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Thread: Global Flashpoints & Apocalypse - Steve Quayle on Coast to Coast AM Classic Show!

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    Default Global Flashpoints & Apocalypse - Steve Quayle on Coast to Coast AM Classic Show!

    Wow, I've just listened to this amazing show made on 7 April 2010 - & the world is much worse now. If you have time and want to understand what may happen very soon, this is eye opening! From C2C:

    "Appearing for the full 4 hours, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed the precarious world economic situation, escalating tensions, and covert warfare, as well as how supernatural events & prophecies from the Bible are being played out. According to one of his sources, we're seeing "the systematic execution and implementation of seismic warfare" – that is technology that can be used to generate earthquakes, accelerate volcanic eruptions, and manipulate the weather. "All the volcanoes seem to be becoming active at once," he commented.

    Quayle warned of a "false flag" terror event before July, 2010, in which a U.S. governor or two might be assassinated. [This never happened] This kind of crisis would be created in order to declare a national emergency and martial law, he explained. Further, "all paper currency will fail, necessitating a global currency," that will be part of a one-world monetary system, he suggested, adding that the American dream has been turned into a global nightmare.

    The set-up for WWIII is in place-- we're in the "11th hour," with technology "supercharged in its lethality," Quayle said. He believes that a great earthquake, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation, will occur possibly in 2012, and launch us into the Apocalypse when "all hell breaks loose." He also touched on one of his favorite subjects-- giants, whom he characterized as ancient "extra-dimensional" beings who mated with Earth women, and inserted themselves into our gene pool."

    Here's some more Quayle as one is show never enough for me:

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