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Thread: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    I also see the connection with the use in early pregnancy, many years ago, with Thalidomide and the it's effect on the increase in gender cross over of children subjected, in utero, to the assault the drug had on their developing glandular systems.

    The following commentary is, I hope, a necessary one on the many negative affects of the chemical/pharma industries' influence on the politicians who serve them and how this loss of empowerment, upon our rights to control those things affecting our health, should be understood and changed. (Maybe there should be another thread delving into the subject. There are threads here covering some of these topics...)

    In truth, the soul walks side by side with these physical developments in the gestational periods and reacts to these unnatural attacks in deep ways that few understand. These survival mechanisms, imprinted for life, dominate the psyche of the survivor and are rarely understood by them as causative factors in their perceptions and reactions to the lives they live. I have found it quite odd that many are so prejudiced in their interactions with those who have a differing gender identity than their own. Maybe understanding gestational influences, beyond the damned lies inherent in the dishonesty of "political correctness" will awaken some to be compassionate with others, and ultimately within themselves.

    As I have known of these factors for decades, it has been difficult for me to do anything but listen to those isolated and harassed gay and transgender people I've met over the years. Mentioning the influence of a chemical attack in their development during their mother's pregnancy with them would have been intrusive and often taken as an insult to their basic right to be who they feel they should be, so I have never brought it up. The science I knew was always there may not be of any comfort to them, but it is their right to know all of the truth.

    However, what does that do now? We all, at many times in our lives, see deeper into those things that we had no choice in but should have. This dialog and the science that tells us the undeniable fact of these chemical influences upon the fetus, especially upon gender tendencies, and may give those affected some strength and help us in preventing these attacks on others and their children. Why is it called gender "assignment"? Is it really a choice when the chemicals affect the glandular system and the mind so dramatically? All I do know is that it is a right for the affected to choose their own way.

    In case it is not understood by many out there, try to comprehend the many levels of struggle that those with identities outside of any social norm carry daily. Maybe being informed about the influence of the institutional, negative chemical assaults so many have suffered will afford a level of compassion that should have been there in the first place, what with so many living in countries claiming to be peaceful protectors of human rights. All the while, I do abhor the constant injection in the programmed entrainment industries and media, selling an agenda of pseudo-multi-gender stereotypes upon viewers and an influential, growing, adolescent population. Promotion of an agenda, created by a darkness, is not equality.

    Knowing the full spectrum of the planned and inhumane manipulation of the bio-chemical nature of our bodies should outrage anyone. Arming ourselves with the science to back up the details of these criminal and immoral attacks upon us and our children is a necessary bridge across the river of lies that industry, academia, media and politicians have colluded to impose upon us. It defines them and challenges us to act in defense to the offense upon our very humanity.

    Keep going. There's a lot more where that came from.

    And, Thanks Herve.

    Many Thanks !!!!!
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    From Jim Stone:

    Due to complete censorship, 500 trojan links, and trollage in the inbox, I'm taking this to the max.

    Anti fertility vaccines are old news now. " First they came for the Africans, and I did not speak up because I was _____. Then they came for the Mexicans and I was too busy to care. Then they came for the filipinos, Asian indians, and I had a BarBq to attend. And then I was sterile because they came for me at the local piggly wiggly pharmacy, and CNN did not say jack, and I am 35 and will never have kids because I waited "until later" and this damn shot won't wear off until my clock has completely ticked out.

    The topic of anti fertility vaccines is so established it is easy to find stuff like this:

    Anti fertility vaccines containing both progesterone and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin have been around and known about since the 80's, and from the beginning it was known that it was the WHO and the U.N. doing it.

    Early broad scale releases of these vaccines went to Iran and Latin America. This is a super old topic of mine, if people think "hard proof" was found for the first time recently in Kenya, they are new to the topic, this has been going on with HARD PROOF for THREE full decades. Take a look at this Pub Med release dated July 14 1987. New topic? NOT HARDLY! This Pub Med report dated 1987 proves the anti fertility vaccine is NOT just an "internet conspiracy" and has been around a LONG TIME.

    A potential anti-pregnancy vaccine built by conjugation of the beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin to adjuvant-active muramyl peptide.

    Schutze MP1, LeClerc C, Jolivet M, Deriaud E, Audibert F, Chang CC, Chedid L. Author information

    The beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) conjugated to tetanus toxoid is being investigated as a vaccine for human fertility control. Initial clinical trials indicated that the level of antibody response induced by such an immunogen was not always sufficient to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, efforts are being made to evaluate new carriers for the beta-subunit and to select adjuvants to yield a more efficient vaccine. In the present report, we demonstrate that conjugates of the beta-subunit of hCG with muramyl dipeptide (MDP), or its nonpyrogenic derivative murabutide, may have potential as an effective antipregnancy vaccine. The copolymer of beta hCG and MDP administered with Al(OH)3 to mice induced a high anti-beta hCG response, better than that induced by the conjugate of beta hCG to tetanus toxoid given with Al(OH)3. Moreover, the antibodies induced by such an immunogen were competent for neutralizing the biological activity of hCG in vivo. Even more interesting, a copolymer of beta hCG and of murabutide induced high levels of biologically active antibodies. This immunogen may represent a promising candidate for the development of an efficient vaccine for human fertility control.
    Here are more PubMed links. I'll find a few of these before continuing on to how such vaccines were used to sterilize women via vaccination campaigns that never said what they were really for.

    DNA used to enhance sterility after vaccination
    Another reference to anti fertility vaccines
    This link talks about various methods of inducing sterility via vaccination
    This link proves an 80 percent effective anti fertility vaccine was developed before 2011.
    This link proves women who have been nailed by one of these vaccines won't notice a thing.
    Here is a cute anti fertility vaccine proposal that uses a unique mechanism of action.

    HERE IS A GOOD ONE - THIS IS WHAT THE FLU SHOT USES (read the flu shot abstract and figure it out,) this is a connection you have to draw by yourself because they sure as * are not going to tell it to you straight up.

    HERE IS ANOTHER GREAT ONE, dated 2004 - "The possibility of using a subunit or fragment of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) as an immunogen for birth control has been actively explored for many years. This proves it was an old topic in 2004!

    Here is the original study, that proves they had success with anti fertility vaccines in 1976.

    This is the basis of the tetanus vaccine they used to sterilize many third world women. The current flu shot sterilization methods are far more advanced, and were developed in 2005 (see links above). Here is the abstract for the original effort, dated 1976

    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1976 Jan;73(1):218-22. Isoimmunization against human chorionic gonadotropin with conjugates of processed beta-subunit of the hormone and tetanus toxoid. Talwar GP, Sharma NC, Dubey SK, Salahuddin M, Das C, Ramakrishnan S, Kumar S, Hingorani V.

    The immunogenicity of the conjugate prepared from "processed" beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (choriogonadotropin, HCG) and tetanus toxoid has been studied in animals and a human subject. The conjugate elicited the formation of high-affinity (Ka = 10(9)-10(11) M-1) anti-HCG and anti-tetanus antibodies. On primary immunization, the antibody, response lasted for several months. Repeat injection of the conjugate in the declining phase of antibody titers produced a booster response without a lag period. The antibodies reacted with the beta-subunit of HCG and the complete HCG molecule but were devois of significant crossreactivity with human growth hormone, placental lactogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone at tonic and surge levels. The antibodies were competent for neutralizing the biological activity of HCG in the mouse uterine weight gain assay, the ventral prostate weight gain assay, and the radioligand assay for binding of 125I-labeled HCG to receptors on corpus luteum. HCG (5000 international units) administered to an immunized subject was completely bound by circulating antibodies. Administration of HCG (in contrast to conjugate) was without booster effect on anti-HCG titers.
    My comment: This is the vaccine that was used to sterilize third world women. To give it maximum effectiveness, three shots were given (above it says only one, without the boosters, wore off after "several months" but booster shots made it last longer - history has proven out the boosters caused it to sterilize women for 15 years.

    I know we have these perverts BUSTED with this, they are using the flu shot to sterilize American women now. Why keep this tech in the third world? They have proven they can get away with nailing American women with this too, (thanks to a scamming MSM that won't report it, so why not! The following covers this VERY WELL.

    The natural miscarriage rate is between 13 and 14 percent every year. This is confirmed outside of this study. No matter how anyone trolls this (and it is getting heavily trolled everywhere, even when others post about the same topic the same way I did without reposting what is here, I mean separate independent reports,) the 7.7 number represents a 77 percent miscarriage rate after two subsequent flu shots.

    After the first flu shot, the miscarriage rate jumps to 37 percent, after the second it jumps to 77 percent which proves the flu shot is in fact an anti fertility vaccine, and anti fertility vaccines need more than one dose to become highly effective. They are always administered as an initial dose and two or more subsequent boosters. This correlation of increase between subsequent flu shots fits the profile exactly for historic incidents of administration of clandestine anti fertility shots in nations other than America.

    There is no difference between the flu shot given in America which is now a proven veiled anti fertility vaccine, and the tetanus shots which were also revealed as anti fertility vaccines administered to women in the Phillipines, Africa, and Mexico. It is the same old story in America now, and the new vector the elite are using is the flu shot. Folks, it can't get any simpler than this, READ IT AND BE AWARE:

    Vaccine eugenics trolls are ALL OVER THIS. They have to protect their weapon from the light of public scrutiny at all cost, clearly they expected this report to stay buried deep on page 49,355 and never expected it to see the light of day. On top of it, the report was done by pro vaxxers who for whatever reason produced the real numbers and then ignored them, instead burying them under unbelievably wide error margins. It stayed buried for five years until someone shed light on it.
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Looking back into the origins of an Agenda 21 and similars, one can start to make some sense as to what the whole picture looks like:

    Was WW2 a Genocidal War on Germany?

    Henry Makow September 17, 2017

    (Mainstream (((media))) endorsed sterilization of 48 million Germans before any Jewish mass murders took place.)

    Does the focus on the Jewish holocaust obscure the fact that World War Two
    may have been a genocidal war on Germany by the Illuminati central bankers?

    It seems farfetched but, if we consider thatAngela Merkel is pursuing a genocidal migrant policy today, this "revisionist" interpretation may have merit.

    I present six excerpts that support the view that the Illuminati had a long-term policy of exterminating Germans, which has been extended to white nations in general.


    1) Theodore N. Kaufman, the author of Germany Must Perish, was a Manhattan-born Jewish businessman who was also chairman of a group that called itself the "American Federation for Peace." The first edition of this slim volume was published in early 1941. The United States was still officially neutral, that is, before the Pearl Harbor attack of December 7, 1941, that brought the U.S. openly into World War II.

