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Thread: What NAWAPA Means for You

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    Default What NAWAPA Means for You

    What NAWAPA Means for You

    by Rachel Brown

    With the crushing weight of the dead Transatlantic financial system coming down fast, calls for more austerity and bank bailouts in Europe are becoming louder, with Spanish banks next on the list. Recently in the U.S. Senate, the Foreign Relations Committee marked up a resolution on Syria, calling for President Bashar al-Assad to leave office as well as specifying other measures for the U.S. to take, such as to develop a plan to find and take over Syria's stockpiles of weapons. Such insanity would do nothing but bring about war, not just with Syria, but with Russia and China, the real targets of Obama's British controllers. As with Senator John Kerry's phone calls from "her majesty," world leaders are demonstrating their adherence to the British policy of war creation. With these and other developments, it is clear that there will be no "managing" of the economic crisis, and no honest "negotiating" of international issues by political bodies such as the U.S. Senate and the EU Commission.

    The problem most Americans have in thinking about this situation, is a lack of understanding of the nature of empire. Some people, although a decreasing amount, have a sense of a real personal identity in contributing to the future, but few have a comprehension of the different type of immortal identity of trained agents of an empire, such as the British Empire, who would rather sacrifice their own life, and even the vast majority of human lives on the planet, to ensure that their imperial system remains. The current global breakdown crisis, including insane policy choices in the United States, should be seen as the expression of this fanatical mentality, rather than as a coincidence of "unstable" local conditions. The recent call by the British Empire to reduce the world's population to 1.5 billion, issued in a Royal Society report, should illustrate this mentality.

    Don't be duped again! An absence of war does not equal peace. True peace comes only with the freedom of nations and individuals to collaborate and advance mankind's role in the universe.

    These are not just pretty words, this notion of man must be the basis of any nation's economic policies, as it was in the original conception of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and as seen simply in the grandparent telling their grandchild, "I made that for you." Now, it must be the basis of our re-establishment of purpose in society, through the re-founding of a national credit system, and implementation of NAWAPA.

    N.A.W.A.P.A. stands for North American Water and Power Alliance, and would involve the diversion of 138 MAFY (million acre feet per year) of runoff water from the total river basins in Alaska, British Columbia, and Yukon, using only 11% of that total runoff. This water is diverted through 95 dams, 39 tunnels, 8 pumping stations, and 4,515 miles of canal, over the Rocky Mountains, and then throughout the southwest by gravity, aiding our long-known water troubles in the Colorado and Rio Grande regions, and generating a net surplus of energy in the process. Building NAWAPA would require an upgrading of our entire nation's infrastructure, including our rail system, and require millions of skilled workers to be trained and readied for the mission. 4-6 million jobs would be created throughout the country, utilizing the manufacturing sectors of the midwest and northeast to produce the massive amount of components for the project.

    This could be the herald of an era of optimism! Instead of the inherent pessimism of a monetary system as we see now, which allows a nation to spend only a portion of it's existing capital, a credit system, as seen in Hamilton's national bank, allows for the generation of a multiple of current capital, by directing it into projects, such as NAWAPA, which improve the functioning and productivity of the economy, driven by human creativity.

    This is the program of the LaRouche National Slate of candidates, of which my campaign in the 4th District of Massachusetts is a part, and which is the alternative to the current policy of bailout and war which is currently driving our species to the edge of extinction. Restore Glass-Steagall to immediately dump the toxic debt of the banks, restore the American credit system by building NAWAPA, and remove Obama on the basis of insanity. These policies alone will be enough to save our nation.

    Source: http://larouchepac.com/node/22534

    Click image for larger version

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