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Thread: NYPD places full body scanners on the streets ...Big Brother is here & they don't care you know !

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    Default NYPD places full body scanners on the streets ...Big Brother is here & they don't care you know !

    Published on 24 Jan 2013

    Across the country, people are begging for new ways to prevent another Sandy Hook
    incident from happening again. Now, the New York City Police Department has sprung
    into action and are planning on using the latest technology called "Terahertz Imaging
    Detection," the device scans people who are suspected of caring a firearm without their
    knowledge. Danny Panzella from Truth Squad TV weighs in.


    NYPD Creating Mobile Street Scanners for Concealed Weapons

    10:00 AM - January 23, 2012 - By Tuan Mai - Source : Gothamist

    There goes your privacy!

    ZoomIf you've ever felt violated at the airport thanks to all of those fancy body
    scanners and search mechanics, you might be unsettled to learn that the police are
    developing a mobile version of the full body scanners found in many modern airports.
    Such a device would allow the police to scan the streets from the safety of their cars
    without anybody even knowing about it.

    Although it is being designed to help officers determine whether or not somebody is
    armed and dangerous, we have a feeling such a device might cause some controversy
    regarding privacy. Seeing as how some people are already upset about searches at the
    airport (a place we expect to be searched and scanned) giving police the ability to scan
    people anywhere without their consent or knowledge could be bad.

    The project was announced earlier this week by NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly who
    stated that the NYPD and the Department of Defense were able to create a successful
    prototype. The current prototype is only capable of scanning from a range of three to
    four feet, but Kelly is fairly confident the device will soon be able to reach up to eighty
    feet. If the project does continue and reach such a long range, we just hope the device
    produces images clear enough to differentiate between a firearm and an iPod.



    NYPD deploys TSA style Naked Body scanner to bypass 4th Amendment / Terahertz

    Uploaded on 18 Jan 2012

    This device will give you and your children cancer and the NYPD will simply deny it
    and ask you to prove that it was the terahertz detection device that caused you and
    your family to develop cancer. This is New World Order depopulation naked before
    our eyes. There is no way that a device can see through your
    clothes "naturally"without exposing you to harmful wavelengths not naturally found
    in nature.

    Raymond Kelly claims he has been working with the Department of defense on a
    new device called The Terahertz Imaging Detector to detect guns and bombs that
    people walking down the street might be carrying. He says this device will greatly
    reduce the numbers of stop and frisk the police conduct each year.

    I say this device will irradiate people sterilizing them and cause cancer rates to sky
    rocket. This demonic police commissioner is using this radiation spewing device as
    an alternative to his illegal Stop and Frisk policy. Human beings do not emanate
    terahertz so why would they claim this device only detects megahertz wave given
    off from human "naturally".

    This is a very dangerous device that will destroy human DNA and cause health
    problems in all who are exposed to the scans. Just ask any 9-11 first responder if
    you can trust when the government tells you something is safe, they were told
    toxic dust was safe to breath and to remove their mask while they dug for bodies.
    They are all now dead or dying with the government refuses to help them or pay
    their medical bills 10 years later.

    Say no to this mini nuclear reactor that Commission Raymond Kelly is trying to
    irradiate New Yorkers with in the name of safety and security. This is nothing more
    than a sterilization and depopulation scheme being carried out by the NYPD under
    the direct order of Raymond Kelly.

    Don't be forced to by your child a Cancer Barbie as you watch your children die
    from cancer because Raymond Kelly told you they can see through your clothes
    without using radiation. What would happen if we asked Bloomberg or Kelly to
    stand in front of this device for a few hours everyday for a 2 week period....Do you
    think either one would do it, of-coarse not. Don't let this criminals kill you and your
    family with a smaller version of the devices the TSA uses at the airports.

    Don't let them kill you and your family in the name of safety and security and than
    when you are dying they deny they cause it.

    How NYPD's Terahertz scanners tear apart Human DNA
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    Default Re: NYPD places full body scanners on the streets ...Big Brother is here & they don't care you know !

    New York seems to have all the crap happening to them! How long do you think New Yorkers are going to stand for this? I sympathize with them....

    The funny thing is that I don't feel safe with the govt we have or the nutjobs in positions of authority. but I also think that this is not happening everywhere. The medias want us to think that. Everyday, I reaffirm the complete failure of TPTW and all their minions. Everyone should speak it and make it happen. We can have a better reality for ourselves if we think on better things for all of us.... Thanks for sharing this, Cidersomerset. It's good to know what they're up to, so we can counteract them with visualizations. Some will actively protest, but our minds are our best weapons....

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    Default Re: NYPD places full body scanners on the streets ...Big Brother is here & they don't care you know !

    I haven't personally seen this here yet on the streets of NY. Maybe its just in Manhattan. But when i do, i will elaborate.
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    Default Re: NYPD places full body scanners on the streets ...Big Brother is here & they don't care you know !

    Quote Posted by WhiteFeather (here)
    I haven't personally seen this here yet on the streets of NY. Maybe its just in Manhattan. But when i do, i will elaborate.
    Have you seen these?

    Would you even notice them?

    Quote Some backscatter X-ray scanners can scan much larger objects, such as trucks and containers. This scan is much faster than a physical search, and could potentially allow a larger percentage of shipping to be checked for smuggled items, weapons, drugs, or people.[12]

    The "Z Backscatter Van", or ZBV, from AS&E is a mobile backscatter X-ray machine in a van which "from the outside looks like an ordinary delivery van, allowing it to blend in to urban and other landscapes". It is being promoted as a means of examining the contents of vehicles, containers, and dumpsters. Like many of the truck-based scanners, it has an 'arm' that deploys from the van to be able to scan other vehicles passing through.[13]

    Other companies in the industry are Smiths Detection and Rapiscan.[14]

    There are also gamma-ray based systems coming to market, like the MVACIS.[15]

    In May 2011, the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed suit against DHS under the Freedom of Information Act, claiming that DHS had withheld nearly 1000 pages of documents related to the Z backscatter vans and other mobile backscatter devices.[16]
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