    Kaufman's fervent proposal for the systematic sterilization of the entire German population was given respectful attention in the American press, including reviews in a number of newspapers. A review in the weekly Time magazine, March 24, 1941, called Kaufman's plan a "sensational idea."

    Germany's propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, seized with delight on the book. "This Jew [Kaufman] has done a disservice to the enemy," Goebbels privately commented. "If he had composed the book at my behest he couldn't have done a better job."

    At his direction, the German press played up Kaufman's call for genocide. A front-page article about the book in the Berlin daily Der Angriff, July 23, 1941, appeared under headlines that called it a "Diabolical Plan for the Extermination of the German People" and a work of "Old Testament Hatred." Extracts also appeared, for example, in the nationally-circulated weekly paper Das Reich, August 3, 1941.

    (More examples at link):
    "There remains but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism -- and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method, known to science as Eugenic Sterilization, is at once practical, humane and thorough. Sterilization has become a byword of science, as the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits: the degenerate, the insane, the hereditary criminal [.......]When one realizes that such health measures as vaccination and serum treatments are considered as direct benefits to the community, certainly sterilization of the German people cannot but be considered a great health measure promoted by humanity to immunize itself forever against the virus of Germanism."

    "The population of Germany, excluding conquered and annexed territories, is about 70,000,000 almost equally divided between male and female. To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize some 48,000,000 -- a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60 years of age, and females over 45."

    2. The Hooton Plan -- A plan similar to Kaufman's was issued during the war years by a prominent American anthropologist. In an article headlined "Breed War Strain Out of Germans" in the New York daily newspaper P.M., January 4, 1943, Ernest Hooton laid out an "outbreeding" plan that would "destroy German nationalism and aggressive ideology while retaining and perpetuating desirable German biological and sociological capacities." (See also: Benjamin Colby, ‘Twas a Famous Victory, 1974, p. 131.)

    The Harvard University professor's proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies. "The objects of this measure," wrote Dr. Hooton, "include reduction of the birthrate of 'pure' Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals."

    This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. "During this period," he went on, "encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males."

    In the decades since the end of World War II, something of the spirit of the genocidal Kaufman and Hooton plans seems manifest in Germany's population and immigration policies. Since the nation's defeat in 1945, the German birth rate has fallen to below the replacement level, millions of racially and culturally alien migrants have been welcomed as settlers in Germany, the number of children of mixed ethnicity has sharply increased, and the ethnic-cultural character of much of the country has been drastically altered, especially in the larger cities.


    3. The Morganthau Plan - In the summer of 1944 the Jewish U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry R. Morgenthau, Jr. and Jewish Assistant Secretary Harry Dexter White,a Soviet agent, devised the Morgenthau Plan, more formally known as the Treasury Plan for the Treatment of Germany...If adopted, the Morgenthau Plan would have led to the death by starvation and pestilence of ten million Germans in the first two years after the war ended, in addition to the one million who had perished in the saturation bombing and the three million killed in the enforced expulsion from Germany's eastern territories. Both Roosevelt and Churchill unthinkingly initialed the Plan, as these documents show.

    (Angela Merkel with her B'nai B'rith handlers, making Masonic sign)

    Stated in its simplest terms, the objective of the Morgenthau Plan was to de-industrialize Germany and diminish its people to a pastoral existence once the war was won. If this could be accomplished, the militaristic Germans would never rise again to threaten the peace of the world. This was the justification for all the planning, but another motive lurked behind the obvious one. The hidden motive was unmasked in a syndicated column in the New York Herald Tribune in September 1946, more than a year after the collapse of the Germans. The real goal of the proposed condemnation of "all of Germany to a permanent diet of potatoes" was the communization of the defeated nation. "The best way for the German people to be driven into the arms of the Soviet Union," it was pointed out, "was for the United States to stand forth as the champion of indiscriminate and harsh misery in Germany."


    4. The Genocidal Terror Bombing of German cities which killed between 500,000 and three million civilians depending on the source.

    "A major awkwardness concerning Churchill's conduct of the war lies in the secret British policy of so-called 'area bombing', adopted early in 1942 and outlined by (Lord) CP Snow in the 1960 Godkin Lectures at Harvard University (published in his book Science and Government, Oxford University Press 1961). Snow had an insider's view of the development of this policy. He outlines how the sinister Professor FA Lindemann (later to become Lord Cherwell, Churchill's chief scientific adviser), persuaded the British Cabinet to adopt the policy of directing bombing campaigns primarily against German working-class housing. 'Middle-class houses have too much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs; factories and "military objectives" had long since been forgotten, except in official bulletins, since they were much too difficult to find and hit' (p 48). Snow asks, 'What will people of the future think of us? Will they say.. we were wolves with the minds of men? Will they think that we had resigned our humanity? They will have the right.' (p 49). Fortunately, Snow needn't have worried. There have been and remain such powerful vested interests committed to preserving the myths of World War II that even the history departments of universities have in most cases assisted with the cover-up. [David Irving says Bomber Harris told him Dresden took place on Churchill's insistence.]


    5. The rape of over two million German women by Soviet troops after the war. See also Hellstorm-The Real Genocide of Germany.

    Eisenhower intentionally caused the deaths of a million German prisoners of war after the war. An estimated million more died in Russian captivity.

    This genocidal Masonic Jewish war against Germans has been expanded to include white nations in general.


    Genocidal statements against Jews by Germans

    The long-term Illuminati Jewish Plan for White Genocide

    I recommend Europa-- Final Battle for the German perspective on WW2. Exposes the Allied leaders for the Communist swine they were. Tends to whitewash Nazis and deny Hitler was false opposition. He must have known UK and USSR were run by same people who funded him.

    Makow--- World War One- First Christian Holocaust


    First Comment by Scott:
    Another component of this program, which has been expanded to other nations is the de-industrialization. Over the last several decades, manufacturing facilities from the U.S., Canada, Europe and likely Australia and New Zealand have been relocated to 3rd World nations. This was accomplished through excessive taxes and lawsuits against these companies, who were re-routed to Mexico, China, etc or closed up shop completely..

    The lure of cheaper labor was the incentive not the cause. In addition, 3rd World immigration has been brought into the same (mostly) Caucasian countries. So, while it's true that the propaganda is eager to proclaim "strength in diversity" and express glee at < 50% white population by 2050, there are other benefits to TPTB.

    The 3rd World immigrants are more difficult to assimilate with too many differences in ethnicity, language, religion, etc. (the people won't unite!). They're used to poverty, it drives down wages with excessive unskilled labor and makes voters more likely to require social services and become loyal constituents for liberal parties. This occurs all the while the white middle class is reduced and eliminated.
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Study finds fetal deaths up 58 percent since Flint water crisis

    Fri, 22 Sep 2017 08:42 UTC

    © West Coast Surfer / Global Look Press

    The Flint water crisis has caused fetal deaths to jump 58 percent, while birth rates in the area have dropped 12 percent, a new study suggests.

    The study by assistant economics professors David Slusky at Kansas University and Daniel Grossman at West Virginia University examined local and state health records, comparing Flint to the rest of Michigan between 2008 and 2015.

    April 2014 was when the city of Flint switched its water supply from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) to Flint River in a money-saving effort.

    Officials failed to treat the water, causing dangerous levels of bacteria and the pipes to corrode, many of which are made from lead. Cases of Legionnaire's Disease also increased in the area at this time, with 12 people dying as a result.

    Lead exposure can cause brain damage in children, who are at risk of developmental delays, lower IQ and behavioural issues. It can damage a fetus's development and can cause miscarriages and stillbirths. Fertility can also be affected.

    The study examined birth rates and found, "Flint's numbers fell off a cliff, and the rest of the cities stayed pretty much constant," Slusky told the Detroit Free Press.

    The study looked at women of childbearing age and the number of births to calculate each city's birth rates.

    Researchers also looked at Google search data to see if the drop was due to Flint residents' fear of conceiving because of the risks the water posed, but found no increase in searches on lead and lead poisoning until September 2015, when officials finally admitted there was an issue.

    "During most of our time period, when the city and state officials were saying there was no problem, we didn't see any evidence of knowledge about lead in the water," Slusky said.

    Officials had denied there was a problem once people began to complain, and the admission only came after a local pediatrician's research revealed rising lead levels in Flint children.

    The water supply was changed in October 2015, months after the Environmental Protection Agency and Virginia Tech researchers altered them to the problem.

    "We find no evidence of avoidance behavior," Slusky said. "Either Flint residents were unable to conceive children, or women were having more miscarriages during this time."

    The study found fetal deaths increased by 58 percent in Flint since April 2014. The available state statistics only cover deaths after 20 weeks and which take place in hospitals, so the available data is limited.

    "This represents a couple hundred fewer children born that otherwise would have been," Slusky told Kansas University Today.

    Babies born since the switch was made were close to 150 grams lighter, and gained less weight. They were also born half a week earlier.

    The study found a slightly higher ratio of female births after the crisis. Male fetuses are more fragile, according to other studies.

    The statistics are similar to those found in a study by Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech on fetal deaths and birth rates in Washington D.C after residents were exposed to lead in drinking water from 2000-2004.

    The study, published as part of the Kansas University Economics Department Working Papers Series in Theoretical and Applied Economics, is not yet peer reviewed.
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Bye, bye humanity? Pesticides implicated in human infertility?

    Dr. Mercola mercola.com
    Wed, 15 Nov 2017 15:43 UTC

    © Zave Smith/Getty

    Human fertility is declining, and recent studies suggest conventional food may be a significant contributor to this disturbing trend, seen in both men and women. Pesticides have repeatedly been implicated in worsening fertility, and one of the most recent studies adds further support to this hypothesis.

    The study,1,2 published in JAMA Internal Medicine, evaluated the influence of factors known to affect reproduction on the reproductive success of 325 women between the ages of 18 and 45 (mean age 35), who underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF). As reported by Time,3"The women in the study filled out detailed questionnaires about their diet, along with other factors that can affect IVF outcomes, like their age, weight and history of pregnancy and live births."

    High Pesticide Exposure Associated With Reduced IVF Success
    Using a U.S. government database listing average pesticide residues on food, the researchers estimated each participant's pesticide exposure based on their food questionnaires. On average, women with high pesticide exposure ate 2.3 servings per day of fruits, berries or vegetables known to have high amounts of pesticide residue. Those in the lowest quartile ate less than 1 serving of high-pesticide produce per day.

