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Thread: Max Igan doco: Trans-Formation: mitochonrial DNA clue

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    Default Max Igan doco: Trans-Formation: mitochonrial DNA clue

    So, Max Igan has a documentary called "Trans-Formation" (link below), and got a message from someone who believes they have connected some of the dots. Max (publicly) posted this on Farcebook, and I thought it was interesting enough to share.

    The quote below is what Max posted, followed by a link to the Trans-Formation documentary plus a link to an old Fluoride film that Max's friend noted:

    Quote Posted by from Max Igan
    (Max) Very early this morning I received a message from a friend, a software designer who has worked extensively with DNA mapping, most especially mitochondrial DNA. She had just watched my latest film Trance-Formation for the first time. I thought I would share her comments with you all...

    This is what she sent me...

    Her: I haven't gone to sleep yet and I just saw Trance-Formation. It blew my mind!!! If your still up, I reckon I can tell you EXACTLY what the NWO plan is and it's all got to do with our DNA, in particular Mitochondrial DNA and they have known about this since at least 1952. This system has to be brought down yesterday!

    Her: Eukarya is one of the three kingdoms that make up the total biological life for humans.This is the kingdom that is responsible for the creation of mitochondrial DNA and mitochondrial DNA is the DNA that provides the energy (battery), contains the DNA code to produce DNA material (such as proteins, enzymes, cells etc) and is responsible for the regeneration and repair of DNA in general. Those unknown/unidentified fibres that Sophia Smallstorm talks about, have the same structure as those identified found in the Eukarya biological region of the human body.

    Her: Guess what Fluoride destroys? It destroys Mitochondrial DNA at even minuscule levels. I part in 30 million destroys mitochondrial DNA which is the architect/building block for all our cells and the body.

    Her: Here's an old film re: fluoride

    Her: They've known about his since at least 1952. We're being prepped & primed for the introduction of Transhumanism. Chemtrails introduce nano-technology/electrical responders, the wireless technology send the code/signal instructions, and the implant of the RFID chip will be the CPU where the signals/information and pulse can be controlled (switched on/off. Add that to the free energy from carbon film (the free energy film; we are all made of carbon, which is an energy store that can be switched on or off according to this new fee energy technology, reduce the body's resistance through immunisations, and destroy the factory that reproduces and renews the body's cells through water fluoridation and the NWO plan all fits nicely into place!!!

    Me: You got it

    Me: But the carbon film is OK. That is legitimate free energy. What you needed to look at is the Toroidal energy fields we all generate ourselves. There's your power source for transhumanism... we are the batteries... the matrix had it right

    Her: OMG! That's nuts. These people are psychopaths

    Me: You got it

    (Max) Do we feel like getting involved yet folks?

    (I took the liberty to correct a few tiny typos, and highlight who was talking, to make reading easier)

    Here's the Fluoride video:

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St_-_YOMs5g

    Here's Max Igan's Trans-Formation documentary:

    Source: http://vimeo.com/40806881


    p.s. I have no great insight to share on this. It is merely food for thought for me, and I figured probably for some of you as well. I say that to explain in advance that I may not have much - or maybe anything - to add to this opening post. Hey, why isn't Max a member here?

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