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Thread: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

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    Lightbulb Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    China has been a Benefactor of a technology drain another name for "Espionage" since the mid 1980's and peeking in the mid 1990's during the Clinton Administration. Something that almost brought the Pentagon and White House to War. This technology included the secret space program's top weapons and space travel tech...

    Fast forward to today with all of the activity going on in the layers of Earth Orbit including a crazy amount up uptick in Meteors, Aurora Borealis being seen all the way down to the upper United States into the Red Spectrum... and the Bogies flying around both "Ours" and "NOT-Ours" yet people are not waking up fast enough.

    I was told to watch for the something that wouldn't be a publicity stunt and would be serious and that is the "activation" of Oath Keeper groups (Which honestly I didn't expect to see until after some major events). Am I trying to fear monger? NO Absolutely not, wake people up... YES. We make our own future and if we do not take the path of fear and dread then we win.

    BUT, be prepared and be able to look into the eyes of those that depend on you and say here is enough food and water to get through what ever weird ruff time we are going through (What ever it is, as no one can agree). IMHO as always.

    China Testing New Space Weapons
    China conducts satellite capture in space as part of Star Wars military program

    Chinese satellite launch in July / Space NewsChinese satellite launch in July / Space News

    BY: Bill Gertz
    October 2, 2013 5:00 am

    China last week conducted a test of a maneuvering satellite that captured another satellite in space during what Pentagon officials say was a significant step forward for Beijing’s space warfare program.

    The satellite capture took place last week and involved one of three small satellites fitted with a mechanical arm that were launched July 20 as part of a covert anti-satellite weapons development program, said U.S. officials familiar with reports of the test.

    One official described the satellite-grabbing spacecraft as a “mobile satellite launch vehicle.”

    A Pentagon spokeswoman declined to comment on the specifics of the test. But Cynthia O. Smith, the spokeswoman, confirmed that the satellites, designated Payloads A, B, and C, have maneuvered in space since their launch.

    “The United States Strategic Command’s Joint Functional Combatant Command for Space (JFCC-Space), consistent with its routine operations to maintain track of objects in space, has monitored these satellites since their launch and has noticed the relative motions of these satellites amongst each other and with respect to other space objects,” she said.

    The Pentagon’s website Space-Track.org does not report on missions or functions of the hundreds of space objects it tracks, and Smith referred further questions to the Chinese government.

    A Chinese Embassy spokesman did not return emails seeking comment on the ASAT test.

    The satellites involved in the space warfare development program were identified by the Chinese as “scientific experimentation satellites,” according to a notice published July 24 in the online journal Space News.

    They were identified as Chuangxin-3 (Innovation-3), Shiyan-7 (Experiment-7), and Shijian-15 (Practice-15). The spacecraft with the robotic mechanical arm that conducted the satellite capture experiment has not been authoritatively identified from among the three orbiters. However, space analysts suspect it is Shiyan-7.

    Space News is published by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CASC), which builds strategic missiles and space launchers, and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), China’s largest missile manufacturer.

    The notice stated that the three satellites were launched atop a Long March-4C rocket on July 20 from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north central China.

    “These three satellites are to be used for the observation of space debris and conducting scientific experiments in space maintenance techniques like space arm operations,” the statement said.

    Space Track continues to identify the satellites as by their payload designations, rather than using the Chinese names.

    Space analyst Bob Christy, who writes the blog Zarya.info that first disclosed the three satellites, said no public information has indicated the three satellites involved in earlier close maneuvers engaged in a significant orbit change since activities in August.

    “There have certainly been no more approaches between them, and Payload A has shown no sign of maneuvering in the whole of its time in space,” he said in an email.

    Since no other satellites are in the same orbit as the three satellites and another satellite known as Shijian-7, “if the capture was last week, it didn’t involve any of these working together,” he said.

    Christy said that leaves the possibility that Payload B was captured by Payload C during a close flyby around Aug. 17.

    “My actual calculations showed them getting closer than 500 meters but given the inherent error margins of the Space Track data, I stuck with a few hundred meters,” he said.

    Another possibility is that the test involved a detachable part of one satellite and its release into a separate orbit, and the subsequent recapturing of the component using the extension arm, Christy said.

    “If the separation distance was small and the period of separated flight was short, then U.S. sensors are unlikely to have detected an extra object in orbit,” he said.

    A third possibility is that the test involved completely different satellites that were not observed by non-government space trackers.

    Christy’s analysis of the August activities revealed that the satellites conducted several experiments.

    Since August, Payload C and Shijian-7 showed slight variations in orbit that are likely the result of thruster operation for position control, Christy stated in a recent blog post.

    In August, Payload B, a non-maneuvering satellite, was positioned about 620 miles behind Payload C, a spacecraft that specialists say could be the craft with the manipulator arm, and Payload C gradually slowed to until is passed very close to the other satellite.

    The robotic satellite may be part of efforts to develop China’s large space station set to be deployed around 2020.

    However, Pentagon officials believe the small satellite activity is more closely associated with China’s secret ASAT program.

    Little is known about the Chinese space warfare program, which is among the Chinese military’s most closely guarded secrets.

    China conducted a direct ascent ASAT missile test in January 2007 that destroyed a Chinese weather satellite and created tens of thousands orbiting debris pieces that threaten both manned and unmanned spacecraft.

    Chinese officials have told U.S. counterparts that the 2007 test was a one-time event and so far have not conducted further debris-causing satellite attack tests.

    A U.S. official told the Free Beacon in August that the launch of the three satellites was part of Beijing’s covert anti-satellite warfare program.

    The official said the craft with the robotic arm was viewed as the most threatening because U.S. satellites, vital strategic assets used by both the American military and civilian infrastructure, are vulnerable to kinetic or electronic disruption in space.

    The official said the satellites are part of China’s “Star Wars” space weapon program that has been largely ignored by the Obama administration over concerns that pressing China to explain its space weapons would upset U.S.-China relations.

    The ASAT program is a “real concern for U.S. national defense,” the official said.

    Until the satellite capture, the mission of the spacecraft with the mechanical arm was unknown. It was thought that it could used to grab, gouge, or alter the orbits of other satellites.

    The craft also could be used for maintenance and repair.

    Rick Fisher, a Chinese military affairs specialist, said the robot-arm satellite that he believes is the Shiyan-7 is part of China’s dual-use space program that includes satellites for military close-surveillance and attack missions. Civilian applications include development of space manipulator arm technology.

    “As an ASAT, a future version of the SY-7 could be used to take close-up images of U.S. satellites, to remove systems from those satellites and return them to China, to directly damage U.S. satellites or to plant ‘mines’ on those satellites or close nearby,” said Fisher, with the International Assessment and Strategy Center.

    “An SY-7-like ASAT gives China the option to attack enemy satellites without creating a large cloud of debris that may also damage other Chinese satellites.”

    Fisher said China recently hosted a major space conference and is seeking to position itself as a space “superpower” as a means to increase cooperation and technology acquisition from other countries.

