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Thread: Michael Knight Earth Change Report 4th of October 2010

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    Default Michael Knight Earth Change Report 4th of October 2010

    Hey Avalonians, here's what I received from Michael......not the archangel.....
    Enjoy the guardianship of your angels, they just wait for you to ask and tell them what you need, Tint.

    "Greetings from Michael Knight, Editor, Earth Change Report.

    So What's Up With This?

    Hi there.

    As a reporter/writer since 1960, I don't think I've ever seen the so-called "mainstream" media so interested in UFOs as they have been recently.

    So I did some research and wrote an article about it...wondering if we're being set up for some sort of unusual event in the near future?

    The article includes information from military guys who have actually been there personally when UFOs arrived - and put our nuclear missiles into off-line mode!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    On a completely different tack, earth change report is about being a happy camper when it comes to earth changes...and being prepared is what that's all about.

    I have some great news coming shortly in that regard...it's a project that has been keeping the candle burning both ends for a few weeks. But more on that later.

    Meantime. I'd really like to introduce you to a long-=time personal friend.

    His name is Steven Knopp and he's one of the best "survival" teachers there is.

    As a documentary director myself, I've got to say he and his team have done a great job of producing two DVDs (with several hours of info on them) called the Wilderness Survival Series.

    The good thing is that much of what he teaches can be applied in an urban setting as well.

    I liked them so much that I have made a special page on my web site so you can find out more about them.

    "Survival" by the way, is not just about being in a life-threatening situation.

    It's really about knowing how to cope when something as simple as the power going out happens.

    I only have a few copies in stock, but they're at a marked down price as an introductory thing..and a genuine bargain at that.

    Here are the links.
    Survival DVDs

    UFO/ET Article - Are We Being Set Up For Contact? "UFOs Make Mainstream Fun"

    Be well.


    Michael Knight.

    PS - You might care to pass the link on to others as well - or just forward this email and suggest they visit the site themselves to see the short film. Thanks.


    Canning Book Fully Revised

    Judith has fully revised her Easy Home Canning ebook.

    It contains over 100 recipes, a complete shopping list of what you'll need (if you're just getting started) plus charts and conversion tables so it can be used anywhere in the world.

    Home canning - preserving your own meat and vegetables - is better than money in the bank as far as we're concerned.

    And you can do it any time of year. Just buy local produce and follow the recipes and you'll have food available for years to come.

    Check it out Here

    Sincerely Michael Knight

    Editor, Earth Change Report

    Director "Contact Has Begun."
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