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Thread: Michael Tellinger

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    Default Michael Tellinger

    My wife forwarded this to me. I thought some may have an interest,


    Mr. Davis

    Today I had an interesting chat with my friend Michael Tellinger in South Africa. You may recall our past conversations about an ancient stone circle in South Africa called Adam's Calendar. Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old - South Africa - this all goes with ancient alien theory, which by now you understand. But is the past... ancient history if you will ....

    Today Michael and I talked about other matters - something far more serious - the collapsing global economy. Many people are already planning for "The Next" after all systems fail. Michael wrote ...

    Dear Ellie,
    It was fabulous to speak to you again after some time. So much has happened here in South Africa. Since October 2010, we started taking on the banks and their unlawful activity. Together with a handful of others, mainly Scott Cundill, we began a process of legal actions against the banks in SA. At first the media did not really pay much attention to us and they mostly portrayed us as a bunch of crazy people trying to wangle their way out of debt. This was all from a position of complete ignorance.

    Two years have passed and we have reached a point where we believe that we are very close to completely exposing the fraudulent activities of the banks and even possibly causing some of the banksters to get jail-time in SA for the unlawful extortion they committed against the people.

    In the beginning we could not find a lawyer who understood what we were talking about - as we represented ourselves in the Supreme Court against the highest paid lawyers and advocates money can buy. Filled with arrogance and feeling untouchable they mocked us openly and in the process lied, presented false evidence and pretended that we were fringing on insanity. For two years the courts and Judges bought their charades and all the judgements went against us. I lost a property in the process, that was auctioned off in front of me for 2 thirds of the price. We were even denied by the Constitutional Court, stating that there was "no prospect of success" for our case. This is simply ludicrous to imagine that the Constitutional Court decided that we had no chance of winning the case against the banks, without seeing any evidence at all. Last week we had more than 6 calls from some of the most senior lawyers in SA asking for our advice on the fraudulent activity of the banks. Once the lawyers understand the scam, I fear it is all over for the banksters. That day has arrived.

    The past 6 weeks everything has turned in our favour and it now seems that the little lies and deceptions of the banksters are going to catch up with them - finally. I served a summons with five cases of civil fraud against STD Bank 4 weeks ago. Last week I served a motion to rescind the judgement against me and return of my property with damages - based on the serious charges in the fraud action.

    Scott Cundill started the New Economic Rights Alliance (NewEra) which has grown into the third largest non profit organisation in SA in 6 months. NewEra is about to launch the largest class action lawsuit against the banks with about 180,000 people. This will most likely bring the closure of the banking system in SA. Many of our court documents can be downloaded on New Era.org

    But if that does not do it, the UBUNTU PARTY has investigated bringing criminal charges against all the banks, their CEOs and the directors. The evidence has now piled up so severely that this action is most likely imminent.

    On Monday, 8th October 2012, we are expecting our first huge victory in a court - which will open the door to huge mass action, criminal action and a domino effect that will have unprecedented and an unpredictable effect on the banking industry. This will include the SA Reserve Bank.

    The UBUNTU Party which took me 3 years to register, is acting as a political front for much of this change but it's main role is to provide the people with hope and an exciting alternative socio political system in a world without money. To most people this is unthinkable - but once people spend some time and explore how beautiful the world will be without money and how we will all thrive in abundance, people normally get very excited. I have seen this over the past 7 years now. The time is here to embrace a whole NEW WORLD in a NEW AGE - this will mean a complete change in the way we live today.

    Our actions against the banks are providing the perfect platform for UBUNTU Contributionism to take its rightful place at the centre of human community, allowing people to LIVE their lives rather than SLAVE their lives away. Please follow the activity of the UBUNTU Party on our website www.ubuntuparty.org.za for a consciously exhilarating positive way ahead for humanity - a world without money that I call Contributionism. All ancient cultures knew it well and we are rediscovering it here at the foot of Africa - the cradle of humankind. "The end days will be as the first days."

    In Pure Truth,
    Contact Michael

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    Default Re: Michael Tellinger

    Love You Michael Tellinger, and your passion for uncovering the truth.

    There are many here in "these united States" who are also uncovering the fraud, but are having trouble getting traction against the globalist banksters, due to the fact that our government and judiciary are completely bankrupt, sold out, and corrupted to the core, both morally and financially.