    At the conference, “Chinese officials made a deliberate appeal to Canada, which developed and built the manipulator arm used on the International Space Station and U.S. Space Shuttles,” Fisher said.

    However, Fisher said China made every effort to conceal the People’s Liberation Army’s role in the space program and would probably deny any military role in the developing mechanical arm technology for offensive space operations.

    “The ‘Canadarm’ [manipulator arm] was developed in Canada with Canadian funding and four were purchased by NASA for the U.S. Space Shuttle program,” he said.

    China conducted a test launch of a new high-Earth orbit anti-satellite missile called the DN-2 in March, according to U.S. officials.

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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    Interesting article. We have danced around this topic quite a bit on Avalon... I couldn't have phrased it better... "Illuninati Programming"... They want this so bad they are slobbering all over their selves... They are trying to program the collective consciousness of humanity to make it happen.

    Our body believes what our mind perceives so lets perceive a peaceful future that does not include them.
    Here is the article on their propaganda; The Movie "Knowing" was full of it!

    Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of the World
    Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013. Filed under: Consciousness Disasters Earth Changes Just Zen National Emergency



    by Zen Gardner

    There’s lot going on right now with all of these frantic so-called “preparedness” drills. With government closing and the lights in Washington going out you can’t help but wonder. And what comes to mind? The many end of the world scenarios we’ve had pumped at us from birth, sensationalized heavily by “special effects” frenzied Hollywand.

    Do they really know something? Or is this just more fear programming to gain a tighter grip on humanity. Or is it both?

    We can pretty much assume insider media moguls and movie producers have a lot of information at their fingertips we’re apparently not privy to. How they get this info is almost fun to visualize, almost like an old Spy vs Spy cartoon. Only these control creeps are ugly and dark.

    Actually, many producers and writers have openly testified they’ve been “given” the ideas or script outlines by apparent “operatives”. This is especially the case when they show these huge scenes of massive military operations or the propaganda is particularly pointed; you then know the “suppliers” of all this equipment and backdrop have a heavy hand on the scale.

    It’s clearly a pervasive factor in the content of these movies. The scale of social engineering on our planet is extraordinary.

    Apocalypse In The News

    The social programmers love this subject. While they try to keep their credibility with the more wary audience with comments about “crackpots, kooks and conspiracy nuts”, these Illuminist media controllers push the End of the World scenario big time.

    We’ve seen the alien invasion how many times? Even the White House gets blasted on several occasions. We’ve had the asteroid impact over and over. Plagues killing us off are big, as are huge earthquake scenarios. Even a frozen future world with ‘Day After Tomorrow’ type movies. And it gets more bizarre all the time.

    It’s imprinting, or entraining the human psyche. Also known as programming. In this case it’s predictive programming.

    Don’t you find it ironic they produce this stuff hand over fist and then these same elitists and their complicit media and education stooges work hard to belittle anyone who actually believes it? Isn’t that called getting “jerked around”?

    Actually it’s a very sophisticated mind control technique, a deliberate mixture of traumatized cognitive dissonance while injecting predictive programming. It’s all acclimating their subjects to manipulated tension, fear and the ever present threat and even assumed “knowledge” of eventual apocalypse. Nasty psychopathic bastards, in a nutshell. But it’s effective.

    Why, you ask? Are there deliberate forces out to decimate our planet? Is this what was done to Mars and other worlds by some parasitic other dimensional force?

    The simple greed explanation makes no sense in the light of the suicidal rape and destruction of our planet we’re witnessing. There is a bigger picture we need to be aware of. Fortunately with that comes the empowerment to use the right tools to combat such an apparently inter-dimensional parasitic force.

    But I digress…or did I?

    The Looming “Kill Shot” Solar Flare and Grid Failure Drills

    I’m all on board with speaking up about potential natural disasters. The USGS isn’t even reporting earthquakes accurately any more and the weather news is completely controlled by the black op arm of the defense department. The EPA doesn’t test for chemtrail chemicals and shut down their radiation sensors.

    The whole system has been co-opted and we need to fend for ourselves, and many alternative reporting sources are doing a great job of this.

    This solar cycle news has been open knowledge for years now, warning us of some very real potential serious problems when it reaches its maximum, where we’re at now. Oddly it’s been a disappointment as far as intensity goes, but this magnetic shutdown is worth learning about. We’re still hearing about potential massive solar flares hitting that could cripple whole continents. And this is real. Even insider Michio Kaku has “predictively” been in the mainstream news talking about it, only to have the story shuffled into the subconscious once again.
    Program running.

    Now we’re seeing upcoming massive grid failure drills, including the recent impromptu power outage in New York City that was no doubt some sort of test just recently. Then this great “Shake Out” supposed earthquake preparedness in the US heartland has now become an annual event and will also be taking place.

    As if they care. Again, it’s conditioning. All based on fear and greater control. The programmed human outcry? “Save us. We need more security!” Please give us more controls for these uncontrollables!”

    All this reminded me of this weirdly predictive movie once again. And appropriately it’s the SUN that brings the end!

    “Knowing” – A Massive Example of Programming

    This movie keeps coming back to me and I understand why, especially recently. With incoming comets, reports of hundreds of fireballs, and our central star undergoing a magnetic flip and shutdown influencing our deliberately destabilized planet in profound ways, it’s no wonder.

    The movie “Knowing” is slow as far as movies go, and Nicolas Cage is pretty much the same guy you see in all his movies. The plot is actually relatively simple, and is drawn out using interim catastrophes leading up to the big revelation at the end as his child gets swept into the phenomenon of hearing the “whisperers” who’ve given coded warning messages to a couple of generations of contactees of what’s about to transpire.

    Nick goes a bit berserk as he figures out the code and traces the predicted disasters, but his passionate search culminates when he decodes the last line of the predictive numbers as “ee”…the “end of everything”.

    First the Official Trailer for the Effect…

    This next clip is pretty amazing. I don’t necessarily go along with all of the interpretations, but you’ll have to admit there are a lot of hinting “coincidences” that are jammed into this movie.

    This was released a year before the gulf oil disaster and way before Fukushima.

    The Bigger Implication

    By the way, in the story the aliens who gave the messages and keep appearing and whispering to the kids are these light beings disguised as “men in black” types. They eventually lead them to where these space craft will take them off planet to safety just before the event. In fact, they and other chosen children around the globe are deposited in other worlds to propagate, as in the Garden of Eden story imprinted on the human conscience.

    Despite the Programming….

    Once you stop wondering, you’ve stopped.

    I may not go for Hollywood’s tricks, but I like to think freely, outside of paradigms. And I like to try to understand the message I’m “supposed to be getting” for what it is and I try not to swallow it hook, line and sinker. But to also not discard whatever I’m being given offhandedly as if there’s no truth to anything.

    Hey…knowing is knowing…and I’m often wondering what others seem to be knowing…if they really know anything. Or if they’re just trying to program me again, ha! Oh how they don’t realize how on to them we are!

