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Thread: FYI on my Mod status.

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    Default FYI on my Mod status.

    Hello fellow Avalonians. I wanted to explain publicly, my choice to refrain from being a mod, for the time being anyway.
    I have many obligations in my personal life that require my full attention, and I simply cannot maintain the focus here that I need to be a proper mod at this point in time.

    As with all things, timing is everything. I do hope to serve you all in the future though, but for now, my status is "purple". : )

    Have a great day. With Sincerity , Sidney

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    Default Re: FYI on my Mod status.

    Come on Sidney, we both know what the real problem was. You were never properly initiated, remember?

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    Default Re: FYI on my Mod status.

    Understood. All the best with attending to your family obligations, and thanks for your service

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    Default Re: FYI on my Mod status.

    Im sure there is alot of time consumption being a Mod here. And You would of made a good Mod IMO. Now can you change back to your previous Avalon name again. Was it Starchild? Im confused. I loved that name Sidney.
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