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Thread: HOLY FRANKENSTIEN......Coming soon: human head transplants? // Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA - end

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    Default HOLY FRANKENSTIEN......Coming soon: human head transplants? // Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA - end

    Whether this is near or still a concept, something does not feel right about this.
    Blood, organs ,Stem cells, limbs and even face, but head Uhm !! This basically
    means taking a donors whole decapatated body. Just seems a step to far for me.


    Article from ...Monday, December 05, 2005....I presume they can do more now.

    Parts Of The Body That Can Be Transplanted

    An interesting graphic showing the parts of a human body that can be transplanted. [via]


    Coming soon: human head transplants?

    Published on 3 Jul 2013

    Along with other organs currently available for transplant, it looks like the human head
    may be next. Italian neuroscientist Dr. Sergio Canavero has outlined a head transplant
    procedure. RT's Margaret Howell looks into how it works and what it costs.
    Find RT America in your area: http://rt.com/where-to-watch/

    Could Human Head Transplants Soon Be a Reality?

    Published on 2 Jul 2013

    An Italian scientist says the final hurdle to a successful head transplant - spinal cord
    reattachment - has been cleared. Is he right?


    Frankenstein-style HEAD transplants could soon be a reality, claims leading surgeon

    Dr Sergio Canavero says we now have the technology to replace one person's head with
    another by reconnecting spinal cords

    The procedure involves the same methods used to successfully transplant the head of a

    It would take 100 surgeons three days to perform the operation, he says

    'Several human diseases without cure might benefit from it,' he says

    By Victoria Woollaston

    PUBLISHED: 10:00, 2 July 2013 | UPDATED: 10:09, 2 July 2013

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencete...#ixzz2Y5dwQ6Rr
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    There is a case for some transplants...



    May 1 2013 Breaking News Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA - end

    Scientists want debate on animals with human genes

    By Kate Kelland

    LONDON | Mon Nov 9, 2009 7:06pm EST

    (Reuters) - A mouse that can speak? A monkey with Down's Syndrome? Dogs with
    human hands or feet? British scientists want to know if such experiments are
    acceptable, or if they go too far in the name of medical research.To find out,
    Britain's Academy of Medical Sciences launched a study Tuesday to look at the use
    of animals containing human material in scientific research.The work is expected to
    take at least a year, but its leaders hope it will help establish guidelines for
    scientists in Britain and around the world on how far the public is prepared to see
    them go in mixing human genes into animals to discover ways to fight human

    "Do these constructs challenge our idea of what it is to be human?" said Martin
    Bobrow, a professor of medical genetics at Cambridge University and chair of a 14-
    member group looking into the issue.

    "It is important that we consider these questions now so that appropriate
    boundaries are recognized and research is able to fulfill its potential."

    Using human material in animals is not new. Scientists have already created rhesus
    macaque monkeys that have a human form of the Huntingdon's gene so they can
    investigate how the disease develops; and mice with livers made from human cells
    are being used to study the effects of new drugs.

    Read more..



    Published on 12 Jan 2013

    May 1 2013 - end times news update 4-12-13 - Breaking News Labs Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA

    2013 BREAKING NEWS WARNING TO HUMAN RACE human-animal genetic hybrid or
    chimera Human dog thousands of labs worldwide with animal human experiments this is
    sick and funded by the world Governments.Do your research what the UN is preparing
    to do between now and 2025 worldwide. Gods Judgement what will happen 2013 WW#
    WWIII World war 3 We are in the end times last days the medical field is playing god
    DANGEREOUS times we are living Part Human part animal genetic hybrids A parahuman
    or para-human is a human-animal Genetic engineering human-animal genetic hybrid or
    chimera hybrid or chimera. Scientists have done extensive research into the mixing of
    genes or cells from different species, e.g. adding human (and other animal) genes to
    bacteria and farm animals to mass-produce insulin and spider silk proteins, and
    introducing human cells into mouse embryos. Para humans have been referred to
    as "human-animal hybrids" in a vernacular sense that also encompasses human-animal
    chimeras. The term parahuman is not used in scientific publications. The term is
    sometimes used to sensationalize research that involves mixing biological materials
    from humans and other species. It was used in a National Geographic article to describe
    an experiment in 2003, during which Chinese scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical
    University successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human-an.... According to Daily Mail, as of 2011, more
    than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos were created in British laboratories since the
    Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008. DEVELOPMENTS IN THE CREATION OF
    ANIMAL-HUMAN MIXTURES: 5. Animal-Human Transgenesis 6. Animal-Human Gestation
    6.1. Placing a human embryo into an animal 6.2. Placing human sperm into an animal
    6.3. Placing an animal embryo into a human 6.4. Placing animal sperm into a woman
    7. Animal-Human Hybrid Embryos 7.1. Embryo containing cells made up of both human
    and animal chromosomes 7.1.1. Non-human eggs into which human nuclei are inserted
    Frog-Human Hybrid Entities 7.1.2. Animal-Human chromosome transplant Mouse-
    Human Hybrids 7.2. Non-human eggs stripped of their chromosomes into which human
    nuclei are inserted Gametal Cow-Human Hybrid Embryos Gametal Rabbit-Human Hybrid
    Embryos 7.3. Mixing of Animal and Human Gametes Genetic Human-Hamster Hybrid
    Embryos 18/10/2010 Ethics of animal-human mixtures
    schb.org.uk/.../report - animal-human ... 2/22 8. Animal-Human Chimeras
    8.1. Animal-Human Chimeras Created Through Xenotransplantation 8.2. Animal-Human
    Embryonic and Fetal Chimeras 8.2.1. Incorporation of Human Stem Cells into Post-natal
    Animals 8.2.2. Incorporation of (1) Human Stem Cells into Post-blastocyst Stages of
    Non-human Embryos or (2) Non-human Stem Cells into Post-blatocyst stages of Human
    Embryos Genetic Human-Mouse Chimeric Fetuses Genetic Sheep-Human Chimeric
    Fetuses Genetic Monkey-Human Chimeric Fetuses

