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Thread: Alfred Lambremont Webre on UFO Today

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    Default Alfred Lambremont Webre on UFO Today

    The deep coverup continues from our leaders on the subject of ET etc....

    Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, from Exopolitics.com and founder of Exopolitics (the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse) is the guest on UFOAM for November 9, 2012. Speaking live from Vancouver, British Columbia, Mr. Webre joins host Jon Kelly for a wide-ranging discussion covering the re-election of President Barack Obama and ET Disclosure, the Truth Movement, Andrew D. Basiago and the CIA's Jump Room to Mars, UFOs over Washington D.C., how the White House press corps is forbidden to ask questions about UFOs and ETs and much more!

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    Default Re: Alfred Lambremont Webre on UFO Today

    I saw the piece on Andrew D. Basiago on the Cobert Report. Of course they tried to discredit him, however what I found very interesting is that they made reference to BO being gay. I was surprised that the MSM would even hint at that.

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    Default Re: Alfred Lambremont Webre on UFO Today

    This may sound like a little bit of an Ad hominem criticising, which is definitely not my aim, but I need to express this one out - Listening to this recent interview By Alfred Webre is more like a shot put contest than any respectful conversation, there are quite a few valuable interviews and discoveries done By Alfred Webre, along the years, and there is no aim to dismiss or devalue anyone's hard work for the sake of humanity and the truth. However, it appears that intention is one thing and and an outcome is another. It seems that this one interview is an unfortunate example to a very programmed one sided reaction delivered by an alien emissary towards an interviewee who is expressing a different point of view and a different kind of experience which many at this time seem to share, but rarely talk about because of such type of triggered negative reactions.

    This ideally shouldn't be happening even if it does not match the 'researcher's own views and reality, perheps it would be best if that would have been decided on before the live stream, and not during it which in this case led to shutting up the interviewee's mouth while not alowing him to deliver his message properly or allow this type of understanding to come out.

    In my eyes Webre's research is for a long time quite lacking with very little consistancy and back up to some of his guests highly positive and Utopic claims, and it seems there are some that will not be welcomed to his show should they point towards certain occurances to do with otherworldly manipulations of the human race.

    Apparently just as some would have liked it to be..

    All the best,

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