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Thread: By the year 2045, just who will be alive ?

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    Default Re: By the year 2045, just who will be alive ?

    Quote Posted by johnf (here)

    This future self had a very clear and capable self so this is not like the idea that one loses the self and intellect.
    I don't really see this guy as an AI,and fully sense what people call soul, as well as the feeling that there is one spirit behind all three of these beings in the experience.
    John ... that's very interesting . I think it's good to have a choice , not only that , clear idea .. of the future self one would like to evolve . Maybe several spare options are always handy though one that is 'good enough' may be the best .
    If Tibetan Buddhists masters of reincarnation process are right , it's helpful to have such idea long forwards

    I think I'm not their typical 'case' because I seem to be on long haul . At least so is my inner experience .. state of mind when I evolved spiritually, as a teenager ,
    I'd 'remember' or relate to some kind of ancient history and cultures and maybe faraway future much better than the immediate one .
    Past 100 years ..the time that enwrapped both WW had nothing to tell me , 2000 years perhaps .

    If I imagine doing the same thing .. metaphorically .. and stepping to 'some kind' of circumstances in future , it's never well planned as for those who continue here life after life .

    To be honest .. I miss the 'desire' to be reborn , any soon. I'd be very much the same I fear and spoil the family

    But well, there's a secret that I believe and one old Indian astrologer shared with me and it has something to do with 'passing from here in auspicious hour' .
    And more so , 'auspicious state of mind' .
    He said , basically , this is a great secret .. but even a sinner who dies in 'good hour' can attain liberation and saint who dies in 'wrong hour' will be reborn .

    It's the natural cycles of time that keep our mind and attention down to earth/ attached to here or allow us to lift up , as they say , fly with the tides .

    I think it corresponds some to what Bob said about the future of 'quantum computers' and perhaps .. 'quantum experience' .

    There are many 'options' ( and potentials ) we all have but don't use or use them very scarcely . But then , we are bound to encounter certain life intersections when one or more of these 'options' become lighted .
    Unless we follow a particular trait of intelligence, possibility .. these 'options' remain what they are , without training and use , they are potentials , maybe they're 'quantum options' that can change to something else ,
    or stored long enough, facilitate whole new set of experiences .

    Advanced AI may be able to do the same thing as well since it's capable of learning and upgrading itself , together with its functions to certain degree but for an AI having /experiencing emotion is very impractical .

    I can imagine very many people who would want to 'get rid of the emotional stuff' . And it's not a fictional possibility, technologically not even faraway future and besides that it can be done in meditation as well without technical intervention .

    But is it what we want to be like and would this make us happy and natural ?

    I did some practical research in that area ... during this life and I still hesitate to think there is any 'correct shortcut' , from human point of view .

    There are many examples of people who try and can hold on to certain 'quantum level' of personality - experience for long time , if only to continue one type of work and prevent failures . Yet ... I think , and have seen it's the 'peel' , the soft , real core in all of us is much more childlike than we like to admit, more natural , more reactive ,
    or maybe more detached .
    It seldom truly 'lives' the global 'environ' outside , except for moments . It interacts easily , the most natural way , it knows the answers .

    Yet , there is another world we cultivate on 'outside' , the old peel of 'adult world' , the ageing fallacy . An illusion of mature, serious world with people dressed in suits who pretend they're into serious business and doing something really important .
    Science and religion and whole society staging some kind of 'adult drama' . I'm not saying it's not needed .
    Just noting that these are two qualitatively different worlds . Now it's upon each of us to find out which is more 'real and 'advanced' .

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    Default Re: By the year 2045, just who will be alive ?

    the danger of humanity isn't any materials but themselves, while i'm on the train having a thought about stuff in society focusing in quanity or interest for the agenda not quality of life as a whole. Regarding AI or Transhumanism, i have one problem with it is we still haven't use our full potential so why depended on technology? like Telepathy...

    our soul is infinity so why scared of death?

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    Default Re: By the year 2045, just who will be alive ?

    The population will be 10 billion and counting, there'll be a celebration everytime someone is born, and we'll have spread out among the stars.

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