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Thread: Megalithic Carvings?

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    Default Megalithic Carvings?

    Many types of evidence is found on these stones, HOW DID ANYONE DO THIS? Amazing!

    - http://www.youtube.com/user/brienfoerster
    meep meep

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    Default Re: Megalithic Carvings?

    Thanks for the video. I just listened to this over the weekend. I would love to tour Peru with Brien Foerster.

    Chris Dunn has used his machinist's point of view to analyze the purpose and function of the Giza pyramids. Brien Foerster, http://hiddenincatours.com/
    who lives in Peru, has been a student of ancient cultures. Together, the two discussed some of the mysterious ancient ruins and lost technologies in Peru and Bolivia, as well as the ancient elongated skulls in the area. Foerster hypothesized that when the Incas found the location of Cuzco (in Peru), they decided to build a city there because there were already huge megalithic structures at the site, possibly created thousands of years earlier. The only tools the Incas had were bronze chisels and stone hammers, yet some of the buildings were so finely made, it's impossible they were constructed with those tools. Perhaps they had "some type of vibrational technology several thousand years ago that we don't even have today," said Foerster.

    Dunn studied the stones at Cuzco with David Hatcher Childress, and noted that the repairs made to the earlier culture's work looked primitive in comparison to the original. The Inca used a sophisticated construction with interlocking blocks, so the stones were bound together with precision, he continued. The two also spoke about the ancient and enigmatic ruins in Puma Punku, Bolivia-- the only way you could describe some of the artifacts there is that they were cut on a machine because they were so precise, said Dunn.

    Foerster talked about his research into the fascinating elongated skulls of Peru. While some were definitely the product of deliberate cranial deformation, farther back in time there were people in the area who naturally had these huge cone-shaped skulls, and the later nobility sought to emulate their ancestors by binding their skulls to create this shape, he suggested. Dunn also shared an update on his research of the Egyptian pyramids, and spoke about photos from last year that revealed mysterious markings and possible evidence for electrical devices in a hidden chamber of the Great Pyramid.

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    Default Re: Megalithic Carvings?

    Wow, i just had one of them apithany things,,,,, what the lady did to the water running over the edge was wicked, and the shape of the subconcious levels looked more like a door way, so i wonder if the changing of the water fall effected the frequency of the water and erm, opened the door........

    Dont shoot me just an idea

    Love. peace and Blessings to you all.

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    Default Re: Megalithic Carvings?

    Brian Foerster flew into the uk last tuesday and did a superb interview with Theo Chalmers that night , here is a link to that show but unfortunately you require £2.49 to watch it .


    Brian is also speaking here

    anybody going then give us a pm

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    Default Re: Megalithic Carvings?

    Amazing, we know nothing of our true history.
    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="#4b0082"][B]"Good ET" x "SG"[/SIZE]

    “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, [U][COLOR="red"](Your Name Here)[/COLOR][/U], than are dreamt of in Your [U][COLOR="red"](OR MY)[/COLOR][/U] Philosophy.”

    ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet[/B][/COLOR]

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    This can then be scaled up to "Our Universe" and down to "Our Sol System" and Subatomic Particles ([U]Changing the "DIRECTION" of the "Flow of the Taurus" when "Appropriate", Such as the so called expansion of "Our Universe"[/U]) that phase in and out of multiple "Realities" (Which occurs too quickly to be measured in oscillations). IMHO[/COLOR]

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    Default Re: Megalithic Carvings?

    Quote Posted by GoodeTXSG (here)
    Amazing, we know nothing of our true history.
    I say just the opposite. Look around us. Look at these magnificent structures and monoliths. Any 10 year old kid could discern that these are NOT made by primitive, stone age people with no written word. How do you plan these things without using language and math? You don't, so we know a lot!

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