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Thread: Are You A Sleep Warrior?

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    Michelle Walling, CHLC

    While we are “awake” we are in a limited consciousness. Our physical body has a reptilian brain which has a constructed veil or barrier between our world and the rest of creation. Is it possible that we could be doing much more than we realize when we are asleep in preparation for the lifting of the veil?

    The cosmic war

    There is a cosmic consciousness war going on in space that is evident in a microcosm detail on the planet. The battle here on earth has been stacked against us and our energy has been siphoned by the archons. Their minions altered the human body by inserting a veil that would cut us off from higher consciousness and our Creator. However, since we are multidimensional and eternal beings only a small part of us is here and the rest of us is working on merging us back together again.

    This part of us that we recognize as “I” was lured into a body that had a reptilian brain and then our memories of who we really are were wiped clean. We have been trapped into a cycle of reincarnation ever since. The organic system of incarnation was first created to allow a soul to send a part of itself into a physical body to have the experience. That whole system was hijacked and we have been trapped and enslaved ever since.

    We were fed a program that would keep us in line as slaves to a system that consisted of money, religion, politics, and lies. We have also been fed a line of B.S. as we were told that this is a learning experience that will propel us up Jacob’s ladder into the higher realms of heaven. Many of us have awakened to what has happened but we find ourselves wanting to fight from this limited consciousness and cannot seem to figure out how to get out of this prison.

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    Our soul knows the truth on the other side of the veil. It is working with us to help prepare us for the moment that the veil is lifted and the truth will be seen by everyone. As we have searched for answers to try to figure out why we are here and what out purpose is, many have fallen even further into the trap of confusion and disinformation. The hardest thing to accept is that all of our “reality” is a matrix construct.

    Sometimes it seems that we are living within a dream itself. I feel the closest thing to the truth is that we have inserted our consciousness into a hologram and it has been trapped here by ET technology against our free will. If this is so, then our dream time may be more real than waking time here on the planet. I feel like we will know the truth one day very soon and we will remember how we got here and how to move our consciousness back to an organic experience.

    Strange dreams

    I “dream” every single night and most of the time, several times a night. There seems to be a storyline with each dream and I wake up with the memory of what I was doing but it seems ridiculous or it doesn’t make sense. I do not keep a dream journal anymore because I could never interpret them.  I decided I would rather lie in bed upon waking and review everything that occurred because turning a light on or writing in a journal makes the memory fade quickly.

    What the heck am I really doing in my sleep? I have asked my higher self to help me remember what I am doing but the clues do not seem to add up. I usually feel a great relief when my astral body leaves my physical body, and sometimes I feel pissed off when I wake up and realize I am still in this same scenario. I also feel like my soul inserts these storylines, clues, and messages in my dreams but they are simply distracting me from knowing what I am really doing while away from my physical body.

    Before my awakening, I struggled a lot with nightmares. I have run for my life, I have fought people with my fists and I have been shot several times in dreams. In the past few years, I have totally removed the fear of dying so I don’t have those dreams that often anymore. I mostly have recurring dreams of school where I cannot find my schedule, locker, or classroom. I have had many dreams of not having brakes in cars, but I am able to steer around other cars through cities without wrecking. Many times, I dream I am driving a bus or RV with many people aboard, and the brakes go out. I feel a great sense of responsibility in keeping everyone safe and I usually wake up before anything bad happens.

    I often dream of a very large white mansion that has many stories with many rooms in it and I know it is my house. In the dream, I know I am having company and I feel the need to check each room to make sure all of the beds have sheets on them because I will be helping many people out. It takes a very long time to walk all of the halls and check out the rooms. There is a spiral staircase in the middle of the house which leads to each floor.

    The house is on a hill and there is a very large pool with a lazy river connected to it that goes down the hill and back up. The pool has been dirty in the past but lately I have been focused on the inside of the house only.  Some dream analysis books say that when you dream of a house it actually represents your physical body. I wonder if I am integrating all of my multidimensional selves in preparation for exiting this matrix?

