or Citizens Control Elections), is specific to the USA. However, the overarching concept is the same in England, France, Dubai, Australia, Canada... that is, citizens have to figure out how to change all the laws surrounding the election system in their country, dismiss the concept of political parties, and take complete control of the election system, from the pre-election selection of candidates and controlling the specific topics of discussion for the candidates, through to hand counting the vote on paper ballots. Further, the citizens need a metric and a method to assess whether the winning candidate for an office is fulfilling not just the duties but the specifics of what they put in writing as part of the new election process.

    Here are links to the PDF files. The "Candidate Position Issues" are the (citizen-authored) topics that are the primary focus for the candidates to be mandated to address, and their answers in writing to these topics would provide the metric for assessing them compared to their actual actions when in a government role. Voters would read the same issues, and note their own position on each topic on a Voter Issue sheet.

    These are archived copies of the documents as they were in 2012 - almost 8 years ago, and somewhat dated. Note that if the idea gets presented again (as Citizens Control Elections), the call for an amendment would be in a secondary phase, because citizens forcing a law to pass is a high enough mountain to scale. With the law passed, citizens will have enough control over elections to then accomplish the required amendment to complete the transformation of governance power from the Ruling Elite to the citizens.

    An 'Executive Summary' of The Reset Button:

    The Reset Button:

    Candidate Position Issues:

    Candidate Position Issues Sample:
    (this is what citizens would have, in writing, on each required topic, for each candidate)

    Voter Issue sheet:

    Ballot Sample:

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