    Compared to women with the lowest pesticide exposure, women with the highest amounts of pesticide exposure had an 18 percent lower IVF success rate. They were also 26 percent less likely to have a live birth if they did become pregnant. Using modeling, the researchers estimate that exchanging a single serving of high-pesticide produce per day for one with low pesticide load may increase the odds of pregnancy by 79 percent, and the odds of having a live birth by 88 percent.

    Pesticide Regulations Fail to Protect Human Health

    Senior investigator Dr. Jorge Chavarro, associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health told Time:4
    "I was always skeptical that pesticide residues in foods would have any impact on health whatsoever. So, when we started doing this work a couple of years ago, I thought we were not going to find anything. I was surprised to see anything as far as health outcomes are concerned. I am now more willing to buy organic apples than I was a few months ago."
    Coauthor Dr. Yu-Han Chiu, research fellow in the department of nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, added:5
    "There have been concerns for some time that exposure to low doses of pesticides through diet, such as those that we observed in this study, may have adverse health effects, especially in susceptible populations such as pregnant women and their fetus, and on children. Our study provides evidence that this concern is not unwarranted."
    As noted by Dr. Philip Landrigan, dean for global health and professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in an accompanying commentary,6 "The observations made in this study send a warning that our current laissez-faire attitude toward the regulation of pesticides is failing us," adding:
    "We can no longer afford to assume that new pesticides are harmless until they are definitively proven to cause injury to human health. We need to overcome the strident objections of the pesticide manufacturing industry, recognize the hidden costs of deregulation, and strengthen requirements for both premarket testing of new pesticides, as well as postmarketing surveillance of exposed populations - exactly as we do for another class of potent, biologically active molecules - drugs."
    Male Fertility Rates Have Also Plunged
    Research also shows sperm concentration and quality has dramatically declined in recent decades, and the evidence suggests endocrine disrupting chemicals are largely to blame. While there are many sources, pesticides, including glyphosate,7 are known endocrine disruptors as well. According to the first of two recently published papers,8 a meta-analysis of 185 studies and the largest of its kind, sperm counts around the world declined by more than 50 percent between 1973 and 2013, and continue to dwindle.

    The most significant declines were found in samples from men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. (Men suspected of infertility, such as those attending IVF clinics, were excluded from the study.) Overall, men in these countries had a 52.4 percent decline in sperm concentration and a 59.3 percent decline in total sperm count (sperm concentration multiplied by the total volume of an ejaculate).

    As it stands, half of the men in most developed nations are now near or at the point of being infertile. Lead author Dr. Hagai Levine, who called the results "profound" and "shocking,"9 worries that human extinction is a very real possibility, should the trend continue unabated.10

    Microwave Exposure - Another Invisible Contributor to Infertility
    Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is another major contributor to infertility. In fact, I believe this may be the most significant factor for the observed decrease in male sperm count. Women's reproductive organs are a bit more shielded, but can still be affected, just not as easily as men's testicles.11 During World War II, it was well-known that radar operators could easily create sterility by exposing the groin to radar waves. Radar is microwave radiation and was the precursor to cellphones that use similar frequencies.

    More modern research also suggests microwave radiation may play a significant role in male reproductive health. While evaluating studies showing you can radically reduce biological microwave damage using calcium channel blockers, Martin Pall, Ph.D., discovered a previously unknown mechanism of biological harm from microwaves emitted by cellphones and other wireless technologies.12

    Embedded in your cell membranes are voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs). It turns out these VGCCs are activated by microwaves, and when that happens, about 1 million calcium ions per second are released.

    This massive excess of intracellular calcium then stimulates the release of nitric oxide (NO) inside your cell and mitochondria, which combines with superoxide to form peroxynitrite. Not only does peroxynitrites cause oxidative damage, they also create hydroxyl free radicals - the most destructive free radicals known to man.

    Hydroxyl free radicals decimate mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, their membranes and proteins, resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction. During a 2013 children's health expert panel on cellphone and Wi-Fi exposures,13 it was noted, "The testicular barrier, that protects sperm, is the most sensitive of tissues in the body ... Besides sperm count and function, the mitochondrial DNA of sperm are damaged three times more if exposed to cellphone radiation."

    In addition to male testes, the tissues with the highest density of VGCCs are your brain and the pacemaker in your heart. What the research tells us is that excessive microwave exposure can be a direct contributor to conditions such as infertility, Alzheimer's, anxiety, depression, autism and cardiac arrhythmias.14

    Indeed, other studies have linked low-level electromagnetic radiation exposure from cellphones to an 8 percent reduction in sperm motility and a 9 percent reduction in sperm viability.15,16 Wi-Fi equipped laptop computers have also been linked to decreased sperm motility and an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation after just four hours of use.17 So, if you care about your reproductive health, the most important strategies to implement are to:
    • Avoid carrying your cellphone in your pockets or on your hip
    • Avoid using portable computers and tablets on your lap
    • Turn off your cellphones at night, as even if you are not talking they can damage you up to 30 feet away
    • Turn off your Wi-Fi at night (ideally in the day also)
    • Most importantly, turn off the electricity to your bedroom at the circuit breaker. This typically works for most bedrooms unless you have a room or rooms adjacent to your bedroom, in which case you might need to shut that off too. This will radically lower electric and magnetic fields while you sleep. If you need a clock you can you a battery operated one and even better a talking clock with no light that can be picked up on Amazon
    Study Reveals Shocking Increase in Glyphosate Levels
    In related news, researchers from University of California San Diego School of Medicine recently reported there's been a shocking increase in glyphosate exposure in recent decades and, subsequently, the level found in people's urine.

    For this study,18 the researchers measured excretion levels of glyphosate and its metabolite aminomethylphosphonic acid in 100 participants from the Rancho Bernardo Study of Healthy Aging, which ran for 23 years, starting in 1993, the year before genetically engineered (GE) crops were introduced in the U.S.

    As one would expect, the introduction of Roundup Ready GE crops led to a massive increase in the use of Roundup, the active ingredient of which is glyphosate. Glyphosate has also become a popular tool for desiccating non-GE grains, legumes and beans.

    Data19,20 reveals that between 1974 (the year glyphosate entered the U.S. market and just over two decades before GE crops were introduced) and 2014, glyphosate use in the U.S. increased more than 250-fold. Globally, glyphosate use rose nearly fifteenfold since 1996, two years after the first GE crops hit the market.

    At the start of the study, very few of the participants had detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine, but by 2016, 70 percent of them did.21 Overall, the prevalence of human exposure to glyphosate increased by 500 percent during the study period (1993 to 2016), while actual levels of the chemical in people's bodies increased by an astounding 1,208 percent.

    Rising Glyphosate Levels in Urine Is Cause for Concern
    The exact implications of glyphosate exposure to human health is still unclear, but other recent research22 found that daily exposure to ultra-low levels of glyphosate for two years led to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in rats, and the levels found in people's urine were a hundredfold greater than those in this rat study.

    In response to the findings of rising glyphosate levels in people's urine, Monsanto was quick to say that the amounts reported "do not raise health concerns," and that the fact that the chemical is detected in urine is just "one way our bodies get rid of nonessential substances."23 Speaking to GM Watch, Michael Antoniou of King's College London had another take on the matter:24
    "This is the first study to longitudinally track urine levels of glyphosate over a period before and after the introduction of GM glyphosate-tolerant crops. It is yet another example illustrating that the vast majority of present-day Americans have readily detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine, ranging from 0.3 parts per billion, as in this study, to 10 times higher - 3 or more parts per billion - detected by others.
    These results are worrying because there is increasing evidence to show that exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides below regulatory safety limits can be harmful."
    Glyphosate Found in Breast Milk
    Three years ago, the first-ever independent testing for glyphosate in the breast milk of American women found high levels in 30 percent of the samples.25 The testing, which was not a formal scientific study, was carried out by Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse. Still, the findings strongly suggest glyphosate bioaccumulates and builds up in your body over time, despite claims to the contrary.

    Breast milk levels were found to be 76 to 166 micrograms per liter (ug/l), which is up to 1,600 times higher than the European Drinking Water Directive allows for individual pesticides, but still well below the 700 ug/l maximum contaminant level (MCL) for glyphosate allowed in the U.S. However, the U.S. level was set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) based on the now-ridiculous premise that glyphosate will not bioaccumulate.

    Importantly, many of the participants in this study were familiar with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and had been actively trying to avoid them for several months to two years. This makes the findings all the more disheartening, and shows just how difficult it is to avoid this chemical unless you're consistently eating an organic diet.

    Corporate Machinations Kept Glyphosate on the Market
    As noted in a recent investigation by In These Times,26 in the wake of Moms Across America's findings, Monsanto defended its flagship pesticide with a study that found no glyphosate in breast milk. However, this study, which was purported to be "independent," was actually backed by Monsanto. According to In These Times:
    "More and more research suggests that glyphosate exposure can lead to numerous health issues, ranging from non-Hodgkin lymphoma and kidney damage to disruption of gut bacteria and improper hormone functioning. The Moms Across America episode fits a pattern that has emerged since 1974, when the EPA first registered glyphosate for use:
    When questions have been raised about the chemical's safety, Monsanto has ensured that the answers serve its financial interests, rather than scientific accuracy and transparency. Our two-year investigation found incontrovertible evidence that Monsanto has exerted deep influence over EPA decisions since glyphosate first came on the market - via Roundup - more than 40 years ago."
    Manipulation of Science Led to Underestimation of Glyphosate's Risks
    Suspiciously, archived EPA documents from decades ago, when the agency was initially considering glyphosate for approval, have been heavily redacted. Despite much of it being illegible, the documents reveal that EPA scientists were greatly concerned about a 1983 mouse study showing that glyphosate caused cancer. The documentation also shows that their interpretation of the data was "subsequently reversed by EPA upper management and advisory boards, apparently under pressure from Monsanto."
    "In years to come, that pivotal 1983 mouse study would be buried under layers of misleading analysis to obscure its meaning. Today, the EPA and Monsanto continue to cite that study as evidence that glyphosate poses no public health risk, even though the study's actual evidence indicates otherwise," In These Times reports.
    The EPA has also been accused of overlooking other evidence of harm. I wrote about this in "Unveiling the Glyphosate Conspiracy." As mentioned earlier, glyphosate was introduced in 1974, and the earliest example of Monsanto's attempts to downplay evidence of harm dates back to May 1973, the year before its ultimate approval.

