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Thread: US Raids in Libya, Somalia Oct 5, 2013

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    Default US Raids in Libya, Somalia Oct 5, 2013

    When, where and who gave the US premission to declare war and kill, kidnap people, secretly invading countries anywhere in the world?? (dumb question, I know, but I'm getting realy sick of it all! And I do realize these people kidnapped were on a "wanted" list, but I still don't think it makes the methods used right.)

    Quote U.S. military forces strike in Libya, Somalia; capture wanted al Qaeda leader
    By Barbara Starr. Evan Perez and Greg Botelho, CNN
    October 6, 2013 -- Updated 1036 GMT (1836 HKT)

    In two operations nearly 3,000 miles apart, U.S. military forces went after two high-value targets over the weekend. And while officials have yet to say whether the operations were coordinated or directly related, they show Washington's reach, capability and willingness to pursue alleged terrorists.

    One operation took place Saturday in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, when U.S. forces captured Abu Anas al Libi, an al Qaeda leader wanted for his role in the deadly 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa.

    As al Libi was leaving his house for morning prayers, a group of 10 masked men surprised him, a source close to Libyan intelligence said. Citing al Libi's wife, the source said the al Qaeda leader tried to reach into his car to grab his gun -- but the U.S. forces quickly snatched him.

    In the second raid, a team of U.S. Navy SEALs in southern Somalia targeted the top leader of Al-Shabaab, which was behind last month's mall attack in Kenya. The SEALs came under fire and had to withdraw before they could confirm whether they killed their target, a senior U.S. official said.

    "One could have gone without the other," said retired Lt. Col. Rick Francona, CNN's military analyst. "But the fact that they did them both, I think, is a real signal that the United States -- no matter how long it takes -- will go after these targets."......

    Quote Tripoli protests US 'kidnap' of Libyan in Qaeda raid
    Tripoli, October 06, 2013

    Libya said it had demanded an explanation from Washington on Sunday for the "kidnap" of a citizen in an unauthorised commando raid on its territory that netted a top al Qaeda suspect.

    "The Libyan government has been following the reports of the kidnap of one of the Libyan
    citizens wanted by the authorities in the United States," a government statement said.

    "As soon as it heard the reports, the Libyan government contacted the US authorities to demand an explanation."

    Quote IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. 700-13
    October 06, 2013
    Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary George Little on the Capture of Abu

    On Oct.5, the Department of Defense, acting under military authorities, conducted an operation to apprehend longtime Al Qaeda member Abu Anas al Libi in Libya. He is currently lawfully detained under the law of war in a secure location outside of Libya.


    The successful capture operation was made possible by superb work and coordination across our national security agencies and the intelligence community, and was approved by President Obama. No American personnel or civilians on the ground were injured during the operation. These actions are a clear sign that the United States is committed to using all the tools at our disposal to bring to justice those who commit terrorist acts against Americans.

    Quote SEAL Team Six leads raid at Al-Shabaab leader's Somalia home
    By Barbara Starr and Holly Yan, CNN
    October 6, 2013 -- Updated 1330 GMT (2130 HKT)

    Washington (CNN) -- Under the cloak of darkness, a team of U.S. forces zoomed in by speedboat and snuck up on their mark: a seaside villa in southern Somalia.

    It was before dawn Saturday morning (late Friday night ET) when the squad stormed the house frequented by top militant commanders of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

    But the mission didn't go as planned. A fierce firefight broke out, and the Americans had to withdraw -- not knowing if the person they were trying to get was dead or alive....

    Although some of the people accused of being "terrorists" may be just that... is this method of action on the part of the US alright?
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    Default Re: US Raids in Libya, Somalia Oct 5, 2013

    The government just decides a terrorist is in a country or city , and they just storm in blow up and kill what they want ... and our congress is blind ... that's part of our problem , dark assasins , secretly funded , that answers to no one , and they use the cover of national security to conceal their agenda ... lybia and somalia are two of the seven countries the ptb want to topple ... Iraq , Syria , Lebanon , Lybia , Somalia , Sudan , and Iran all part of an agenda ...the five year plan of tyranny announced by general westly clark who went on record seeing a war document at the white house ...
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    Default Re: US Raids in Libya, Somalia Oct 5, 2013

    Interesting this is going on during a government shut down.

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