    We need to be awake and aware, and alive. Love, understanding and right knowledge then come with the territory.

    Love, Zen

    - See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/knowing-di....EDfZlhMv.dpuf

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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    The Third Reich Projekt die Glocke opened my eyes to the possibilities listed here, OP!

    Thanks for the great thread.

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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    Before you say What the???
    I am adding this info for future reference. There will be an update soon on the info I have been exposed to about the break away civilizations of our current era and those of prior era's (Of advanced civilizations that have risen and fallen of both human and non-human origin) and how they have often been confused for gods and "Ancient Aliens" (On Purpose) as well as their interaction with ET/DT's that were actual "Ancient Aliens" and "Current Aliens". Some of you have seen some of my thoughts/material already and see how complicated the "Earthly Affairs" are before we add the outside influences. I am gathering my info and visual/audio aids together to try to give a "Once and For All" presentation since I have been in a go for broke frame of mind lately.

    I will be posting some info here that I will make more sense of shortly, please be patient.
    Thank you...


    Re: Q&A With a Group of Extraterrestrials That Value Human Freedom
    Where specifically does this information come from? Is the OP the "conduit" or can the content be found in more detail and format elsewhere on the Internet?

    I ask because this is not the first time I have had the opportunity to be exposed and reflect on this 3/4th Density Galactic Political Ideology.

    Of course this info does not touch on our multiple current "Break Away Civilizations" or the many previous ones from the rise and fall of their technologically advanced human and non human cultures that have graced the face of this planet. Some of which left Terra and others made advanced spaces to dwell beneath the ground/oceans escaping our Sol Systems propensity of periodically erasing the surface of its "Rocky" satellites.

    Things are quite a bit more complicated than one could imagine when laying claim to resources on our own planet from these groups before you even begin to factor in ET/DT Races. This is not something I have heard in channeling sessions that I have read online, though have been convinced that it will be a major part of true disclosure when ever that may be.

    As far as ALL "Visitors" being negative, the group above did state that some would be acting under true conviction that they were acting unselfishly or service to others... Their intention may not be negative. Though as others have mentioned, there is a large range of the spectrum of beings that are not represented in their info as well. This could be from not asking the spectrum of questions, they are not aware of the spectrum... Or they are steering us away from that spectrum.

    If they are legit and are a space faring culture with all of these rules and commerce is so powerful, what is their true motivation for sharing the info at such risk? They did mention dimensional travel and it's hazards... They also mentioned "seer's" or Remote Viewers... For spying and the use of them to protect secrets... Here some of us call those Viewers/seer's "Those who scatter" (or worse lol)... This type of "sight" is hyper or manipulating dimension space/time time/space in our own range of densities. So if I had some time to spend with them I might rephrase some of the questions.

    I am not poo poo'ing any material or beliefs/personal "truths" here... Much of this same info arose before as I said. If anyone knows the source I would appreciate a link or email.
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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    Quote Posted by GoodeTXSG (here)

    These descriptions blend with other legends, such as Richard Shaver’s and Ray Palmer’s Hidden World of the subterranean Tero and Dero. In Persian legend, says Komarek, Djinn lived on earth at one time and possessed “powerful…..technology” greater than modern technology. Powerful Djinn who refused to be ruled by Allah became imprisoned in bottles, rings and “great caves” around the planet. The Majisal-al Jinn of Oman is chronologed in The Vengeful Djinn.
    Various business and government consortiums have experimented with such “portals” as a means towards “teleportation”, a case in point was the Utah Skinwalker Ranch and Bigelow’s NIDS.

    “It’s obvious to me that modern psychology and psychiatric practice has a long way to go,” says Komarek, “in understanding the human condition and the nature of the really big picture…..” (Page 319). Komarek clearly believes there are “psychic predators and parasites that inhabit our bodies.”

    I don't know about skinwalker ranch being a habitation place for "new" "human" portal makers. I have always felt skinwalker ranch was home to on older ET underground civilization as is evidenced by the area having mythological associations going back before the white man as is stated by the Navajo and Ute Native American peoples who have lived there far longer than modern Americans.

    I am of the same opinion as Komarek in regards to his statement on "psychic predators and parasites that inhabit our bodies" as is evidenced by my lil ol thread titled. Parasitic Non-Organic Multidimensional Beings

    Also, I have got to say I was blown away personally by the Skinwalker Ranch story, as it seems to go hand in hand with an amazing short story by HP Lovecraft about just such an ancient civilization of advanced underground folk called HP Lovecraft's THE MOUND

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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    Addition to info to this site that is pertinent... thread link included.

    Discovery Of Oldest Human DNA 400,000 Years Old


    Filer’s Files #47 – 2013 — US Got Technology from ET

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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery


    Wednesday, December 18, 2013

    We Are On the Brink Of Something Really BIG
    I love stories about discoveries of mysterious, ancient, massive, stone ruins, such as the so-far-unexplained structures recently uncovered in the Ecuadorean rain forest.

    Explorers hot on the trail of Atahualpa and the Treasure of the Llanganates

    How about the thousands of multi-ton, megalithic structures in the Russian Caucasus? Click the link. Think you could build even one of those things with the help of a couple of neighbors, a cold chisel and a mallet or two?

    25,000 Year Old Buildings Found In Russia

    While I'm at it, what about the multiple levels of blocked off, locked off passages, chambers, tunnels and shafts beneath the Giza pyramid and temple complex in Egypt? My Arabic instructor back in the early 1990s was an Egyptian military intelligence officer who told me that the Egyptian military had extensively explored the underground workings beneath Giza. According to him there are literal miles of tunnels in the labyrinth, going down, level after level. I twice visited Giza and, indeed, I saw myriad openings to the underground, shafts going down and down, numerous openings into the plateau physically padlocked closed with metal gates or grills, and plenty of guards armed with high powered rifles sitting around on camels keeping an eye on everything and everyone. I saw archaeologists excavating underground in the very shadow of the pyramids. In my personal presence, one of them came up from deep underground with a miner's helmet and lamp, like I used to wear years ago when I was a salt miner down on the Louisiana Gulf coast. After all of these years there is still serious archaeology going on deep underground, in the immediate vicinity of the Egyptian pyramids and we hear nothing about what is being discovered. There is the mother of all cover-ups in place when it comes to the true history of ancient Egypt.

