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Thread: MH 17 and Ebola tie together with the death of this man.........

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    Default MH 17 and Ebola tie together with the death of this man.........

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    Default Re: MH 17 and Ebola tie together with the death of this man.........

    Very interesting, Referee... I couldn't help but notice that the original article is in Italian.. soooo... I backtracked to the original article and re-elaborations, a few even have additional and even more interesting info... going down the rabbit hole....

    Here they are is anyone is interested... they are in Italian so you will need to translate them.

    I believe that this is the original, posted on a blog the 3rd of August:

    Then there's this with elaborated data written by Alessandra Zavatta and published the 9th of August:

    This is an undated re-elaboration of the first blog post:

    Which is nothing more than a copy-paste from here:

    Which says it got it's info from the fist link and original article, yet the above two articles are quite different from the original.... boh!

    Ooooooh kaaaaay.... now I've finally found the article shown in the OP vid published yesterday, 14th of August...whew!

    So, I then tried to check out some of the accusations and glorifying of Glenn Thomas:

    Quote Malaysia Airlines crash: First British victim named as World Health Organisation spokesperson Glenn Thomas

    Jul 18, 2014 09:00

    He was, according to the article, a spokesperson for WHO.... in the article he is also referred to as "the journalist".... a Twitter message also states "For Geneva based media pros loss of WHO's Glenn Thomas particularly sad". Would a high ranking virus researcher also have the time to be an active journalist??? Could he really be an expert of HIV and Ebola?

    The video description, in Italian, says that Thomas was co-involved with an investigation (does not say he was being investigated or if he was an investigator) of experimentation of the Ebola virus in the biological arms lab at the Kenema hospital. He was supposedly aware of what was going on in Sierra Leone and was maybe going to blow a whistle... The word "media" is used continually... that doesn't make him any kind of virologist or medical doctor at all, IMO.

    Oh, and none of the sited above articles give any further references that I could check on.

    I don't have this cleared by any means, but let us all do a little homework to get to through the fantasy-reality meatloaf, shall we?
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