    At the time, a biologist at the EPA's Toxicology Branch Registration Division recommended including the word "Danger" on the label, due to the chemical's ability to cause eye irritation. Monsanto strongly objected, saying the eye irritation observed was merely the result of "a secondary infection in previously irritated eyes." After three years of deliberations back and forth, the EPA finally agreed to Monsanto's request to replace the word "Danger" with the less attention-grabbing "Caution."

    How to Check Your Glyphosate Level
    As food has become increasingly adulterated, contaminated and genetically engineered, the need for laboratory testing has exponentially grown. In response to this need, the Health Research Institute (HRI Labs) has created two glyphosate tests for the public - a water testing kit, and an environmental exposure test kit.

    The latter is a urine test that will tell you how much glyphosate you have in your system, which can give you a good idea of the purity of your diet. If your glyphosate level is high, chances are you've been exposed to many other agrochemicals as well.

    I had the environmental exposure test done a while back, and had a glyphosate level below the threshold of detection, which is 40 parts per trillion, likely because I eat primarily organic and homegrown foods, and expel toxins I might come in contact with through exercise and regular sauna use.

    So far, HRI Labs has analyzed more than 1,200 urine samples. The testing is being done as part of a research project, which will provide valuable information about the presence of glyphosate in the diet. It will also help answer questions about how lifestyle and location affects people's exposure to agrochemicals. Here are some of their findings to date:
    • 76 percent of people tested have some level of glyphosate in their system
    • Men typically have higher levels than women
    • People who eat oats on a regular basis have twice as much glyphosate in their system as people who don't (likely because oats are desiccated with glyphosate before harvest)
    • People who eat organic food on a regular basis have an 80 percent lower level of glyphosate than those who rarely eat organic. This indicates organic products are a safer choice
    • People who eat five or more servings of vegetables per day have glyphosate levels that are 50 percent lower than those who don't eat fewer vegetables
    Which Foods Are the Most Important to Buy Organic?
    Everyone can be harmed by pesticides, but if you're a man or woman of childbearing age or have young children, taking steps to reduce your exposure is especially important. Ideally, all of the food you and your family eat would be organic. That said, not everyone has access to a wide variety of organic produce, and it can sometimes be costlier than buying conventional.

    One way to save some money while still lowering your pesticide exposure is to purchase certain organic items, and "settling" for others that are conventionally grown, based on how heavily each given crop is typically treated with pesticides.

    Animal products, like meat, butter, milk and eggs are the most important to buy organic, since animal products tend to bioaccumulate toxins from their pesticide-laced feed, concentrating them to far higher concentrations than are typically present in vegetables. Beyond animal foods, the pesticide load of different fruits and vegetables can vary greatly.

    In 2015, Consumer Reports analyzed 12 years' worth of data from the USDA's Pesticide Data Program to determine the risk categories (from very low to very high) for different types of produce.27 Their results are featured in the video above. Because children are especially vulnerable to the effects of environmental chemicals, including pesticides, they based the risk assessment on a 3.5-year-old child.

    They recommend buying organic for any produce that came back in the medium or higher risk categories, which left the following foods as examples of those you should always try to buy organic, due to their elevated pesticide load. Another excellent source, which is updated annually, is the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean 15" lists of produce with the greatest and least amounts of pesticide contamination. The EWG's 2017 shopper's guide28 to pesticides in produce can be downloaded here.
    • Peaches
    • Carrots
    • Strawberries
    • Green Beans
    • Sweet Bell Peppers
    • Hot Peppers
    • Tangerines
    • Nectarines
    • Cranberries
    • Sweet Potatoes
    How to Clean Pesticides Off Your Produce
    Washing your produce will help remove surface pesticide residues. According to recent research,29 the most effective cleaning method, by far, is to wash your produce using a mixture of tap water and baking soda. Soaking apples in a 1 percent baking soda solution for 12 to 15 minutes was found to remove 80 percent of the fungicide thiabendazole and 96 percent of the insecticide phosmet.

    The reason thiabendazole was not as effectively removed is because it penetrated the apple to a depth of 80 micrometers. Importantly, the industry standard for cleaning apples - running under tap water or treating with the bleach solution for two minutes - was ineffective in comparison.

    Sources and references here.


    Why men should never put their cell phone in their pocket: Study shows prolonged exposure to radiation destroys sperm

    Is your urine Roundup ready? The majority of tests come back positive
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    It is my powerful intention that all souls who have taken part in the genocide and infertility on planet earth be held accountable according to Universal Law. Anyone who is a part of the WHO, the UN, the pharma industries, and the medical establishment is responsible and accountable NOW.
    (Please share this intention.)

    I'm am thankful for the AWARENESS provided that shines the light of truth on these issues. I commend the Warriors of light for researching and sharing this information.

    Click image for larger version

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    It is my intention to unite with others who share the intention that the exposure of this truth, and the intention of accountability, will put an end to theses nefarious activities. I'm saying "No!" with my whole Soul-Spirit and I know Universal Law will be upheld.

    Thank you for the information on this thread. It's good to be aware.🌻

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Here is the best indicator that vaccines are designed by western nefarious agendas:

    Want vaccine truth? Now you’re a Russian dupe. I’m serious.

    by Jon Rappoport Nov 27, 2017

    It had to happen. In the UK, warnings are going out that “anti-vaccination” posts online are the work of Russian disinformation agents who are trying to destabilize the West.

    OK, I confess. For the past 30 years, during which I’ve exposed lies about vaccines from top to bottom, I’ve been working for the Kremlin. My code name is Ivan the Giant Killer.

    The ibtimes has the story:
    “UK health officials fear Russian cyber units are ‘spreading false information’ on flu and measles jabs”.
    “Concerns have prompted UK government departments to monitor social media and flag false stories.”
    “Experts are warning that Russian cyber units are spreading false information about flu and measles jabs in the UK.”
    “In an apparent attempt to erode trust in US and European governments, state-sponsored units are using social media to spread lies, the Mirror reported. The Kremlin is believed to be attempting to foster distrust over flu jabs and the MMR measles vaccines.”
    “The former National Counter Terrorism Security Office head Chris Phillips warned that Russian cyber farms are a threat to daily life. ‘This is all about destabilisation by external forces. War is ever changing and becoming much more cyber-based,’ Phillips told The Mirror.”
    “He added: ‘If the Russian government, or whoever, wishes to exert this kind of influence, is able to cause difficulty in decisions, in trusting the government of the day in that country, or otherwise trusted media and news organisations, then so much the better for them’.”
    “According to the Mirror, concerns over the threat to public health and security are so high that government departments have been ordered to monitor social media and flag any troublesome articles.”
    “Health chiefs have reportedly held emergency meetings concerning the spread of ‘fake news’ about vaccination campaigns. There are also concerns that the strides made through information programmes [unvarnished propaganda] in schools and communities could be undone by these false stories.”
    “Public Health England and the Royal College of GPs have expressed concern over how much false health news is shared online and on social media.”
    ERODE PUBLIC TRUST IN GOVERNMENT AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA? Excuse me, but those institutions have been doing a marvelous job destroying public trust all on their own.

    And they think you’re complete morons; they think you’ll buy the idea that anti-vaccination information must be false and fake and coming out of Russia.

    They think you’ll support censoring that information.
    “OK, boys, today we’re going to merge the ‘Russia-did-it’ meme with the ‘beware-of-unofficial-vaccine-disinformation’ meme, roll it all up into a ball and push it out there. We’ve got to do something. More people are waking up to vaccine damage and the preposterous nature of our claims that vaccines are wonderfully safe and effective. We know our claims are bull****, but we’re supposed to know. They’re not supposed to. But more of them do know.”
    Coming up next:
    “Let’s see. During the presidential campaign, Trump suggested that vaccines could cause autism. Obviously, he got that information from…Russia. More proof he’s an agent working for Putin.”
    The Amish are all Russians.

    That soccer mom down the street with the kid who pretends he’s super-healthy and has never been vaccinated? She has a secret transmitter in her basement. Every night she taps out signals to her handler in Moscow, using marked pages from Tolstoy’s War and Peace for code. Quick, report her to the FBI. Call the shock troops from Merck and Glaxo.

    Jon Rappoport
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    Default Re: Do vaccines contribute to autism? Should we vaccinate?

    What the Gardasil Testing May Have Missed
    Quote There’s no evidence that the HPV vaccine causes serious harm, but an investigation shows the trials weren’t designed to properly assess safety.
    DEC. 17, 2017 MEDICAL EXAMINER COVER STORY By Frederik Joelving
    (Read a companion piece from Slate’s science editor on this investigation here: https://slate.com/health-and-science...-gardasil.html )
    Quote In their final report recommending conditional approval of Gardasil 9, the EMA rapporteurs asked the drugmaker to “discuss the impact of [its] unconventional and potentially suboptimal method of reporting adverse events and provide reassurance on the overall completeness and accuracy of safety data provided in the application.” Läkemedelsverket refused to share the company’s response. In the EMA’s public assessment of Gardasil 9, all mention of the safety concerns has been scrubbed.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Short story about vaccines. I worked at the Tulane National Primate Research Center, where we were required to get t.b. tests every year, as t.b. could wipe out the primate colony in short order. So far, so good (yes, NOW I know I shouldn't have). However, they offered flu shots every year for free. It was my first year there and I didn't know then what I know now.

    The shots were not supposed to be live. I got my vaccine, went home at 4 PM, felt strangely sleepy and went to sleep on the couch. I awoke hours later so sick I thought I was going to die. I literally thought I was dying and I am not a weenie. All I could think about was that my poor father would find my dead body on the couch. I felt like I had the worst raging case of the flu ever and I was too weak to even pick up the phone to call 911.

    Somehow, I summoned the will and called my sister who came over with some Advil. This seemed to knock it out of me and I went to work the next day and told the nurse my reaction. She advised I call the CDC to report the horrific symptoms. The CDC told me almost dying was normal. I never got another vaccine in my life.
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    PROVEN: Gardasil triggers the immune system to attack a woman's brain.

    Jim Stone May 17, 2018

    To be more specific, if you study this abstract, Gardasil in fact causes a woman's immune system to attack her brain the same way antidepressants do.