    I might add that I had the impression of looking at structures that were maybe fifteen thousand years old, or perhaps even older, when I was in the presence of the Great Pyramid and the Valley Temple near the Sphinx. On close inspection it seemed to me that large areas of the plateau had been artificially built up a very long time ago. Oh, by the way, I noticed at least two ancient doorways that enter the base of the Sphinx. One near the front, another at the rear. Yes, there are internal passages inside the Sphinx and probably hidden levels beneath it, too. But all of that is locked off, blocked off. Ganz verboten. Oh, we have been so lied to, about most everything. I won't get much into my very clear, deep dreams here about Egyptian remote antiquity and my remembered activities there, mostly because I don't know exactly what to make of them, other than that according to the dreams, I had one or more highly interesting lifetimes there engaged in the field of what might be loosely called ":civil engineering," or more appropriately "harmonic engineering." I was in charge of certain things and there were capable men under me. I didn't so much order them around, as I did synchronize their efforts. The analogy would rather be to a conductor or a composer and a philharmonic orchestra rendering a high order symphonic production. My distinctive arraiment precisely bespoke my exact charge and station. There was large machinery, though no trace of it remains today, at least not publicly. I have no more to mention.

    Some people say that past, present and future all actually play out simultaneously. That linear time is an illusion. If true, I suppose that could be reason enough to lock off and block off access to the subterranean labyrinth at Giza. Think of it -- what if someone like me would get down there and stumble across something that was left there 18,000 years ago for the "me" now by the "me" then -- to simultaneously connect the "past" and the "future" in the eternally present moment of "now" -- thus decisively breaking an artificially imposed amnesiac block to directly perceiving the infinite eternity of now. Or something like that ?

    There's more. What about the vastly ancient ruins in Turkey?

    12,000 Years Old Unexplained Structure

    Why stop there? Check out the many Youtube.com videos of Brien Foerster about the ancient ruins, cone-headed human races and mysterious civilizations of ancient Peru and Bolivia. And be sure to check out the many videos and books of David Hatcher Childress. He has literally traveled the world, visiting site after site of unexplained ruins from vastly ancient, unknown civilizations. I don't want to leave out the work of Graham Hancock, who has written about the evidence for previous cycles of advanced civilization. Also do a key word search on the Bosnian pyramids and the Chinese pyramids.

    Read Forbidden Archaeology, by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. It's a paradigm-busting book that reveals that the history of humanity on this planet goes back millions of years, maybe even hundreds of millions of years. They blew the lid off the mainstream, academic cover-up of our hidden history and have been attacked by academic historians, archaeologists and anthropologists for doing so.

    There is a massive amount of information now available on the Internet and in a wide variety of books and videos that points unambiguously to a vast antiquity for the human sojourn on this planet, and repeated cycles of civilization, including extremely technologically sophisticated societies in the distant past.

    We also have the voluminous, south Asian, Vedic record. Back in the late 20th century I did many fasts, some of them quite long. On one occasion I was doing a 20 day water only fast, and out of sheer boredom I spent a few days poring over some of the Vedic literature, the Ramayana and some of the other great classics. It blew my mind wide open. I was astonished by the repeated references to the celestial beings, the heavenly planets, their aerial flying cars, their comings and goings from said planets to and from the Earth, the vimanas, trips to the Moon, and more. It was clear to me that I was reading the historical record of an advanced, technical civilization, an advanced space-faring civilization that existed on this planet a very, very long time ago.

    I could go on and on, but if you explore even the brief introduction I have provided here to humanity's "true" history, as opposed to the nonsense you had crammed into your head in school and at university, you will quickly realize that you have been massively, systematically lied to.

    Why should that be ? Why all the lying ? I do not know. It just makes no sense. But clearly someone or something, manipulating things from behind the scenes, does not want us to know the true history of this planet and the true history of humanity. So there has been a persistent, highly organized, thousands of years long effort to thoroughly confuse and lie to all of humanity. It is very bewildering.

    Having Said That ...

    It is clear that the veil is being rent, in view of the numerous books, videos and websites that are now exposing to public view so many extremely ancient archaeological sites and ruins all over the world. International travel is also much more affordable and common now than in the past, making it possible for millions of people to visit ancient sites for themselves and draw their own conclusions as to what they are viewing.

    As a consequence we are on the brink of a sort of BIG mass awakening from the ancient amnesiac spell that has been cast over us

    When faced with believing the corrupt pronouncements of corrupt historians in corrupt Ivy League universities or their own lying eyes -- many people are now doing the natural thing and rejecting the corrupt fibs and corrupt confabulations of lying, corrupt, professional academics at Yale, Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Penn, Cornell, Princeton, etc. And why leave out Stanford and Chicago? By the way, did I mention how corrupt these institutions of "hired" learning are ?

    Oh, my! I just realized that I have implied that a lot of Ivy League scholars are "pros." That they, um, just do it for money. How very rude of me.

    Next Up On Deck

    Speaking of corrupt liars, and their duplicitous, deceitful schemes, just wait for the events of 2014 when the wheels start to come off of Obamacare. Actually, that has already begun to happen, or more accurately, the wheels have never been on Obamacare in the first place. The program is going absolutely nowhere and it's going there real fast.

    So what does it mean when the USSA government implements a major, national, society changing program and it fails catastrophically from the very beginning ? Forget what that says about the program, what does that say about the USSA government ? The corruption and incompetence are on full public view, for leisurely inspection by one and all.

    This has obvious international implications as well. What does that say for the USSA national brand, when a watching world sees such a willfully spectacular display of administrative incompetence from the highest levels of the USSA government? It engenders neither respect nor confidence. It is a demonstration of tremendous weakness and executive dysfunction.

    Therefore, a watching world will draw the inevitable conclusion that a country that cannot even competently govern its own internal affairs, is scarcely qualified to dictate to others how they should handle theirs.

    That's clear enough.

    And when the time comes that the USSA attempts to -- how to put this delicately? --violently dictate military policy to Iran and/or Russia and/or China, the Pentagon will be shocked !! -- shocked, I say !! -- to discover that the Iranians/ Russians/ Chinese can destroy USSA naval war fleets in mere minutes !! And destroy other strategic USSA targets in the Middle East, Europe, the Pacific region and even on the mainland USSA in mere minutes !! It will happen in something like 20 minutes, maybe even less.

    That's the collision course the USSA government and military have set themselves on. It's a disastrous policy trajectory.

    The national economic policy of the USSA is no better. That is a hard fact that is also well understood internationally. The prolonged death rattle of the USSA dollar will not be abated by the injection by the USSA Federal Reserve Bank of multiple trillions of dollars more of phony-baloney, Monopoly "funny" money into the criminally corrupt big banks and criminally corrupt big Wall Street companies.

    If you give a massive blood transfusion to a dead man, does that stop his putrid corpse from rotting ?

    So it is, that the death knell of the USSA dollar is a sure thing. The precise date of the wake may remain in question, but later in 2014 could see an impressive failure of confidence in the USSA Federal Reserve Bank's one and only product. That matters because the USSA dollar really is a confidence game -- it only has value as long as enough people, the world over, have enough confidence in its purported value to continue using it and acting as though it has great value. Once a critical mass of people and financial actors, large and small, lose confidence in the value of the USSA dollar, then the USSA Federal Bank's century-long, international, confidence game will come to an ignoble end ignominious end. The confidence is rapidly eroding right now. Past a certain point there could be a cascading concatenation of events that will rapidly take the "Fed" and the USSA dollar down.