    Genetic Pig-Human Chimeric Fetuses 8.2.3. Incorporation of (1) Human Pluripotent
    Stem Cells into a Non-Human Blastocyst or its Preliminary Embryonic Stages or
    (2) Non-human Pluripotent Stem Cells into a Human Blastocyst or its Preliminary
    Embryonic Stages Genetic Human-Mouse Chimeric Embryos Glossary
    References Nevertheless, mixtures between biological species are relatively rare in
    nature, and most such entities would be less 'fit' than their progenitors. With respect to
    animal-human mixing, no evidence of any entities being born has ever been recorded
    but new developments in crossing the species barrier may no longer limit animal-human
    mixtures to the domain of mythology. Indeed, procedures have recently been developed
    by scientists which mix human and animal biological elements to such an extent that it
    questions the very concept of being entirely human. For example, concern for animal-
    human mixtures was raised in 2001 by the UK Animal Procedures Committee which
    indicated in its Report on Biotechnology that though questions may exist as to the likely
    fate of such animal-human mixtures, there may be a deeper repugnance at the thought
    of their very existence. Indeed, The Regulation of New Biotechnologies and published in
    2004, that the crossing of the animal-human boundary was, in some respects, quite
    complex and subtle but that the mixing of human and animal tissues and materials was
    not by itself objectionable. In other words, in the context of therapy and preventive
    medicine, the President's Council accepted that the transplantation of animal parts to
    replace defective human ones could be considered as ethical. Moreover, the Council had
    no overriding objection to the insertion of animal-derived genes or cells into a human
    body - or even into human foetuses - where the aim would be to address a serious
    disease in the patient or the developing child. 18/10/2010 Ethics of animal-human
    mixtures schb.org.uk

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    Default Re: HOLY FRANKENSTIEN......Coming soon: human head transplants? // Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA - end

    I doubt it would ever work and i mean it heh.

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    Default Re: HOLY FRANKENSTIEN......Coming soon: human head transplants? // Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA - end

    Only thing new here, is they are just moving from below ground, to above ground. chuckle chuckle.
    Love, Peace, Humor

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    - Albert Einstein -

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    Default Re: HOLY FRANKENSTIEN......Coming soon: human head transplants? // Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA - end

    It could be another pre-emptive programming... let's face it, in conspiracy language terms what are they really saying?

    Stem cell technology has finally matured to the point where we have largely figured out how to do spinal cord regeneration ... and yes in order to make to make this available for the super rich, who will certainly be the ONLY customers, we have to put this out into the public and start getting general acceptance now, so we can make it "legally" viable in the future... (NWO order where 1% will have 90% of all the wealth)

    Just thinking of the ghoulish implications, like imagining David Rockefeller's head sewn onto a new young body (ritually sacrificed of course) so he can continue his plans for world domination and enslavement of the masses through a Godless statutory corporate UN NWO government....

    This has all the potential to provide the solution referred to in Alex Jone's ENDGAME. i.e the super elite's endless pursuit of immortality (you know you'd do the same thing if you had near 'unlimited' wealth)
    We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time
    By faith we understand things which are seen were not made of the things which are visible

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