    My belief: Gardasil is in fact given to women for the sole purpose of destroying male/female relationships. Not my belief, COLD HARD FACT: Gardasil definitely, without question, attacks the brain, and the end result is depression. An abstract could not possibly make it more clear than this, and no, vaccine trolls won't refer to this "science" while they ridicule all people who question vaccines as "too stupid to understand basic science". When they do that, all I do is troll them hard with science that is over their heads. Not difficult to do against those who were only handed lines to throw out while not understanding a thing about what they are actually trolling. Here's a great one to throw against a troll:

    If the state ever mandates I be vaccinated, at least one person other than me will suffer brain damage of a type you won't get from a vaccine in whatever attempt is made to jab me. I won't go down easy.

    They know damn well what they are doing with vaccines, so when I go after trolls I hit them from the eugenics angle and explain the science behind why and how the vaccines do what they do. After they blat back a few textbook responses, they give up, I have yet to lose that debate.

    Here is how vaccines are designed to destroy people, in one short little blurb:
    No matter what you put in a vaccine along with a pathogen, the immune system will identify it as the pathogen, and will produce a custom antibody for whatever was injected along with the pathogen. If it happens to be peanut oil, a peanut allergy will result. If the pathogen happens to be injected with a squalene adjuvant, you might end up with a fish allergy. and today, many vaccines are grown in human tissue. They can't get all the human tissue separated from the pathogens, (nor do they even want to) and this is what is causing multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, autism, and a whole slew of other ailments at levels we have never seen before.

    Squalene is a common vaccine adjuvant. Squalene is a basic building block of the human nervous system. What then happens when the immune system is tricked into removing this basic building block from the human body wherever it is? A whole slew of neurodegenerative auto immune disorders, and THEY KNOW IT. And it is worse than this now, nowadays a lot of the vaccines are cultured in genetically engineered yeast, that is designed to produce whatever human materials they actually want the resulting vaccine to attack. It can be whatever they want, whatever they tell the yeast to mimic. That makes modern vaccines a PERFECT weapon.
    To sum it up, here is the science behind sabotaged vaccines: Materials are intentionally placed in the vaccine along with whatever pathogen the vaccine is for, and these materials are tailored to cause the immune system to identify key building blocks of the body (usually in the nervous system) as hostile, and the immune system subsequently rips the body and brain to shreds.

    That is the "science". And no vaccine troll has ever been able to respond to it.
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Japanese victims of forced sterilization file three more lawsuits over inhumane eugenics law

    Sun, 20 May 2018 17:12 UTC

    © Kiyoshi Ota / Reuters

    Three Japanese pensioners have filed separate lawsuits against the government over irreversible damage caused by forced sterilization conducted under Japan's eugenics law, which was in place for almost 50 years.

    Faced with life-long hardship, three Japanese citizens in their 70s filed lawsuits on Thursday, seeking total compensation of 80 million yen ($720,000) for being forcefully sterilized under a 1948 Eugenics Protection Law that was designed to "prevent the birth of poor-quality descendants."

    The trio, two men and a woman, are among at least 16,500 people who were forced to give up their right to procreate. Another 8,500 underwent the same controversial procedures, but with their own "consent" - arguably after being forced to do so under societal pressure. Decades later, they are now seeking justice before district courts in Tokyo, Sendai and Sapporo.

    "I had the secret in myself that I could not confide to my dearest wife for more than 40 years, until just before she passed away by marrow leukemia. It was about the fact that I had a vasectomy in 1957 and became unable to have a child," one of the victims, using the pseudonym Saburo Kita, told a press conference on Thursday after filing the lawsuit in Tokyo.

    "I can't imagine how hurt my wife was whenever she was asked by people around her why she 'still hasn't had a child,'" Kita said, noting that he "made one woman unhappy."

    As dozens gathered outside the court to protest against the government's forced sterilization program that was in place until 1996, Kita urged other victims of the eugenics law to come out and sue the government. He is seeking 30 million yen ($270,000) in compensation. The other two victims who filed lawsuits against the government on Thursday elsewhere in Japan are seeking similar damages. They have not addressed the public.

    In January, a woman in Miyagi Prefecture became the first to initiate a lawsuit against the Japanese government, seeking 11 million yen ($99,000) in compensation for her forced sterilization when she was 15-years old.

    While the government previously refused to compensate victims, arguing that sterilization was legal at the time, lawmakers pledged in March to consider paying out for restitution, promising to debate a bill on the issue next year.
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    The readers familiar with the theory outlined in "Silent Weapons for Quiet wars" won't have much difficulties in applying the "electronic" flow model to the following which will start to make sense:

    The Shortage of Humans

    henrymakow.com July 9, 2018

    After decades of toxic feminist (homosexual) propaganda and policies, much of the world is facing a demographic crisis. We cannot replenish our populations without im-migration. Spanish blogger Felix Rodrigo Mora shows how, with the exception of Africa, human reservoirs are drying up. This puts the migrant crisis in a different perspective while underlining the necessity to increase European fertility.

    The Demographic Crisis & Solution
    by Felix Rodrigo Mora
    (Excerpt by henrymakow.com)

    Spain has the lowest birthrate in the world, 1.3 per woman, even behind the very senile and aged Japan, which is at 1.4. Thus it advocates immigration as a solution...

    What nobody is talking about, the labor-supplying countries are becoming demographically exhausted as well. They have an aging and elderly population condemned to live miserably, to die prematurely and frighteningly due to the emigration of their young people. Let's examine some creepy cases.

    Romania is today, together with Morocco and China, the main provider of neo-servile labor to Spain. The Spanish economy works thanks to the workers contributed by these three countries.

    What is happening in Romania? In 1992 it had 23 million inhabitants but in 2017 it had fallen to 19 million; that is, in 25 years it has lost 4 million, 17% of its population! In 2017, it had 79,000 births and 109,000 deaths. The number of children per woman is 1.38, substantially insufficient because it is far from the minimum necessary, 2.1. This is a consequence of emigration, which leads young people out and leaves the elderly so that more of the population is over 65 than the under 14, an indicator of the liquidation of the country. To put it bluntly: Romania is in a spiral of self-destruction and destruction. Emigration is annihilating it. Young people are missing to care for the elderly. And to produce basic goods at affordable prices. And to give continuity to Romanian culture, history, idiosyncrasy and language. Therefore, with Romania, a silent genocide is being committed, that "our" fascist scoundrels justify and promote.

    Moroccan emigration to Europe is a genocidal and exterminationist act, which leads to the annihilation of the peoples of Morocco. The data is conclusive and frightening. If in 1960 the number of children per woman in Morocco was 8.4, the figure had dropped to 4 in 1990 and to 2.1 in 2014 ... That is why the Moroccan government declared that year that their country had entered a stage of " no generational renewal ".

    So many young people have left that Morocco is today a pathetic place of villages where there are only old people. Elderly and old women await a premature and atrocious death, without caregivers and affections, all so that the opulent bourgeois of the North have cheap labor in their fruit plantations, in their agriculture Hyper-quimizada under plastic, in their princely villas, in the vile construction business, etc.

    The peoples of Morocco, who suffered Spanish (1860-1956) and French colonialism, and who fought bravely against it (remember the great hero of that epic struggle, Abd el-Krim), have the right to existence and continuity, to not be annihilated, to a future as a people. That is why they must rise in revolution against the new colonialism of the emigration to Europe, which is much more aggressive and annihilating than the old colonialism.

    Neither Romania nor Morocco can contribute much more labor to the North. These terrifying breeding farms of human beings for export are exhausted, overexploited, depleted. The surrounding countries, especially Algeria and Tunisia, which suffer a similar demographic situation. Only Egypt maintains, for the moment, a slightly more spirited birth-rate.

    China knows similar circumstances. The communist party implemented the policy of only one child in 1979, to put an end to "the population explosion". The results have been shocking. In 35 years, the population has aged and there are not enough workers, while there are about 300 million retirees, many with no or little family assistance.

    In 2015, the fascist regime has abolished the 1979 regulations allowing families to have two children, but that is not working and will not work because the social, economic and political structures of the country. The Communist despots are considering forcing females to have two children! With 1.6 children per woman, China is sliding towards economic disaster and the death of hundreds of millions of people ue to lack of care.

    (Mali has the 2nd highest birthrate in the world)

    Thus, those countries who at the moment are our three main suppliers of neo-serfs are exhausted by population. They will still be able to send a few hundred thousand workers but less and less, and in a period of ten years hardly anything. Moreover, China is already taking measures to import sub-Saharan labor, and Morocco will have to do the same, so that in its march towards Europe from the center and south of Africa there will be workers who settle in that country, with which there will be less and more expensive for Europe, for Spain.

    The progressive shortage of "human capital" at the global level is manifested in a conclusive fact, that migrants arriving in the EU have progressively higher ages, which indicates that there are fewer and fewer young people in their places of origin.

    Twenty-five years ago they came to us from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, but that already happens very scarcely, since the first one is at 2.5 children per woman, compared to 6.7 in 1960, and the second at 2.4, when in 1960 achieved 7.6 children per female.

    As a result, today there is not enough exportable labor, neo-serfs, to send to the North. The few that still exist in the countries of Latin America begin to consider marching to Brazil, a potentially rich country that is suffering a demographic catastrophe, with 1.7 children per woman when in 1960 it enjoyed 6.1.

    The emergence of world powers and regional powers (such as Brazil) in need of labor is a very recent phenomenon but one that will increase in the coming years, which makes the supply of labor on the global level will be increasingly weak while increasing demand, which will lead to a situation with fewer available migrants, and those with higher economic demands. That situation is terrifying for a country as super-aged as Spain. Indeed, if all the analysts make the most funereal forecasts for China, which still has 1.6 children per woman, what can be said for our case, with 1.3?..

    That's right, from that date, 20/25 years, hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, will probably suffer a terrible old age and a premature and horrible death. The greatest genocide in the history of mankind is underway. It is responsible for those who have established an anti-natalist biopolitics, in its many manifestations.


    Thanks to Oscar for this tip!

    How to defuse a demographic time bomb in Africa

    Immigrants Can't Solve Europe's Demographic Crisis
    "La réalité est un rêve que l'on fait atterrir" San Antonio AKA F. Dard

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    No doubt this is also a contributing factor in the race for more automation, robots, AI etc. (also by design...).
    Quote Posted by Hervé (here)

    That's right, from that date, 20/25 years, hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, will probably suffer a terrible old age and a premature and horrible death. The greatest genocide in the history of mankind is underway. It is responsible for those who have established an anti-natalist biopolitics, in its many manifestations.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    All in the name of "helping"...