    And that will be that.

    Some people are talking about dramatic events in that regard in April of 2014. I can't say for sure, but nothing would surprise me less. So we shall see.

    The Unconventional Contender

    What can be said for certain is that the ongoing train wreck of the USSA dollar opens the way for competing currencies and alternative financial instruments and systems to gain global market share. One of those is Bitcoin.

    I have previously written about Bitcoin, and I have taken a little bit of flack for doing that. I won't be deterred. My position is that you are equally free to acquire or have Bitcoin, or not to acquire or have Bitcoin. It's completely up to you. If you do not want any Bitcoin, that's perfectly fine. This website has a free will policy with respect to Bitcoin. Just because I put up some Bitcoin related links, it doesn't mean you have to click them.

    But for those who wouldn't mind acquiring or having some Bitcoin, please do continue on, because I have placed a list of websites in the next section that you can visit and/or join and easily use to acquire some Bitcoin of your own. Listen, in just the last two years Bitcoin has risen in value from $4 to $565 per Bitcoin (as of the moment that I write these words). So if you would really rather not have any Bitcoin that's O.K. I don't mind.

    Earning Bitcoin

    But I continue to earn incremental amounts of Bitcoin for free, or nearly so. And so can you, if you like.

    To start you need a Bitcoin address and digital “wallet” to keep your addresses. You can get a wallet and one or more addresses at Coinbase or Block Chain .

    You can have as many wallets (and addresses) as you like or need. Ten or one hundred. It's up to you. But make sure you guard your passwords and account access carefully. Hackers abound in the online environment. Your Bitcoin wallets and addresses are just like your online bank account, your ATM password or the physical wallet in your pocket or purse. You have to keep them secure from thieves.

    The following websites are so far paying fractional amounts of Bitcoin for visiting and following their simple instructions. You won't get rich quick, but if you regularly visit them, on a daily basis, or in some cases, multiple times a day, you will accumulate small fractions of Bitcoin that can, do and will add up over time. How much Bitcoin you acquire is totally up to you.

    Earn free .00003 bitcoin. It means just what it says. It's a one time deal.

    Bit Visitor pays you to view advertisements that last 5 minutes each. You don't actually have to watch the ad the whole 5 minutes. When the ad finishes after 5 minutes, there is a little green tab that appears in the upper right hand corner that says “NEXT.” You have to click the “NEXT” tab to get paid your satoshis, and go on to the next 5 minute ad.

    These are also paying sites.


    The Bitcoin Affiliate

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    Tasks 4 Dollars
    (has an option for paying out in BitCoins – complete simple tasks to earn points or BitCoins)

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    Earn Free Bitcoins

    That's it. Regularly visit these sites and perform the simple steps required and you will accumulate Bitcoin. The amount depends entirely on you and your personal efforts. If you get some referrals you can increase your rate of Bitcoin accumulation. Simple and free in most cases.

    I don't know the future of Bitcoin, but it is clear that the USSA dollar is dying. Something else will fill the void of its passing and for now it looks like Bitcoin is poised to be that something else, or at least one of the something elses.

    I gratefully accept Bitcoin donations or tips in any amount, large or small, at the following address:


    I also gratefully accept monetary donations. Please contact me at: dr.samizdat1618@gmail.com for how to that.

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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery


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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    Published on Jun 27, 2014
    Abby Martin interviews author and philosopher, Graham Hancock, about the mysteries of ancient civilization, hidden societies from the past, censorship by TED Talks and the difficulty in getting these ideas accepted by mainstream archaeologists and historians.

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    Lightbulb Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    I have been speaking about one of the "Groups" that I have referenced as "Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations" who were groups of Ancient Earth Civilizations that became "Advanced" and survived the fall of their parent civilizations down here on Earth. They colonized other planets in and out of this Sol System and have bases deep beneath the oceans and under mountains in deep deep caverns.

    So much information has popped up and been suppressed over the years by "Modern Archeology" and "Main Stream Science" that it is sickening... Trickles of information make it out through...

    The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE

    Brandon West, Contributor
    Waking Times

    In Robert Bauval’s 2008 book The Egypt Code, in his typical meticulously researched style has sets out to prove the theory that the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids on the Memphite Necropolis not in a random haphazard fashion, but to reflect the cosmos in order to unite Heaven and Earth.Here I will present the core ideas and evidence from Robert Bauval’s book The Egypt Code that validate the existence of a high civilization that existed on this Earth around 12,000 years ago.

    This is important because for one, it is essential that we understand the truth of our history and the truth of human origins. If there indeed was a high civilization on this Earth 12,000 years ago capable of fantastic feats of architecture, engineering, and science, how would that change our perception of ourselves? And secondly, there is a lot of ancient knowledge and wisdom that the ancient Egyptians possessed which we have forgotten. In the words of Robert Bauval:

    “I hope that the new generation of Egyptologists will come to see, as I did, that ancient Egypt is not a defunct civilization to be studied in a dispassionate way, but rather a cultural model that is very much alive and needs to be understood, with, perhaps, some of its principles put again into practice for the benefit of mankind.” (The Egypt Code, p.187)

    What we are concerned about in this article is, more or less, is the origin of the myth that Egypt was made in “the image of Heaven.” In his book, The Egypt Code, Robert Bauval equates this with the creation myth of Heliopolis where they give the genealogy of the pantheon of Gods and how their interactions created Heaven, the Earth, the Air and so on. He concludes, “this is probably where the idea came from that the image of the sky had been imprinted on the land and made Egypt ‘the image of Heaven’.” (p.44)

    But what if the origin of that myth was not actually a myth at all but architectural in origin, and what if it was actually much more ancient? What if it was a memory that had been passed on to future generations, and that it had been mythologized once the meaning of the memory had been forgotten by some, maybe even the majority?

    This is what I believe to be the case. Let us begin with the pyramids.

    The Mystery of The Pyramids

    It is almost unanimously accepted by scholars that the Great pyramid of Giza was built around the date of c.2500 BCE. This is based on the assumption that Khufu built this great monument, which places it nicely during the peak of ‘pyramid age’ in Egypt when it is undeniable that the Egyptians undertook a massive pyramid building project.

    Yet there are some idiosyncrasies.

    No other pyramid in Egypt comes close to the Great Pyramid. Especially the ones which we know were built during the pyramid age, many of which have been reduced to a pile of rubble today. There is also the unexplained fact that it appears as if the building skill of the ancient Egyptians declined over time, instead of improved. And yet the great pyramid still stands, even though its outer layer of white limestone was mined off to build the city of Cairo, it remains today virtually unaffected.

    Not to mention the fact that the ancient Egyptians themselves never even claim to have built the Great Pyramid.

    There is only one piece of evidence which Egyptologists use to date the pyramid to 2,500 BCE, and it is a cartouche of Khufu’s name that was written on the wall in red ocher paint in a isolated little space within the great pyramid that we had to use dynamite to blast our way into.

