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Thread: UFO TV shows

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    Default UFO TV shows

    I wonder if anyone has noticed the amount of UFO shows on TV lately? There are 4 new shows alone in this season. I did a search on my cable tv service and came up with 18 ufo shows in the week that is available to scan. Whats that telling you? I think, no... I know that we are being 'conditioned' for disclosure. Now, this is not new news, I'm just pointing out the increase of this kind of conditioning.
    Whats your opinion????


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    Default Re: UFO TV shows

    Most of what you see on TV and in movies is negative -- the "aliens" are the bad guys in almost all cases. This is in my opinion a psy-op to implant both the belief in ET's and a fear of them. This fear then goes into our subconscious collective where it can reach wider.

    Ever notice that the whole "terrorism scam" didn't actually work out as the "elite" expected? Aliens attacking will become the new terrorism, to meet their needs.

    Now, this is one side of the story; the flip side is that during this process, more people will consider the existence of ETs and that frees our collective consciousness a little, in my opinion, moving us toward a proper disclosure of some type.

    There are many factions vying to take advantage of the world stage in any way they can. One thing that comes to mind is divide and conquer, people who belive in ET life and UFOs and those who do not, are incredibly defensive of each of these beliefs; if these beliefs are strengthened, a division will be created.

    Just a few thoughts on the topic
    "You are NOT the form you animate, But the Force of Animation Itself" -Ken Carey

    The State of Grace already exists. It always has. Yet most humans are blinded to it by the incessant machinations of the rational thought processes that they worship.

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    Default Re: UFO TV shows

    every coin has two faces... you just need to be smart and don't buy everything that you see.
    Just my two cents
    All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes that a thing is no poison.
    (Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim)

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    Default Re: UFO TV shows

    in the mind control movies , years ago it was star trek , then it morphed into star wars , these days it's , battle for earth , after earth , another earth , fringe , revolution , coupled with white house down , olympus has fallen ... seems they always make two movies with the same theme and release them about the same time ... dunno bout TV , I just watch the weather channel ...
    FOLLOW YOUR HEART, AND YOU'LL FIND YOUR WAY ... Raiding the Matrix , One Mind at a Time ...

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    Default Re: UFO TV shows

    Here's one I recommend. It doesn't make negative or positive assumptions. Just presents the facts in a scientific way. Some of the early material may be old news for the audience here, but as the season gets going it will reveal more of the MUFON cases most have not heard about from what I hear.


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