    My favorite dream is of flying, although I rarely fly higher than the treetops or telephone poles. Sometimes I have to flap my arms to get up in the air, but I go up like a helicopter rather than taking off like a bird. While in the air I like to show people on the ground that I can fly and I see them looking up into the air at me. Varied dreams like this one can be interpreted as the astral body traveling, however the weird part in my dream is that fact that I have to flap my arms!

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    Strange sleep patterns and programming

    My sleep pattern is all over the place. Ironically when I am with my boyfriend I tend to sleep more. He tends to be more in my dreams when I am sleeping next to him but he is more of a static person in the dreams, hardly ever saying anything. I think we communicate a lot telepathically in dreams. Occasionally someone who has already passed over is in my dream but I forget that they are dead in the dream and most of the time they do not say anything either.

    I feel like that my sleep time is very important and I try to I sleep whenever I feel the need to. Sometimes I take a nap during the day, but sometimes I can stay awake all day and only sleep 4-6 hours at night. I know that I set myself up at this time in my life to be able to have the flexibility to do what I felt like without a strict schedule. This is a clue to me that my dreamtime is important.

    I have also noticed a strange phenomena lately that prompted me to write this article. I have noticed huge downloads upon coming back into my body. It's like slow motion but probably happens in an instant. Sometimes these downloads appear to my brain as posts on Facebook post or words on a television screen but they make no sense. Sometimes thoughts and images flash before me. It feels like that it could be programming that will unfold in my waking time. Perhaps it is preparation that I will need as we move toward a higher consciousness.

    Am I am energy warrior?

    We are connected by an etheric cord and we all leave our body when we sleep, and we all have various jobs to do. Although I am one who is being programmed with cover up stories rather than what I am actually doing, some people remember their dreams and are cognizant while dreaming. These people remember being in ships or being on other planets. Some people dream about being in parallel lives occurring at the same time as this lifetime. Some people remember helping people who are dying and are about to cross over to the other side. Many people have precognition dreams and many people remember being a warrior of sorts.

    I have been told I work with vibration and I assist the planet to lessen natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes. I have also been told that I work very hard on lessening the ongoing effects of the radiation of Fukushima and the BP oil spill in the oceans.

    Since I do not recall any of this work, I find it fascinating what the brain interprets as we re-enter our bodies. We are all probably doing more for the planet and our mission than we realize. When I am awake, I consciously ground the energy into the planet and into the consciousness grid. Perhaps when my body is in a slumber state, my astral body can leave and more of my higher consciousness slips in to ground more of that energy. Could the biggest part of my work be happening without me even knowing about it?

    I like to think so. I feel that if I get 2 hours sleep, it may actually be triple the amount of hours of work on the other side. I feel like I do a lot of work because I rarely feel fully rested. This has made me realize that many people on the planet may be doing a lot more for the planet and humanity than we realize just by being here. For some of these people, they probably came here just to do this and it may not matter if they “wake up” or not to what is really happening on the planet.

    Listening to your body

    Because we have been trapped in an artificial construct, it seems that much of our real work is  accomplished in the dream state. As multidimensional beings, we can be many places at once. Listening to your body when it is tired is paramount at this time. The ignorant self-ego is constantly fighting the all knowing self subconscious and it likes to make you feel guilty for sleeping late or taking naps. Our bodies are changing and morphing from carbon based to crystalline based and this can make us very tired. The subconscious knows what is best. When you feel the urge to sleep, it is your subconscious calling you back to the ship or back to work on the other side.

    Being in the now

    Rather than trying to write down my dreams, interpret them, or remember what battle I fought, I have decided to roll with the flow and let each dream memory come and go without judgment or too much interpretation. My multidimensional selves (past and future) are working with my monad or oversoul and apparently I would not understand what is occurring with my limited reptilian brain capacity. I have learned to trust that all is unfolding in the dream world and is being grounded in my waking state as it needs to.

