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Thread: Interesting Dream with two Buddas in sky.

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    Default Interesting Dream with two Buddas in sky.

    Had interesting dream last night.
    Was with some interesting people that were half uncomfortable to be around in this huge brick building like a university.
    I was somehow protecting them from a dangerous group, we all carried guns ect..
    In looking up at the sky there were two buddas outlined with lines in sky. Underneath was the stars,  so its like when you go to a planetarium and guy shows you big dipper with and without the lined pictures.
    Anyways I ask what this means and he said the two buddas represented that the time is soon for earth to rejoin the others.
    He went on to show me in the sky ( with pictures ) how earth was very large in size down to a little smaller and so on until it became size of a quarter then turned the other way and gradually got bigger bigger bigger until where we are now, but are next stage is the largest we can get, which also was are beginning.  He showed me that earth would be once again welcomed with open arms by the galactic community.
    This was supposed to happen within days of the two buddas showing themselves.
    ( buddas were seated legs crossed with big bellys, each once face was different,  one on left was smiling like a child and one on right was serious like an adult. This was not mentioned but I noticed it)

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    Default Re: Interesting Dream with two Buddas in sky.

    There will be Two Suns.

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