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Thread: What some of the Disciples ate

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    Yahoshua, in John 21: after his resurrection was cooking ὀψάριον
    opsarion which translates baby fish, or fish eggs. The unfertilized eggs of a fish would be opsarion and would be part of the Nazoraion’s diet, as is chicken eggs unfertilized. That is where the vitamin b 12 is stored, nothing dies. So a Nazoraion diet would be an ovo-vegetarian or vegan plus egg diet. Also when they gave him icthus when he appeared to them, in the Middle East there is icthus bread or sea vegetables, does not have fish in it. The boy carrying the icthus had it in a basket. Jewish law forbids one to carry meat or fish in a basket because it cannot be sterilized. So it would have been icthus bread or sea vegetable dish.
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