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Thread: Dalai Lama is a hypocrite when it comes to eating meat!

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    Default Re: Dalai Lama is a hypocrite when it comes to eating meat!

    As a young child, "His Holiness" the DL was treated like a king. a god. He was raised to be superior than others. Better than. More than: wealth, good food, red carpet, gold plated ceremonies, private schooling in all subjects. He was chosen to lead and become a man of tremendous influence. I am not a smidge surprised to learn that he chowed down on calf meat-in fact, went out of his way to do so. Yes, a calf is taken from its mother. Would a cow willingly give its young to a farmer to be slaughtered? I think not. Do cows willingly choose slaughter house life? No. It is a dismal existence. Christianity teaches that humans have dominion over animals. And so we factory farm in soul-less slaughter houses; viewing them as produce and cash-crops. We do not need meat to be healthy. We have been mind-controlled to think in this way.

    When are we going to realize that gurus/leaders/high religious figures are posturing little men playing the Great Wizard of Oz? They are magicians. They adhere to the paradigm of hierarchy whereby those at the top take the life force from those lower down. If the DL did not have an abundance of wealth and influence and a multitude of adoring followers; if he was a regular "guy", I would not be piping into this thread. But he does.
    So, coming back to the theme of this thread. The DL-who is of god-like status-(not to me) does not lead with compassion and so I conclude that this makes him a hypocrite.

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    Default Re: Dalai Lama is a hypocrite when it comes to eating meat!

    I have always considered the current Dalai Lama as a spiritually enlightened being. Reading this thread, I now have some doubts about him. I don't eat the flesh of murdered animals, so this testimony has caused me to see "His Holiness" in a different light. I'm still open to some explanation as what actually transpired, but there is a shadow covering my current perception of the Dalai Lama. This shadow is limited. The light is much greater than any one person.

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    Default Re: Dalai Lama is a hypocrite when it comes to eating meat!

    (just reading the first page)

    (Speaking on some sects that try to be vegetarian)

    Contrary to popular beliefs, Buddhists can kill...AND.... eat meat.

    They require extraordinary conditions, for both, though.

    I mean, a given monk might really, really have a hankerin' for a 12oz ribeye steak, medium rare..but they don't go out and get one and eat it.

    BUT..if someone who does not know any different..serves them up a 12oz rib-eye, they can gladly and happily dive into it. (with lots of brazed/carbonized onions and mushrooms, of course, and a little bit of a nice Bearnaise sauce...)

    A blameless, innocent 'crime' one might say. The difference is in the knowing, and still following through.

    Same for killing, in a similar way. If a Buddhist wishes to protect themselves in an unanticipated and intractable situation, well....then... they can make that decision for themselves.

    It's chance, or similar.....vs that of intent and follow-through.

    I personally do fairly well with a NEAR vegetarian diet. Ie, small amounts of chicken and fish. Then slowly winding the chicken and fish almost totally out of the diet, for short to longer bouts of veganism.

    With all the vibrations of the animals OUT OF ME...my capacity to reach spiritual and combined psychic heights - - dramatically increases.

    That elevation, in the end, that getting out of this place on a high note... does require that one cease eating animal flesh. At least as humans exist now, that is.
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