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Thread: Emergency survival guide

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    Default Re: Emergency survival guide

    that depends on how you pack lol, i wouldnt do it normally for recreation, the paint on your durango wouldnt appreciate it lol, but i thought id throw it out there becuase iv seen it before

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    Default Re: Emergency survival guide

    lol. That's true, and roof is only spot that isn't scratched yet! lol Need to take my baby in and be repaired.
    Need to get new tires before I go sliding off a 5 foot box culvert again! lol
    Didn't think of it, but I have a rack on my Durango.
    I also have a roof rack luggage.
    I have a small trailer with a roof on it. (an old pop up tent camper that leaked and rotted, we turned it into a trailer to carry all our camp stuff.
    We've been thinking more over lately of buying a new pop up tent camper. If we did, that'll be kept packed and ready to go.

    Kids are home with snow day today. They are loving it. And Thank God I don't have to go to work in this! Sit home in front of my warm spot by the fireplace, and watch it come down through the window! lol
    usually these storms take out our electricity though, so filling up water buckets. and getting oil lamps filled, and ready to go.

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    Default Re: Emergency survival guide

    Just to bump this thread , I haven't seen fuel containers of some sort . The ex army green type are excellent for bio/diesel fuels , petrol is hard to store is goes off . So if you have petrol stored check it and perk it up with a couple of blasts of easy start for Diesel engines, it keeps petrol keen . Do it outside you don't want any mishaps

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    Lightbulb Re: Emergency survival guide

    Quote Posted by Ammit (here)
    I have even rendered animal fat from meat to get the oil from it, just save all your pork or other meat fat in the freezer and do it all in one hit.
    Found this today on a survival blog, thought I would pass it along:

    "Raw animal fat can quickly become rancid. Therefore raw animal fat should not be saved and then converted into grease at some future date. The best procedure is to render animal fat into grease while the fat is still fresh. Rendered animal fat has a much longer storage life than raw animal fat.)"

    How to Clarify Bacon Grease (pork lard), Hamburger Grease (beef tallow), and Other Types of Used Cooking Grease, Oil, and Drippings

    Measure the amount of used cooking grease (or used cooking oil) and put it into a cook pot. Add an equal amount of water to the cook pot. Measure another one-half the original amount of water and set it aside for later. Add one tablespoon of salt to the cook pot. Bring the mixture to a boil inside the pot. Turn off the heat. Then gradually pour the cold water you previously set aside into the hot mixture.

    The mixture will begin to separate into three layers as follows:

    1. pure fat on top,
    2. fat mixed with impurities in the middle, and
    3. water on the bottom.

    Carefully ladle the top layer of pure fat into a clean container and save it for future use. Discard the bottom two layers. Label the container with the type of grease that it contains (pork lard, beef tallow, cooking oil, etc.)

    Softer fats, like lard, can be used in 'fat lamps' or "button lamps". Basically a fat lamp is a shallow container holding soft fat and a wick held in it or draped over the side. A button lamp is the same only a metal button or even a large washer is wrapped with some sort of wicking material, tied with a wire so that the corners stick up and the material is allowed to soak up the fat and then lit.

    Here are a couple of sites to look at if you are interested:


    source: http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?act=idx

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    Default Re: Emergency survival guide

    My dad was a boy scout master of troop 192 in, Toledo, Ohio in the 50’ 60’ and grew up always being prepared, we trained, camped, we hiked, learned how to live with just a pocket knife, sleeping bag, and a canteen and mess kit and do it for a week.
    And I would say outside of communication and team work, the most important item you could possibly possess… ?
    The Boy Scout Manual.
    So if you have no back ground, outdoors experience in anything. This manual could save your life. Buy two, one for the trunk of your car or truck, the other in your home. Or a girl scout manual. All the other stuff on your list will break down, fall apart, or run out off. But with the manual will teach you or show you how and where it can be found or reproduced. When there are no longer store’s to renew conveniences we rely on now. It’s the bible of living on your own or with a group.
    I have a copy for me and the wife, just before Y2K, and now with earth changes?

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    Default Re: Emergency survival guide

    Here is a little plant knowledge to put in your tool bag for those that live in the Northern hemispheres.

    -Rose – Apply the petals as a bandage to inhibit bacterial growth on cuts.
    -Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) – Apply the leaf topically to stop bleeding and act as an antiseptic to prevent infection, even in very deep wounds. It can also stop internal bleeding if the leaves are dried and ingested as a tea!
    Plantain (Plantago major or minor) – Chop up the leaf and add spit or water to make a paste, then apply it topically to draw out splinters or soothe stings from insects or jellyfish (I do know someone who used it this way!).
    -Chickweed (Stellaria media) – Eat the leaves, flowers and stems to bring down a high fever.
    Usnea lichen – Antimicrobial properties mean it works as gauze for a wound. You can also dry it and then brew a tea of it to tackle pneumonia or a similar respiratory infection.
    -Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) – Eat the leaves or dry and brew as a tea to kill parasites hitching a ride as intestinal worms. This plant could cause an miscarriage, so don’t take it if you’re pregnant and want to stay that way.
    -Blackberry (Rubus discolor) – Dig up the root or pick and dry the leaf from this thorny vine and then drink as a tea to cure diarrhea. Might sound like a minor issue, but if left untreated, it could cause fatal dehydration.

    It is in your interest to achieve mastery at identifying these plants ahead of time. You really wouldn’t want to be trying to match sketches in a field guide to plants you aren’t familiar with in a high-stress situation.

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    Default Re: Emergency survival guide

    all of these tips are great for a short term plan... but fuels, supplies, food, and such run out in short time, they require the means to move them... etc which can be problems for severe situations. Packing a bob, or a bug out bag, a 72 back pack full of medical, food, and emergency supplies is a a good idea too. Other than that, I dont need much... I dont need much more than I can carry on my back, about 150 lbs and under... And that is the real survival skill set you all should learn if you are concerned or want to learn... TBH any Special Forces Handbook, from the navy/army supply store will provide the essentials for survival. Simple things like tape, string, a stick, stone, etc, can make you many tools and weapons, which can provide you survivability, if you learn the skills and practice the methods. Use of google can get you comprehensive military manuals on the various immediately important topics:

    Nuclear Biological Chemical
    Food and water

    Most of the people I imagine, with no offense, will pack many needless things, use their car, thinking roads will be clear for an evacuation, ( I have an enduro that will get me to a safe location in a natural environment where I already have supplies and means of survival).
    One thing many people wont know, or consider, filtering water... most filters you buy from walmart, will not be sufficient for an all hell breaks loose situation. You need to know how to distill water!

    Simple skills to learn,
    basic mechanical and technical, medical, navigation, and even combative training for those serious enough about their skill set or tool box, if you will. If you know where to find copper tubing, basic fittings, a bucket and a few other items like a beaker and valve, you can distill water in the woods via fire... this skill beats any brita filter when and if there are nano-particles or other chemicals for example exposed to the environment.

    here is a link.

    "A mighty order of ages is born anew. Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return. Now a new progeny is let down from the lofty heavens... The boy soon to be born in whom the iron age shall come to an end, and the golden one shall arise again in the whole earth." Charles A.L. Totten

    "Home: Arcturus
    Been to: Orion, Andromeda, Pleiades"

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