    Being the observer of the codes and messages that flash before my eyes upon awakening has been fascinating and I have realized that my subconscious knows when to turn those patterns into reality. Synchronicity always reminds me that I have a part of me on another level that knows exactly what is going on. I also feel like when the veil drops, I will know everything I need to know.

    For now, I will simply wait and try to enjoy the play.

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    Default Re: Are You A Sleep Warrior?

    Many thanks for all your posts, and all the time you put in , bringing illumination to us!
    I think our dream state is a great learning time. Alot of what you describe resonates. I feel that it would be great for me if I could link my dreams to my higher calling-so at a basic level suppose I wanted to have a life of service, I get frustrated that I do not have dreams about this- but do have dreams of getting lost, or failing to do this or that etc. There is a challenge for the future. Its a matter of how I deeply view myself.

    There are times in dreams where a veil seems to descend-I will remember the last image, which has been shooting off to Saturn or helping a dead person up a hill, or meeting dead people lying in a battlefield, then perhaps I enter a space that my conscious mind cannot access or is not yet allowed to, and the memory stops.
    I also had several alien dreams. The best happened shortly after a Shamanic session where I was told that there were some higher entities that were available to work with me-a few nights later I had the most vivid dream where a very un-threatening little man with a clip board met me in a very reassuring environment, and started quizzing me about my Alien experiences.

    PS two things that seem to enhance dreams are proximity to a good lump of orgonite and taking quality co-enzyme Q10, but not before bed!
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    Default Re: Are You A Sleep Warrior?

    I was surprised to see that we are having similar dreams. Especially the flying, school dreams, can't find things, houses and also of someone passed who is in the dream. My sleep patterns are erratic also. Sometimes I wake up and feel like I have done a night's work. I have also taken to napping which I have never done before except on rare occasions.

    I have interpreted the lost schedules, lockers, classes, lost purse, file and records, as a "loss of control". There are so many things beyond my control at this point.

    The houses I dream of have surprise rooms and many of them. I keep finding new ones all the time, and house that are mine that I didn't know I owned. Perhaps you are correct. There are so many multi-dimensions of our selves that we are unaware of. Maybe I'm in the process of discovering the infinite possibilities of myself.

    Anyway, I have wondered myself what I do when I sleep.
    With Peace and Love, Mandala
    "Be the change you wish to see." Mahatma Gandhi

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    Default Re: Are You A Sleep Warrior?

    Over the past 6 - 8 years or so i have been having experiences in my sleep that really could not be described as dreams. A recent example of this the other night i met what appeared to be my brother, but behaved very differently to him but subtly. I found myself in another beings body watching a marriage ceremony (not being married but choosing who will marry who etc) or that is what it appeared like to me. Long story short we rescued a girl that appeared to be someone i knew, stole a 'key' which i think was actually the girl and agents (goons with wires in their ears and guns) came to stop us from escaping. I distracted them somehow to let the other two escape and was shot in the process (I being the being whose body i 'woke up' into) and popped back into my actual physical body asleep in bed. This kind of thing happens a few times a week or can be every night and some have the feeling of a training exercise and some, like the one i briefly described, feel like the real thing. I think i am somehow being tricked into doing these things and the trickers are appearing to me as friends or loved ones asking for help. I have a hard time believing this is all just a dream as my actual dreams are generally quite pleasant.

    Has anyone encountered the shadowy being just before going to sleep or waking up? This all started when i learned how to stop it from attacking me! None of this is an issue though as pretty much every time i find myself in a situation like this it somehow all works out ok (apart from being shot by goons of course!)

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    Default Re: Are You A Sleep Warrior?

    Wow, this was quite the brilliant article. I enjoyed reading it, and I sensed a balanced, educated level of input on the nature of sleep and dreams. Thanks for sharing!
    "Rather than love, than fame, than money, give me truth."
    ~Henry David Thoreau

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    Default Re: Are You A Sleep Warrior?

    Interesting topic...

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