    Cross-posting from (here)

    The sordid history of infant formula and how the USA bullies, blackmails and threatens 3rd world countries

    R.S. Ahthion The Greanville Post
    Tue, 10 Jul 2018 00:01 UTC

    The 1974 article titled The Baby Killer blew the lid off the Nestle bottle formula scandal. (1) Companies like Nestle used women in nurses uniforms to sell their baby formula. They provided free samples to mothers who would use the formula. These women would then find their breasts had stopped giving milk after a month of using the infant formula. Now they were hooked and needed to pay for the formula yet the family income in many cases was only $7 a week. What unfolded was a tragedy: from mixing the baby water with unsafe water sources to not being able to afford the expensive baby formula and diluting it to make it last longer. The result was deaths of babies in the millions, malnourished babies with stunted growth condemned to a lifetime of physical and mental disability.

    A stunning example of free-market murder feeding the world's children to a $11.5 billion industry.

    A million infant deaths a year are blamed on a reliance of infant formula rather than breastfeeding. (2)

    The recent attempt by the United States to overturn 40 years of World Health Organisation consensus that breast feeding is universally better for babies is a prime example of the desperation of United States capital and how entwined corporate interest has become within the government.

    American officials first sought to water down the resolution by removing language that called on governments to "protect, promote and support breast-feeding". When that failed they resorted to threats of trade measures and withdrawing military aid to help assisting in the drug wars. (3)

    The press has blown up because under an internal code of the World Health Organisation baby formula companies are banned from explicitly targeting mothers and their health carers. Advertising is also controlled. This is what 3rd world nations were trying to achieve.
    "We were shocked because we didn't understand how such a small matter like breast-feeding could provoke such a dramatic response," said the Ecuadorean official, who asked not to be identified because she was afraid of losing her job.(3)
    South American countries should be least shocked of all on the ideology of the United States. Profit over everything. Even over the corpses of a million babies a year to keep the $11.5 billion Infant Formula industry going. This new era of naked and brazenly corrupt capitalism from the United States is prime evidence of a desperate and shamelessly awful system struggling to make profits in a time of Great Power rivalries. Because in an era of great power rivalry, making some profit is not enough. Making super profits is what is required.
    "In the end, the Americans' efforts were mostly unsuccessful. It was the Russians who ultimately stepped in to introduce the measure - and the Americans did not threaten them."
    Millions more grow up in conditions of malnutrition and stunted growth at a key time of their development. All so corrupt companies like Abbot Laboratories & Nestle can earn that sweet, sweet profit. It has been common consensus for decades now that breastfeeding is the preferred method of feeding your child. Even under conditions that are ideal for infant formula (ie. in the first world with easy access to clean water etc).

    Abbot Laboratories was one of the companies to produce infant formula for sale in the 3rd world. Abbot Laboratories also contributed to a part of $107 million to Trumps inauguration. (4)
    "For a time, many companies employed ''mothercraft'' nurses, most of whom wore white uniforms, who visited women in maternity wards and in their homes. As they helped mothers to cope with infant-rearing problems, many of the nurses also promoted their company's formula. Dressed in traditional nurses' uniforms, they conveyed the false impression that independent health professionals - not company employees - were recommending formula feeding." (2)
    But conditions in the 3rd world aren't ideal. A lack of access to both money to buy the formula and access to clean water has meant mothers are watering down their baby formula with dirty water.

    "Director general of the W.H.O., says that 'evidence from developing countries indicates that infants breast-fed less than six months, or not at all, have a mortality rate 5 to 10 times higher in the second six months of life than those breast-fed six months or more.'"(2)

    Infant formula was a terrible solution to a problem that never should have existed outside of fringe cases where a mothers milk has dried up due to stress/health reasons. The current corporate drive to replace breastmilk with a profitable artificial product is convincing women perfectly capable of producing wholesome, plentiful breastmilk to become consumers of expensive, imperfect and sometimes lethal infant formula(8). But it does showcase brilliantly how innovative capitalism is. It can create a market from anything. It also shows how the capitalist world uses the full arm of its advertising, propaganda and cultural penetration to make profit from the world where there should be none. It is a scandal that it remains a $11.5 billion and growing market. (5)

    A big problem in the third world was that the advertising portrayed Infant Formula as the best thing for their children despite the World Health Organisation saying it wasn't and the companies themselves knowing it wasn't. Aggressive advertisement by these companies has led to women in Third world nations believing it to be superior to breast milk. The advertisements (though subtly) hinted that formula milk was better and breastfeeding was for the lower classes.(8)
    Banned from entering maternity wards directly in Singapore for example, Dumex milk nurses would wait just outside the hospital gates to catch new mothers with free samples on their way home.(8)
    This naked display of power and aggression by a waning United States that no longer feels it can get what it wants via diplomacy and soft power, particularly with an issue as benign as Infant formula and mortality rates should offer a glimpse into just how corrupt the country is.

    In January of this year David Norquist, the Under Secretary of Defense in the US department of Defense, declared an end to the war on terror and opening the $686 billion budget for the military said,
    "Great power competition, not terrorism, has emerged as the central challenge to U.S. security and prosperity. It is increasingly apparent that China and Russia want to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian values and, in the process, replace the free and open order that has enabled global security and prosperity since World War II."(6)
    Those values he ascribes to appear to be "profit over the lives of babies". And he is prepared to pursue those values, of unfettered free market violence, via a three front war against Russia and China. (7)

    The resolution on breastfeeding was introduced however purely because the Russians chose to throw their weight behind it. A Russian delegate had this to say on the matter.
    "We're not trying to be a hero here, but we feel that it is wrong when a big country tries to push around some very small countries, especially on an issue that is really important for the rest of the world." (3)
    I deliberately, in my writings, do not use the terms "developed" or "undeveloped countries". It is not accurate to describe nations in Africa/Asia or Latin America as "undeveloped" which implies some kind of fault on their behalf. Third world nations have been systematically under-developed by the first world. Every corporation from the west has come to those shores to extract their pound of flesh from the people which leaves them in abject poverty or outright kills them. The infant formula scandal is just one example of a thousand in seeing how western corporations make their super profits off the backs of the Third World. And they are happy to do it with the result of quite literally millions of dead children and millions more who are stunted in the first years of their lives ensuring that they will endure physical/mental suffering the rest of their lives.

    Beware the foreign 'nurses' that come bearing gifts.

    (1) http://archive.babymilkaction.org/pdfs/babykiller.pdf

    (2) https://www.nytimes.com/1981/12/06/m...pagewanted=all

    (3) https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/08/h...dor-trump.html

    (4) https://www.spectrumnews.org/news/he...-inauguration/

    (5) http://uk.businessinsider.com/nestle...dont-comply-14

    (6) https://fpif.org/the-pentagon-is-pla...na-and-russia/

    (7) https://www.defense.gov/News/Article...e/GovDelivery/


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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    This is troubling and certainly needs watching.
    Quote Posted by Hervé (here)
    Abbot Laboratories was one of the companies to produce infant formula for sale in the 3rd world. Abbot Laboratories also contributed to a part of $107 million to Trumps inauguration. (4)[INDENT] ]
    Also see:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...esolution.html
    "Trump blasts New York Times for 'fake' story that reported US threatened Ecuador with trade sanctions if they pushed a UN resolution encouraging breastfeeding
    President Trump says his administration supports breastfeeding but also wants women to have access to formula.In third world countries, there is an added danger to babies from using infant formulas, which require water added, because 'levels of infectious disease are high and access to safe water is poor,' a 2015 report from UNICEF found.

    The report also noted the dilution ration must be correct or babies will suffer from malnutrition and the bottles must be adequately cleaned.

    The baby formula companies are predominately American or European, including Nestle and Mead Johnson.

    When the Trump administration failed to convince member states to water down the language about breastfeeding and formulas, it resorted to threats, according to The New York Times.

    The administration told Ecuador that if it did not pull its resolution, it would respond by cutting military aid and adopting harsh, retaliatory trade measures.

    Ecuador capitulated and did as the Americans demanded, The Times reported.

    Health officials who had advocated for the resolution in favor of breast milk were shocked, they said.

    They frantically tried to find other countries who would sponsor the resolution, but these nations - mostly from Latin America and Africa - were frightened off by the specter of American threats.

    'We were astonished, appalled and also saddened,' said Patti Rundall, policy director of Baby Milk Action, a pro-breastfeeding advocacy group.

    'What happened was tantamount to blackmail, with the U.S. holding the world hostage and trying to overturn nearly 40 years of consensus on the best way to protect infant and young child health.'

    Eventually, the resolution was introduced by Russia and subsequently approved.

    The Americans did not threaten Moscow as they did Ecuador and other countries, according to the Times.

    The Department of Health and Human Services, which tried to change the wording of the resolution, denies that it was involved in making threats against Ecuador.

    'The resolution as originally drafted placed unnecessary hurdles for mothers seeking to provide nutrition to their children,' an H.H.S. spokesman said.
    President Trump slammed the New York Times story as 'fake'

    'We recognize not all women are able to breastfeed for a variety of reasons.

    'These women should have the choice and access to alternatives for the health of their babies, and not be stigmatized for the ways in which they are able to do so.'

    The State Department declined to comment.

    Research has shown that mother's milk contains far more nutrients that are necessary for a baby's health than infant formula.

    And breastfeeding 'saves lives, protects babies and mothers against deadly diseases, and leads to better IQ and educational outcomes,' according to a May report from UNICEF.

    Companies that sell baby formula generate $70billion annually, but those sales have been stagnant due to the increased popularity of breastfeeding.

    A Russian diplomat told the Times that his country's decision to advance the breastfeeding resolution was an easy one to make.

    'We're not trying to be a hero here, but we feel that it is wrong when a big country tries to push around some very small countries, especially on an issue that is really important for the rest of the world,' the diplomat said.

    An Ecuadorian official said that his government did not anticipate the harshness of America's response.

    'We were shocked because we didn't understand how such a small matter like breastfeeding could provoke such a dramatic response,' the official said. "

    It's hardly a "small matter!"
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    New report reveals US water suppliers cover up spikes in hormone-disrupting herbicide contamination

    Sat, 17 Nov 2018 16:38 UTC

    © Reuters / Ilya Naymushin

    Taking advantage of regulatory loopholes, US water suppliers may be concealing alarmingly high concentrations of toxic herbicides in Americans' drinking water, according to a new report from the Environmental Working Group.

    The report found more than 30 million Americans' drinking water is contaminated with atrazine, a known endocrine and reproductive disruptor linked to increased risk of preterm births and fetal deformities. Worse, discrepancies between reported federal and state measurements of the contamination suggest that local water utilities are gaming the regulatory system to avoid reporting "spikes" in contamination from the increase in herbicide usage during the farming season.