    Nowhere else in the entire pyramid is there a single inscription, except in this space that was enclosed even before the pyramid was fully completed. This, to me, is suggestive of the fact that the ancient Egyptians never even got inside the Great Pyramid simply because, as we know, they put inscriptions on everything and about everything.

    So basically the official story of the dating of the pyramid is that we allegedly know it was built around c.2500 BCE because of an alleged original cartouche painted on a wall – not even inscribed – in a room that the builders would have fully believed that no-one would have ever entered again?

    That to me sounds as flaky as the official 9/11 story. Perhaps the same people were behind it.

    The other piece of evidence that admittedly is much more convincingly dates the great pyramid to c.2500 BCE was uncovered by Robert Bauval. He discovered that the southern shaft in the Kings Chamber points to the stars of Orion’s belt as they were in c.2500 BCE (Graham Hancock’s Quest For The Lost Civilization: Heaven’s Mirror).

    This is far more convincing evidence that it could have been built then, but yet it still does not resolve the fact that the Egyptians never claimed to have built the great pyramid, and that a star map is created on the ground by the Giza pyramids specifically indicating 11,541 BCE (as we shall see), as well as the simple fact that these pyramids were beyond Egypt’s level of technology at that time (as they are probably even beyond our level of technology today).

    This should, if we are open-minded, lead us to at least consider that it was built in an earlier time.

    An Older Date For The Pyramids?

    “The fifth century BC historian Herodotus called Egypt ‘the gift of the Nile’. The Egyptians themselves went a lot further. They claimed that their sacred river had its source among the stars.” – Robert Bauval (The Egypt Code, p. 33)

    In Robert Bauval’s book The Egypt Code, in his meticulously researched style he provides a lot of highly persuasive evidence that the Egyptians built their pyramids in the Memphite Necropolis to reflect the heavens.

    He realized that when observing the Memphite Necropolis from a northerly perspective, specifically from an ancient site known as Letopolis, he found that while looking south along the Nile, some of the major ancient sites would have created a start map with the Nile symbolically representing the Milky Way (The Egypt Code, p.106).

    The city of Heliopolis would have been closest to this vantage point, south and to the left of the Nile, which as he shows in his book was an ancient cult center that revolved around stars, but also later around the Sun God, Ra. He further provides convincing evidence (The Egypt Code, pages 79-95) that Ra was later coalesced with the stellar god Horakhti (Horus-of-the-Horizon), who was often symbolized as a ‘recumbent lion’, merging to create the deity Ra-Horakhti (Ra-Horus of the Horizon).

    In Robert Bauval’s own words:

    “Being such attentive observers of the constellations to the point of obsession … it would be very odd indeed if the priests of Heliopolis did not take particular notice of the lion-shaped constellation that housed the sun at this time of year, and which was the perfect metaphor for Ra-Horakhti, the merger of Ra with the cosmic lion.” (The Egypt Code, p.85)

    Therefore Heliopolis would have represented the constellation Leo in the sky.

    Then further south and to the right (west) of the Nile this time we have the great pyramids of Giza which clearly are aligned to represent Orion in the sky. Curiously they are in the right alignment in accordance with the Nile as well to reflect the relationship between the Milky Way and the Orion constellation in the sky.

    Then further south again on the right (west) side of the Nile we have the small cluster of Abusir pyramids which would represent the Pleiades constellation creating a sky map on the ground with the triangular relationship of Leo-Orion-Pleiades all accounted for on the ground and all located in sync with the Nile to represent the Milky Way.

    The only thing is that at c. 2500 BCE the Nile, which runs south-north, would have been perpendicular to Milky Way in the sky which would have been parallel with the horizon at that time (The Egypt Code, p.107). This is where things get interesting, and where Robert Bauval courageously and admirably follows the evidence even though it breaks away from convention.

    Was there a time when the Milky Way would have been running in a “north-south” direction in the sky so that it was in alignment with the Nile, and so that this star map was a mirror image of the heavens, instead of an image that had to be rotated 90 degrees for it to be a match? Robert Bauval believed so.

    Star Map of the Memphite Necropolis

    Based off of the Sothic cycles (which relate to the ancient Egyptians calendar which played an important role in The Egypt Code but which is unfortunately beyond the scope of this article) Robert Bauval decided turn back the heavens which change over time due to the phenomenon called precession of the equnoxes, to arrive at the date of 11,541 BCE (The Egypt Code p.110-111).

    The amazing thing is that on the date of 11,541 BCE the Milky Way would have actually been turned 90 degrees compared to how it appeared in c.2500 BCE, and this time instead of running perpendicular with the Nile, it runs parallel with the Nile and perpendicular to the horizon actually giving the appearance that the Milky Way, the cosmic river, is flowing directly into the Nile river!

    Thus when the Egyptians claimed that their Nile was sourced in the stars this was not merely myth, this was a direct reference to a much older date when it actually looked as if this was the case, albeit from an imaginative and poetic perspective.

    Amazingly when we observe the stars and the alignments of the pyramids from this vantage point, the two brightest stars of Orion make an angle of 43° 20′ with the north-south meridian, and the two largest pyramids at Giza (Khufu’s and Khafre’s) also make an angle of 43° 20′ with the north south meridian. And they are both positioned to the left of the Nile-Milky Way. A perfect star map on the ground.

    Copyright Robert Bauval, The Egypt Code, p. 110
    Moreover, as the image to the right shows, Heliopolis which as we have seen was dedicated to Ra (which was sometimes symbolized as a lion) would have mirrored on the ground the location of the constellation of Leo, and the pyramids of Abusir were in the correct location (although not perfect) to represent the Pleiades star cluster.

    In the words of Robert Bauval,

    “Controversial as this may at first seem, we have also seen how, when the sky is precessed to 11,451 BC and the three stars of Orion are aligned along the meridian with the three pyramids of Giza, the image of Zep Tepi in the sky (the triangular region of Orion-Pleiades-Leo) bears an uncanny resemblance to the image of zep tepi on the ground (the triangular region of Giza-Memphis-Heliopolis).” (The Egypt Code, p.184)

    Now in the Egypt Code, Robert Bauval provides this as solid evidence that the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids on the Memphite Necropolis according to a master plan: to reflect the image of heaven in Egypt thus fulfilling the belief that Egypt was made in “the image of heaven” as we discussed at the beginning of this article.

    I agree with Robert Bauval wholeheartedly … in part. It is clear that during the pyramid age, which comprised the third to sixth dynasties between c. 2686 – 2181 BCE (The Orion Mystery, p. 13) the ancient Egyptians did embark on a zealous pyramid building project and the evidence strongly suggests that they built according to a master plan to mirror the heavens in Egypt, after all, how could all of those alignments be chalked up to pure coincidence?

    But is there not another explanation?

    An Ancient Legacy From Zep Tepi

    As I have explained previously, and not in very much detail as I could have (and will soon) write a whole article just based off of the scientifically advanced and mysterious nature of the great pyramid, I do not believe that it was built around 2500 BCE, and I believe the evidence supports this.