    Jerry and Joe Kane were gunned down in cold blood and framed, and 60 minutes did an awful hit piece of the "sovereign citizens", taking Alfred Adask's words completely out of context, lied about Jerry and Joe, and all with sound bites and editing. The Branch Davidian's were burned at the stake, all 82 men, women and children in an inferno to which the FBI instigated and fomented. Many more incidents too numerous to mention since this fight has been raging here in the US.

    The Farmers Claim took 35 years and went all the way to the US Supreme Court, at great expense to the participants, and with many national fund raisers to support these farmers, and they finally got a judgment with reparations. They have NEVER been able to collect those reparations against the banksters.

    Still, over 90% of our population is still asleep and content with their abject slavery, as long as their hamster wheels have flashing lights on them and their pillow and blanket is not taken away. We are lethargic and disinterested, even when the evidence of 9-11 is overwhelming, it has become a taboo subject and most refuse to acknowledge it or talk about it. The group mind here is self policing, and the banksters can still do whatever they want.

    I hope one day enough people will wake up and say "That's enough" and take out the banksters, bringing free energy and a system of exchange which is not based on usury, debt, interest, and fiat currency. Your ideas are wonderful and I wish more people knew about them.

    We are not giving up, although we have many battle scars here. There are many threads here at Avalon which have exposed the fraud, which is essentially legal in the Corporate UNITED STATES. The lawful government was shelved and put into the dust bin over 150 years ago, and all assets and labor "in perpetuity", was pledged to these banksters through bankruptcy, and we are in receivership, under a constant and perpetual state of emergency, and subjected to tyranny every day.

    When will people realize how bad it really is? I hope it's soon. Let us know if you can get the Fed wire transfer logs for the initial deposits on the alleged Securities masquerading as Promissory Notes, and the receipt for the off balance sheet account ledgering. No one else has been able to break this loggerhead for "substantive evidence" to bust the fraud wide open. These two pieces are needed.

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    "When you can walk on water take the boat"


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    Default Re: Michael Tellinger

    Now Tellinger on the other hand : Brilliant man! Same with Hershal, Tsarion, Weidner, and this guy Harry Hubbard (Bill this guy needs a Camelot interview imo)


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    Default Re: Michael Tellinger

    Go Tellinger Go!

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    Default Re: Michael Tellinger

    Michael Tellinger's Legal Adviser robbed - apparently with the help of South African police:

    NEWS24: Cops aid Midrand robbers - victim
    Johannesburg - A legal adviser was robbed at gunpoint at his home in Blue Hills, Midrand, apparently with the help of police, The Star reported on Wednesday.

    Raymondt Dicks was at his home with his son and friend on Saturday when six men stormed into the house and tied them up.

    Dicks is a legal adviser to the group NewERA (New Economic Rights Alliance), which has launched a court case against four major banks in the country including SA Reserve Bank. He is also representing author Michael Tellinger, who is suing Standard Bank for civil fraud.

    The newspaper reported that the video footage caught on hidden cameras showed what appeared to be three police cars, two vans and one Ford Escort, driving backwards and forwards on the 600m-long street while the robbery took place.

    "They walked in with no shame. It was extremely well orchestrated. What I went through during the robbery was bad enough, but when I watched the footage afterward I was really shocked," said Dicks.

    He said the footage showed police vans blocking the road while the robbers entered his property.

    The Star reported that Dicks and his son were made to hand over their bank cards and their PINs, and their bank accounts were cleared out. A television set, speakers, amplifier, computer and cell phones were also taken.

    The legal adviser believed the police vehicles were loaded with items stolen during the robbery.

    Police spokesperson Constable Matome Tlamela said police were investigating a case of armed robbery.

    She said the video footage did not show clearly that the vans involved belonged to the police.

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    Default Re: Michael Tellinger

    Yes, being a South African myself, and a member of the Ubuntu Party, we are all waiting for this to materialize...but as in the rest of the world the bankers own the government and the police force as well.
    There is no difference to the plight of the rest of the world and unfortunately we are a small country and still very divided by the old system of apartheid...the powers use this black/white divide to their advantage.
    South Africa was stolen by the British Monarchy in the name of the Commonwealth and Cecil John Rhodes was the head of the mission to take over this country's wealth of minerals, diamonds and gold etc.
    There is much to do to bring the real changes here, like education, because with an ignorant uneducated majority the powers have easy ways of manipulating the country.
    As long as reality is interpreted by theories instead of being experienced, subjectivism will go on misleading the sense of reality.

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