    EPA regulations permit water utilities to report annual averages for drinking water contaminants, allowing them to mask spikes in runoff during the growing season by averaging them with the low levels found during the winter - or even not to measure during the high season at all.

    EWG senior science advisor Olga Naidenko accused the utilities of "playing the dates game," covering up illegal levels of atrazine contamination by cleverly timing their measurements, and the report found 70 percent of utilities had sampled contamination outside of high usage periods or reported lower contamination levels than the EPA.

    While the US allows up to three parts per billion (ppb) of atrazine in drinking water, California classified it as a "substance known to cause reproductive toxicity" in 2016 and the EU banned it in 2003. Since 1999, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has advised lowering the legal level of atrazine to .15 ppb, based on a study linking the chemical to breast cancer in rats.

    EPA figures showed some utilities reported "spikes" as high as seven times the legal limit last year. Evansville, Illinois, led the toxic pack with a high of 22 ppb, followed by Piqua, Ohio, which spiked to 16 ppb. Federal authorities are not required to report these spikes to residents, even though a relatively uncomplicated water filter neutralizes much of the danger from the herbicide. More water utilities in Texas tested positive for atrazine than any other state - 472 - with Kansas a distant second at 233.

    © Environmental Working Group

    Though not as infamous as Monsanto's glyphosate, atrazine is the second-most commonly used herbicide in the US. In 2013, manufacturer Syngenta settled a class action lawsuit over contamination of drinking water sources in Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, and Kansas, paying out $105 million to communities hardest-hit by the contamination. Nearly a dozen recent human epidemiological studies have confirmed negative health outcomes associated with the herbicide, including increased risk of preterm delivery and low birthweight.

    While the EPA has shown a reluctance to reassess its public position on atrazine's negative health impact, public sentiment can change quickly, as August's legal ruling against Monsanto has demonstrated. After courts ruled the company's Roundup brand of glyphosate weed killer was responsible for a groundskeeper's non-Hodgkins lymphoma, more than 9,300 plaintiffs have filed their own suits seeking damages.

    Related: Revealed: How Syngenta Investigated the Press and Shaped the News About its Controversial Weed-Killer Atrazine
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species


    NO ANTIGENS found in the Infanrix Hexa vaccine, only chemicals.

    "With the onset of government vaccine mandates, which suddenly required Italian children to be injected with 11 vaccines to attend school, the Italians are fighting back. First, they voted out the government that pushed for the mandates calling their movement #GovenmentofChange. Then on December 4, the new Italian health minister kicked out all 30 members of the health policy advisory board.

    On December 13, Corvelva, a scientific research group, announced it had received €10,000 (US$11,350) from the Italian National Order of Biologists with plans to use the money to test the contents of every vaccine currently on the market. The result of their first test was released on December 16, and the report is a doozie.

    You certainly won’t hear this in the MSM.

    The first vaccine they thoroughly tested was Infanrix Hexa – a six-in-one vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that is *supposed* to contain the following antigens: tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis toxoids; inactivated poliomyelitis viral strains 1-2-3; and hepatitis B surface antigen. Shockingly, Corvelva found NONE of these antigens in the vaccine, meaning, that NO antibodies to the intended antigens will be created.

    And it gets worse. In addition to no vaccine antigens, they found the following:

    traces of 65 chemical cross-contaminants from other manufacturing lines;
    chemical toxins;
    unrecognizable macromolecules;
    various free bacterial peptides that are potential allergens and are capable of inducing autoimmune reactions.
    These findings could bring justice to parents who lost their children in 2009 when 36 children died and more than 1,700 were injured in a “clinical trial” – the nice name for human experimentation.

    I suspect that as they continue to test each of the vaccines in the childhood schedule, they will find metallic compounds, nanotechnology and a long list of chemical contaminants."

    -Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

    Vaccinegate: Initial results on Infanrix Hexa chemical composition:

    we have subcontracted the business of healing people to Companies who profit from sickness.

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Something smelly detected in that Dane kingdom:

    Peter C. Gøtzsche: My dismissal is scientific judicial murder

    Wed, 26 Dec 2018 14:17 UTC

    Translation of text “Min fyring er et videnskabeligt justitsmord”
    Politiken 11 Dec 2018

    It is a full-blown scandal that Rigshospitalet will dismiss me. It is a clear attack on both independent research and freedom of expression.

    Peter C. Gøtzsche Professor and Suspended Director, Nordic Cochrane Centre

    You would not believe that this could happen in a country like Denmark. That Rigshospitalet fires an official without prior service warning who co-founded the Cochrane Collaboration 25 years ago, created the Nordic Cochrane Centre out of nothing and made it a world-class research centre.

    Deputy director of Rigshospitalet, Per Jørgensen's official reason for firing me is that he has lost confidence in my ability to lead the centre. This is not an objective reason and it is contradicted by my results.

    The firing was brutal. It took place on October 29, during my first official call ever. I was suspended and treated as if I had committed serious crime. I was not even allowed to go back to my office and my staff were banned from contacting me, which in particular my 5 PhD students cannot understand the reasoning behind, and they have written to the hospital and the minister and pointed out that they cannot do their work without me as supervisor. Jørgensen and Personnal Manager Mette Risak preferred to avoid a firing and therefore invited me to enter into a "mutual agreement on resignation", as it is misleadingly called, with a few months extra salary beyond the three months I would receive in any case.

    My union was proud that they had negotiated 10 months' extra pay, which had never happened before, while I took it as an indication that the hospital had an immensely bad case that would not withstand public spotlight. The agreement mentioned that:
    There is agreement between the parties that the content of the agreement is not communicated to third parties. Announcement to employees and relevant internal and external partners will be agreed with the Executive Board. The agreement is the complete and final decision about any claim between the parties without prejudice."
    Total gagging. I reported back a week later, copying the Ministry, that my freedom of speech is not for sale and that what was going on should come to light. In my letter, I wrote that politicians and patients are very happy about my efforts; that in 2015, psychiatric patients voted for me to become Dane of the Year and I ended up in top 10; that in 2016 I became Protector of the Hearing Voices Network; that everyone has attached great importance to the independence of the Centre; and that I have saved the community billions of Danish kroner by just three of my reviews.

    I also wrote that I thought my impending firing was about silencing an important voice in the debate, just like my expulsion from the Cochrane Collaboration on September 13th. Cochrane's leadership was very annoyed that I had published a well-founded criticism of the Cochrane review of the HPV vaccines, and I was told that it is bad behavior to criticize colleagues' science when you are a Governing Board member or a Cochrane Director. Obviously, this is scientific censorship.

    By reviewing the randomized trials we received from the European Medicines Agency, we have shown that the HPV vaccines may cause serious neurological harms, which the authorities otherwise claim do not exist. We are publishing this, also in a PhD thesis, and we presented the results at our 25th anniversary symposium at Rigshospitalet on October 12th.

    Instead of silencing an important voice, Rigshospitalet and the Ministry should protect me. Firing me sends the unfortunate signal that if your research results are inconvenient and cause public turmoil, or threaten the pharmaceutical industry's earnings, which we are very concerned about in Denmark, we will fire you. Strikingly many of the documents my lawyer has obtained from the Ministry through the Freedom of Information Act are articles where healthcare stakeholders - e.g. psychiatrists, doctors with conflicts of interest, the Health and Medicines Agencies, and editors of journals financed by the pharmaceutical industry - try to depict me as untrustworthy to promote their own interests.

    It led to massive resentment, with several articles in, for example, Science, Nature, BMJ and Lancet, that I was expelled from the Cochrane Collaboration after a process where new accusations were invented on the spot after Cochrane's own lawyer's investigation had exonerated me from all charges. I believe I have unequivocal evidence that the process is invalid. The next day, four members resigned from the board in protest.

    The case is not about my person, but about important principles that the leadership of Cochrane trampled underfoot. Cochrane's credibility plummeted because I am known for high quality research, integrity and incorruptibility.

    The 31 Centre Directors in Spain and Latin America demanded an independent investigation of the Cochrane process against me, which the Board rejected because such an investigation would lead to its demise. I have complained to the Charity Commission in England about serious mismanagement committed by Cochrane's CEO Mark Wilson and the Governing Board who have violated all the key rules for charities and for Cochrane.

    Why does Rigshospitalet want to fire me? It is extremely rare that Rigshospitalet fires a chief physician. I have taken care of the interests of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, the Cochrane Collaboration, the patients and Denmark, and believe I have served my country in an exemplary manner during my 25-years senior role as an official.

    Others share my view. More than 8000 signatures have been sent to the minister with a request to overturn my sacking, with such prominent names as Cochrane co-founder, Sir Iain Chalmers, BMJ's editorin-chief, Fiona Godlee, Member of the European Parliament Margrete Auken who has done a lot to make data available to researchers, psychiatrist David Healy, highly respected as one of the world's leading experts on psychiatric drugs, and the world's most cited health researcher, John Ioannidis from Stanford University.

    It is apparent from the correspondence that we have got access to that the Ministry and Rigshospitalet have worked closely together and with Wilson, whereas I have not been heard, although it is well documented that Wilson does not always provide a complete and correct picture, which I had warned Rigshospitalet about, and provided examples of in my hearing letter to the hospital. Wilson has required that I shall no longer be allowed to work at the Cochrane Centre, and the Ministry and Rigshospitalet have pleased him, although, according to Cochrane rules, I can continue working as head of department or as chief physician. It is outrageous that a person in this way interferes with internal affairs in another country, on top of this contrary to the rules.

    The Ministry is, to a considerable extent, jointly responsible for the fact that it has come this far because the Ministry announced to Rigshospitalet on 12 October that the payment of the fiscal grant to the five Danish Cochrane groups was detained until Rigshospitalet complied with the prerequisites in the Finance Act, including ensuring that the Centre is part of the international Cochrane Collaboration.

    Through our access to documents, we have recently learned that the Ministry and Rigshospitalet, since October 1 via Wilson's emails have been fully aware that the Centre has always been part of Cochrane. However, the Ministry and the hospital have kept this knowledge to themselves. At a meeting with my staff on November 5, when Jørgensen tried to explain why I would be fired, reasons of which the staff did not understand, he continued to give the impression that the Centre was not part of Cochrane.

    On September 28, I tried to withdraw the Centre from the Cochrane Collaboration because I discovered via a journalist that Wilson's staff had changed our website behind our backs; had deprived us of our administrative rights without informing us; had deleted me among the employees, even though I was still employed; and had uploaded an incorrect and deeply defamatory statement from the board about me on the front page.

