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Thread: Matthew Stein : WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS

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    Default Re: Matthew Stein : WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS

    Another reference:

    Ideas for self sufficient living during financially turbulent times is a collection of information about a wide variety of practical and useful topics. For example: About Chickens, Alternative Energy, Clothes Washing, Communication, Composting Toilets, Emergency Stoves and Fire Starters, Food Production, Food Selection, Food Dehydration, Solar Cooking, *Water*, and much more.

    If/when the infrastructure declines or disappears this information will help us ride out the storm.
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    Default Re: Matthew Stein : WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS

    I've used and marketed (forgive me that) natural products. The bacteria found in nature can be enhanced and do a remarkable job of keeping nature clean. Some of the health products are confounding to traditional medicine. I have personally documented lab results that were very remarkable but I was never asked by the medical practitioners in question just what the hell I was doing. I found the experience rather enlightening.

    To Bill Ryan...you are a good human being AND very much in control of your 'energy'. It's those qualities that have driven me to 'listen'.
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    Default Re: Matthew Stein : WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS

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