Matthew Stein - WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS : A Project Camelot interview

Matthew Stein is the author of the excellent book WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS - a detailed, how-to encyclopedia (no better word for it) that explains in simple terms exactly how to make things work if our 21st century infrastructure should fail around you. Matthew tells the story of when, with a background in engineering and mountaineering, he suddenly received a 'download' of instruction to write the book. At first reluctant, he ended up warming to his task. The result is a high quality manual that, besides standing easily on its own merit, is a most solid and valuable complement to Holly Deyo's well-known book DARE TO PREPARE. In the event of the collapse of the civilized amenities that we so easily take for granted, simply having this book in your possession could really make all the difference. This interview was recorded at the Brussels Groundcrew Conference in October 2009. It has been publicly available on Ustream since then, but was only uploaded to YouTube a year later. It was the last interview Kerry Cassidy and I did together. Bill Ryan October 2010
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