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Thread: Big blows to Einstein's theory of Relativity. Gravity doesn't bend light.

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    Default Big blows to Einstein's theory of Relativity. Gravity doesn't bend light.

    Edward Dowdye, Jr. explains why theory of Relativity is wrong by providing scientific evidences over few decades.

    - Gravity doesn't bend light - electromagnetic waves. Light refracts near the surface of the sun when it goes through plasma area.
    - Nuclear fission reaction, Mass–energy equivalence formula (E = MC2), could be electric potential energy in atoms. Electromagnetic force is 10^36 to 10^39 times stronger than gravity.
    (10^36 is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

    The Failed Attempts to Detect Macro Lensing / Edward Dowdye, Jr.

    IMHO, Edward's evidence is significant compared to others.

    Experiments that have shown contradictory results against theory of Relativity are below.
    I put in chronological order.

    Experimental detection of the ether by E.W. Silvertooth, 1986

    Dayton Miller's Interferometer experiments


    Sagnac's experiment that showed speed of lights varies. However I do not support the Geocentric model the video creator believe in. "Earth is in center of our universe. All celestial bodies revolve around Earth."

    The Sangnac Effect is explained here.

    PS: Why they never taught above experiments in schools?
    For free society!

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    Default Re: Big blows to Einstein's theory of Relativity. Gravity doesn't bend light.

    Anything but the true nature of things is allowed to propogate it seems.

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