    I acted in good faith when I tried to withdraw the Centre because the hospital has always emphasized that it was only our host and would not interfere with my dispositions, and I could not see in the remarks to the Finance Act that it was a requirement that we should participate in the Cochrane Collaboration. Later, it dawned on me that the withdrawal was never enforced because Wilson did not approve of it.

    My staff has been very afraid of losing their jobs and still are because the Finance grant is being withheld. The Ministry and Rigshospitalet has caused great and unnecessary insecurity among about 50 employees through two months by giving, contrary to the facts, the outside world the impression that the conditions for payment of the grant were not met. This has nothing to do with whether I'm still working at the Centre because its Deputy Director will handle Cochrane related tasks if I cannot or must not do it. It seems that the Ministry and the hospital have used all means at their disposal needed to accommodate Wilson's unusual requirement that I must be fired, even though 50 employees suffered as a result.

    My situation is the result of a power struggle between two wings. One wing is led by Wilson who advocates that everyone in Cochrane should speak with the same voice; he opposes open scientific debates about the quality and reliability of concrete Cochrane reviews; he puts more emphasis on "brand", "our product" and "business" than getting the science right; and he allows economic conflicts of interest in relation to the pharmaceutical industry

    The other wing wants to bring Cochrane back to its original values: Free scientific debates; no financial conflicts of interest for the researchers making Cochrane reviews in relation to the companies whose products they evaluate; and openness, transparency, democracy and cooperation.

    As a member of the Cochrane Governing Board (with the largest number of personal votes of all 11 candidates, despite the fact that I was the only one who criticized Cochrane's management in my election statement), I did my best to change the situation.

    Despite great support, I lost the power struggle. If that's why the health service wants to fire me, then Denmark supports Cochrane's new line of "one voice", lack of scientific debates and relationships that are too close to the pharmaceutical industry, which basically will make Cochrane superfluous.

    I have suggested that the Centre changes status to a Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, as well as several other Cochrane Centres are currently doing, because it would be of greater benefit to Denmark than to be a member of a Cochrane organization that does not live up to its declared values.

    It takes many years to build a successful research centre, but only a moment to destroy it by an unwise administrative decision. Every researcher's nightmare is lack of understanding and appreciation from those who have the formal power. It has hit me totally in Cochrane and is now also hitting me in Denmark.

    The case is one of principles because it is about one of the heaviest areas in healthcare: beneficial and harmful effects of medicines and other medical technologies. If you can easily get rid of inconvenient people and thus their research and participation in the academic debate, it can have serious consequences both for community health and economics. If Denmark supports Cochrane's fundamental principles of free scientific debate and independence of the pharmaceutical industry, then Denmark should provide me with all possible support instead of firing me.

    Denmark should also consider if it is acceptable that someone in London, to an increasing degree, has the ability to decide what the Danish Ministry's appropriation is to be used for, and even wants to decide whether people employed with someone else's money, who have done nothing wrong, should be fired. All Cochrane Centres in the world, except the British one, are opposed to the strong central control of the freedom of action over the funds the centres themselves have acquired.

    If Rigshospitalet fires me, it will result in the following:

    1. Everyone loses, incl. Rigshospitalet, the Ministry, Denmark and Cochrane. Psychiatrist David Healy told in a lecture in 2000 at the University of Toronto that the world's best-selling drug, a depression pill from Eli Lilly, could lead to suicide. Eli Lilly was a major donor for the department, and Healy was fired. This scandal is still being talked about even though it is 18 years ago. Rigshospitalet should think about this.

    2. The turmoil that already exists is going to increase considerably. Many are angry with the treatment Cochrane exposed me to and they know it comes from Wilson who controls everything, including the Cochrane Board, which I have experienced myself. If Wilson also succeeds in getting me fired, it will have unimaginable consequences. People in Cochrane are already nervous about what they may be exposed to, and many will withdraw their centres or groups when they see that Wilson's power is virtually unlimited.

    3. My lawyer and I will carefully assess the basis for my sacking with the purpose of filing lawsuits for damages against Rigshospitalet for my unjustified firing, and against Cochrane for the propagation of seriously defamatory statements, with financial consequences for me. This would further harm Cochrane.

    4. The Ministry, Denmark and Rigshospitalet will get an unattractive key role in the documentaries and books on scientific freedom and the fate of whistleblowers, which are being prepared. It has gained attention abroad that Denmark will not re-employ a person if he wins a case of unjustified firing.

    Since the matter is of paramount importance, I have today sent a copy of my hearing to Rigshospitalet to the Minister and to the Association of Specialist Doctors. I have also sent a copy of a letter from my lawyer, which is included in my response. This is not just a case between Rigshospitalet and me.

    The Ministry has a significant co-responsibility for the situation. The world's most cited health researcher has written to the Minister saying that he is confident that she does not want to be on the wrong side of history.

    Peter C. Gøtzsche

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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Mandatory HPV jabs for school kids in Florida + 100 Vaccine bills flood 30 States

    Sayer Ji Greenmedinfo
    Fri, 22 Feb 2019 14:16 UTC

    Health freedom is once again under attack in Florida and 29 other states as a tidal wave of legislation aims to coerce and/or mandate an increasing number of vaccines, as well as eliminate privacy rights around your family's vaccine status.

    As reported by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), more than 100 bills have been filed in 30 states proposing to expand, restrict or eliminate vaccine informed consent rights.

    This tidal wave of legislation is a near exact repeat of March of 2017's onslaught of 134 bills in 35 states.

    According to NVIC, between 2015-2017, a total of 454 vaccine related bills were introduced into state legislatures. NVIC has listed all the ways in which these bills compromise informed consent and health freedom:
    Compromise Vaccine Informed Consent Rights
    • Mandate use of new vaccines by children and adults;
    • Restrict or eliminate vaccine exemptions;
    • Restrict the list of persons who can approve vaccine exemptions
    • Allow vaccine providers to administer HPV and hepatitis B vaccines to minors without parental consent;
    • Allow forced vaccination and medical treatment under certain circumstances;
    • Allow state health officials to mandate all federally recommended vaccines;
    • Mandate that doctors and other vaccine providers track and report the vaccination status of all children and adults in electronic medical records;
    • Require schools to publicly post vaccination rates or vaccine exemption rates;
    • Require a physician signature for a religious or conscientious belief exemption to vaccination;
    • Require school districts to conduct health and safety visits for children under private instruction;
    • Require vaccines for college students based on CDC (ACIP) vaccine recommendations;
    • Require long term care facilities to track vaccination status of employees and residents;
    • Expand the release of information in the state vaccine tracking registry (such as to insurance companies);
    • Mandate vaccines for vendors serving hospitals and other medical facilities;
    • Require all insurance plans to cover all CDC recommended vaccines without copays or deductibles;
    • Allow pharmacists, dentists or optometrists to administer vaccines.
    Expand Vaccine Informed Consent Rights
    • Require vaccine administrators to provide certain kinds of vaccine information to adults or parents of minor children before vaccination;
    • Require schools to inform parents of their right to exemptions from vaccine requirements;
    • Expand the list of persons who can approve vaccine exemptions;
    • Require legislature approval for changes to the list of vaccines required for school attendance;
    • Protect employees who refuse vaccination from discipline or discharge;
    • Clarify that refusal to vaccinate or delay vaccines is not child abuse;
    • Allow serologic (blood titer) proof of immunity in lieu of vaccination;
    • Prohibit vaccine mandates for non-communicable diseases;
    • Eliminate the ability of state health officials to mandate all federally recommended vaccines;
    • Establish that it is unlawful for an employer to mandate vaccines for healthcare employees;
    • Require information and notification of vaccines derived from aborted fetal tissue;
    • Prohibit managed care entities from imposing requirements relating to vaccination protocol;
    • Require parental consent before a child in protective custody can be vaccinated;
    • Establish a state database to monitor adverse effects of vaccinations.
    We've reported previously on how the CDC funds front organizations like The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) to coordinate these efforts, not unlike how the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) brings together government and private sector representatives to draft, share, and coordinate state-level legislation.

    Florida, as recently as last year, experienced a deluge of vaccine bills intent on stripping health freedom related to vaccination exemptions and privacy. Due to a grassroots campaign to raise awareness, all 4 vaccine bills were defeated.

    Now, a nearly identical set of bills (3 this year instead of 4), have been introduced, intent on once again stripping Floridians of the right to opt out of vaccine tracking and online registries of their status, as well as two bills to mandate HPV vaccination for entry to school.

    Thanks to the National Vaccine Information Center's advocacy portal, and despite zero mainstream media reporting on the topic, this tactic was exposed. The first bill (SB 354), introduced by Senator Bill Montford, will severely limit health freedom in the state of Florida by massively expanding the intrusive Florida SHOTS vaccine tracking system. According to NVIC,
    "If SB 354 passes, everyone single person from birth to 23 will be tracked in this intrusive Florida vaccine enforcement and surveillance system either with their vaccination records or marked as a vaccine tracking refuser! There is no opting out of some kind of tracking in this system."
    The details of the bill and action steps to defeat it are included in the NVIC release here.

    Two Mandatory HPV Vaccine Bills Released in Florida

    The two HPV vaccine bills, HB 245 and SB 356, introduced by Representative Heather Fitzenhagen, District 78, Fort Myers, and Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez, District 37, Miami-Dade County, respectively, will include HPV vaccines (which has historically caused the most adverse effects of any vaccine in the CDC schedule) as mandatory for school entry.*
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    Default Re: Agenda 21, Vaccines & The Female Of The Species

    Re post #79 Herve
    This is absolutely criminal - totally horrendous, maim and murder-on-demand by globalist corporations gone wild. We can’t even complain or refuse publicly any more without severe censorship. Dreadful times, beyond evil, yet day-to-day the sheeple wander into clinics and offer up their offspring - as ‘that is expected, always has been, for their own good’ I am ridiculed when I warn parents, but they still go on and sacrifice their children.

    Today, there are many adverts in MSM to encourage folk to leave/pledge money in their wills to Cancer Research UK (CRUK), yet their business model defies cure as it would NOT be profitable, so what happens to literally the billions left to this duplicitous ‘fake cure promise’ rip-off??? WAKE UP, they will never want to cure anyone (apart from a few ‘success stories’ under sufferance), as if everyone could be cured the Big Pharma would not be needed, yet this should NOT be the case, people would be supportive of Big Pharma if they really did a supportive role, so who is shooting itself in the foot via lies and deception...?
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