    Even if we look at this truly groundbreaking and ingenious theory that Robert Bauval has proposed, there are a couple of things that don’t sit right with me. Namely the fact that the Giza pyramids are aligned to a single arc minute to perfectly reflect the constellation of Orion as it appeared in 11,451 BCE, whereas Heliopolis and the Abusir pyramids are much less exact, and are merely built in the right places so that they resemble the location of the stars, but not the exact alignments as with the Giza pyramids.

    Robert Bauval said himself of the Heliopolis site and the Abusir pyramids:

    “Admittedly the match is not mathematically perfect due to bedrock realities of geography and topography.” (The Egypt Code, p.106)

    The issue is, wheras the other sites are not mathematically perfect, it is clear that everything about the great pyramid, and the other Giza pyramids for that matter, are mathematically perfect. And it seems to me that if it was the true pyramid builders intention to build more pyramids from the start, I believe the builders would have moved mountains not only to make it a reality, but to make it perfect.

    For they clearly shown us that it was within their capabilities given the fact that they quite literally built a mountain, and that meticulous planning and surveying certainly went into the engineering and construction of these monuments. From everything to do with its architecture, all the way to the greater cosmic alignments it represents, the great pyramid is nearly perfect, and maybe it once was…

    This suggests to me that it was the work of an entirely different civilization, and a more advanced civilization at that.

    I think that the reason why the ancient Egyptian pyramid builders built their pyramids according to this master plan, and the origin of the myth that Egypt was made in “the image of Heaven” have a common source.

    The evidence suggests, however unlikely or against our preconceptions it may be, that the Giza pyramids where built in or around 11,541 BCE in the specific alignment to commemorate the stars at that time, which is most probably the origin of the myth that Egypt was made “in the image of Heaven”.

    I believe the ancient myth that Egypt was built in the image of Heaven was referring to these pyramids of great antiquity, and that this tradition was transmitted orally through each generation and that the pyramid age of centering roughly around c.2500 BCE was an attempt to continue to the work that was started much earlier by a race of Gods (to the Egyptian mind anyways), in the legendary first time, which as Robert Bauval has shown us has been fixed in time by these massive stone monuments no matter which way we look at it.

    The question is, is there any proof?

    I would say yes.

    Hereditary Knowledge

    The ancient astronomer-priest did hold advanced and to their minds truly sacred knowledge of the movements of the stars, and the heavenly cycles, as is commonly accepted. But what if they held another type of knowledge as well, ancient knowledge? Ancient knowledge the likes of which the Egyptian priest who Solon, Plato’s ancestor, refers to when he says to Solon:

    Egyptian priest: Oh Solon, Solon, you Greeks are all children, and there’s no such thing as an old Greek.
    Solon: What do you mean by that?
    Egyptian priest: You are all young in mind, you have no belief rooted in old tradition, and no knowledge hoary with age. And the reason is this … With you, and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and the uncultured – so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what happened in early times … You remember only one deluge, though there have been many …” – (Plato, Timaeus and Critias, p.35-36)

    Now the veracity of Plato’s claims have been called into question, and rightly so. We should never believe anything completely just because it was claimed by someone, or written somewhere … even if it was Plato who said it. But the interesting thing is that there is supporting scientific evidence and mythical evidence from another ancient culture both of which identify the same dates for the global flood, and the claim that “there have been many” floods.

    The more ancient flood myth is from India, and it is the Kumari Kandum myths which are the myths about an ancient advanced civilization that existed more than 10,000 years ago in India who built great centers for learning and in general is very reminiscent of the Atlantis myth. Graham Hancock explores this in detail in his phenomenal book Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization.

    “The first great deluge took place in 16,000 BC … The second one occurred in 14,058 BC when parts of Kumari Kandam went under the sea. The third one happened in 9564 BC when a large part of Kumari Kandum was submerged.” (Underworld, p. 245)

    Coincidentally the dates given in the Kumari Kandum myth for the last deluge closely match the date that Plato (and thus the Egyptian priest gives Solon) for the inundation of the civilization of Atlantis. According to the Egyptian priest Atlantis was inundanted around 9600 BCE.

    The fact that these ancient cultures have myths which identify that specific date is highly intriguing and at least increases their credibly. But astonishingly, not only does modern science identify a very similar time frame for a global superflood that occurred right around that date, science also predicts that there were in fact three global superfloods just like the Kumari Kandum myth states occurring roughly between the approximate time bands: 15,000-14,000 years ago, 12,000-11,000 years ago, and 8000-7000 years ago. These dates are given to us by the work of Professor John Shaw from the University of Alberta (Underworld, p.65).

    As it it can be clearly seen, the Egyptian priests date of 9500 BCE lies right in the middle of the period for the global superflood which is given to us by science.

    Now the point of all of this in relationship to the age of the pyramids is merely to prove the validity of the statements made by the Egyptian priest, and thus how he specifically says that the Egyptian culture is many thousands of years old with written records extending back 8000 years, and “knowledge hoary with age”.

    Now that we have seen that the priests date of the global flood was true, and the occurrence of multiple floods, we must accept that the rest of his claims also have at least some truth to them, if their are not entirely truthful.

    Thus as an ancient Egyptian priest states clearly, there was much ancient knowledge passed on within the Egyptian priesthood. And then at such a time that they were either instructed to act on the knowledge, or that they decided that it was time to, the could have, in their position as adviser to the Kings and Pharaohs, enlightened them of this knowledge and the cosmic alignment within Egypt and urged him to act on it.

    It would not have taken much convincing considering the glory in the eyes of man and the Gods that the Pharaohs would have gained to participate in this work.

    Therefore, based on the evidence at hand (that which I have provided here and that which is beyond the scope of this specific article) we should at least consider the possibility that the pyramids of Giza where built around the date of 11,451 BCE by an ancient and as yet lost civilization. And it was these specific pyramids and their alignment with the Nile and thus the cosmos, which gave birth to the idea that Egypt was made in “the image of heaven”.

    It may have even been this knowledge and the pyramids themselves which spurred the ancient Egyptians into the massive pyramid building project that was the pyramid age. Not necessarily in an effort to mirror heaven on earth, although that was definitely a motivation, but more to bring themselves closer to the Gods who had already begun this work, and thus become Gods themselves by continuing on with the work that had already begun in the Memphite Necropolis.

    The Sphinx

    The Sphinx itself acts as another key to this cosmic mystery on earth. As Graham Hancock has shown in his Quest For The Lost Civilization: Heaven’s Mirror (which can be found on youtube), exactly due East in alignment with the sphinx gaze, the sphinx will be looking at a very specific constellation rising just before the sun on the vernal equinox every year, the first day of spring.

    But due to the phenomenon known as precession of the equinoxes that constellation changes over time. The precession of the equinoxes is generally explained as a slow axial wobble of the Earth with a period of approximately 26,000 years, but the period is not fixed.

