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Thread: Essential reading for all Avalonians

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    Default Re: Essential reading for all Avalonians

    Quote Posted by ndroock1 (here)
    Sadly the links to thecommonsenseshow.com and homelandsecurityus.com are all dead.
    Thanks! (And this is a recurring problem with research links from previous years, for sure.)

    All replaced now. Here are the links in question:

    And the most important one of all, definitely applicable today for every one of us:

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    Default Re: Essential reading for all Avalonians

    Hi Bill,
    Regarding books for essential reading, I feel I have to mention "The Nine Freedoms" because you may not know about it , and you should. It comprises the complete path of the Soul as an identity through the course of manifesting as a unit of IT on the journey back to the Source in numerous incarnations and on other planets after this one.
    Dictated to George King in a self induced Samadhic trance by the Martian Adept, who refers to himself as Mars Sector Six.
    If ever there is a book unique and life altering it this one.
    The journey to developing Cosmic Consciousness is included, and is described as experienced by George King and is probably the only one ever recorded.

    A note from Bill: many thanks, but this section is really about political background information, including orchestrated attacks on the alternative media. It's not really about spiritual development, about which there are many other threads here.

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