    So if the Sphinx was built in 2500 BCE as is proposed by the Egyptology community, then the sphinx would be facing the constellation Taurus just before the sun rises on the spring equinox. Therefore you would expect the sphinx not to be in the shape of a lion, but in the shape of a bull to represent that constellation.

    But, if you rewind the stars you will find that there is a time in history when the sphinx would be facing its own ‘celestial counterpart’ in the sky: 10,500 BCE.

    As the work of John Anthony West and Robert M. Schoch also suggests, the sphinx itself is almost certainly much more ancient due to the fact of the weathering patterns on the side of the sphinx that could have only been caused by thousands of years of torrential rainfall which at the very least bring its date of construction out of the grips of c.2500 BCE period which the Egyptologists have stubbornly fixed it in.

    But in spite of the inflexibility of the egyptologists, the ancient Egyptians themselves are speaking to us clearly. Almost as if to tell us that we have unraveled this mystery correctly, there is a block in between the paws of the sphinx covered with inscriptions, and one of the lines mysteriously reads:

    “This is the Splendid Place of the First Time.” (The Egypt Code, p.66)

    It is almost as if the sphinx is gazing not in space, but in time, silently imploring to us to make this connection and to remember the events of that pivotal period in our pre-history.

    What could have happened in between 11,500 BCE and 10,500 BCE?

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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    Quote Posted by GoodETxSG (here)
    Egyptian priest: You are all young in mind, you have no belief rooted in old tradition, and no knowledge hoary with age. And the reason is this … With you, and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and the uncultured – so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what happened in early times … You remember only one deluge, though there have been many …” – (Plato, Timaeus and Critias, p.35-36)
    Aha - this connects well with the reports of a reservoir of water on earth, 400 miles below its surface, and (currently) perhaps three times in volume to all the water in the oceans, that I reported on yesterday in Posts 15 to 22 of the thread Walt Brown's Hydroplate theory - the great flood tilted the earth 5000 years ago.

    Michael Tsarion presents an alternative theory of what caused the floods, due to a giant war that rained down icy asteroids from a previously destroyed planet onto earth. I posted on this theory a couple of months ago, in the post: Why Are the Bankers and Ex-Intel Types Running For Their Lives? (Confirmed for MONTHS by my vanishing sources) -- Post #588.

    However, Tsarion's theory would appear to explain a one-time event, whereas the combination of Walt Brown's hydroplate theory and the decent physical evidence now being published of an immense and permanent reservoir of water 400 miles below the earth's surface could explain repeated floods, just as the above Egyptian priest spoke of.


    P.S. -- Perhaps this explains the apparent urgency that some have to get either deep underground (in bases that could be sealed off from a flood) or off planet. A modern day version of Noah' Ark? The "mile high" (Denver is a mile above sea level) immense, secret underground facilities in Denver, Colorado, USA might also be well situated in the case of such a flood ... having a better chance to emerge high and dry and unscathed after the floods started to subside.
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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    Quote ...due to the phenomenon known as precession of the equinoxes that constellation changes over time. The precession of the equinoxes is generally explained as a slow axial wobble of the Earth with a period of approximately 26,000 years, but the period is not fixed.
    If your in a boat on an ocean of water...the first thing you would need to steer the boat is a rudder to steer the ship. It causes a sort of "drag" in the water to allow for steering right?

    Regarding time:

    Matter causes drag...If you want to achieve a particular time factor....you might need to steer it?

    Watch this short video by Hawking re time dilation and GPS satellites in space.

    Watch this through it's entirety. From 3:00 on in the video what's the last thing he shows which causes time to slow down....DRAG on time. Thought I disagree that time travel to the past is impossible as Hawking says.

    This is the current method of measuring time "accurately" and GPS

    Drag... time...Flood... Caesium Clock... boom!

    Quartz Crystal in the kings chamber:


    Quote The frequency at which the crystal oscillates depends on its shape, size, and the crystal plane on which the quartz is cut. The positions at which electrodes are placed can slightly change the tuning, as well. If the crystal is accurately shaped and positioned, it will oscillate at a desired frequency. In clocks and watches, the frequency is usually 32,768 Hz, and the crystal is cut in a small tuning fork shape on a particular crystal plane. This frequency is a power of two, just high enough so most people cannot hear it, yet low enough to permit inexpensive counters to derive a 1 second pulse.
    Frequency in the Kings Chamber is what? F sharp?

    The heaver the object the more it drags on time. A rudder creating drag on time?

    Quote “This is the Splendid Place of the First Time.” (The Egypt Code, p.66)
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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    I think you will find this information interesting my friend.

    Put a lot of sense in our context.

    All Current European Nobility descendent of the 'House of d'Este' - Elongated Skulls (Royalty)

    Princess Ginevra d'Este - 1435-1445 - Artist Pisanello

    Medal of Leonello d'Este (1441-44) Princess Ginevra cousins

    details on the link

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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    I am sorry to say after my long time membership here that it is time for me to leave.

    I would ask that people still show the same Ethics and keep my Name Anonymous for the safety of my family.
    Not doing so would to be endangering my Wife, 2 young Children and Myself.
    I would hope that not even the most angry or misguided people would breach that security measure and risk lives or reputations of people or respected web sites.

    I have created an account on the Forum of Divinecosmos.com by the same User Name.

    I will miss the many wonderful and enlightened friends that I managed to meet in the sea of those seeking enlightenment. To those I wish love, respect and a wonderful journey in this often windy and bumpy path.

    Further releases of my journals and information on the topics covered in the interview and the Threads I authored here will begin to be shared on my new Blog: GoodETxSG Secret Space Program

    link http://goodetxsg-secretspaceprogram.blogspot.com/ -

    I am also in the beginning process of writing a book about my experiences through my entire lifetime of involvement in these programs that I have been speaking out on and my experiences with the process of coming out and speaking to various Researchers and other People who have been involved in these programs.

    For those who I am giving council too I will continue to do so in Unseen.is Email, Chat and Voice over IP w/those w/Unseen.is accounts at EncrytpSec@Unseen.is
    Thank you,


    [ Mod-edit: GoodETxSG has requested that his account be closed. It has seemed that the damage done, through a complex series of actions and reactions, was not reparable. The Moderator team will be making a fuller statement within 24 hours. We have not received a similar request from SilverPhoenix, but are assuming that this was intended as well. We honestly wish them well. We thank all members for their forbearance. -- Paul. ]
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    Default Re: Advanced Breakaway Civilizations, ETs/EDs, SOL System Wars & awakening from our slavery

    Quote Posted by Paul
    [ Mod-edit: GoodETxSG has requested that his account be closed. It has seemed that the damage done, through a complex series of actions and reactions, was not reparable. The Moderator team will be making a fuller statement within 24 hours. We have not received a similar request from SilverPhoenix, but are assuming that this was intended as well. We honestly wish them well. We thank all members for their forbearance. -- Paul. ]

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