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Thread: Crystal Skull of Love

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    Default Crystal Skull of Love

    Nice article here about the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull


    By Phoenix Rising Star

    A man and his wife asked to work with me.

    "We can't always say where we're going to be in the world, so we have to take advantage of any teachers who are available when we are," they said mysteriously. As we worked, they mentioned other things that piqued my interest — incidents where they had to leave a country in a hurry — other occasions when they were in possible danger; no details, just a brief statement and then we all moved on to the next topic.

    I thought they were spies. And I was wondering why I would attract that kind of energy.

    That's when Bill Homann said to me, "I have something you might like to see. It's something I've taken care of for awhile now, and it's pretty special. Have you ever heard of a crystal skull?"

    I just looked at him. "Of course. The most famous one I know of is the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, found in Lubantuum, Belize. That couldn't be what you're referring to, it is?"

    He just nodded. I mean, he literally just nodded. Here is the keeper of the most famous skull in the world, sitting with me, and nonchalantly and modestly offers to show me this skull????? So much for my intuition thinking he was a spy!

    When I told him that, he just laughed and said, "Well, I've had a lot of adventures, let's just say that. I've certainly had my share of having to think fast on my feet. Good thing I'm a martial arts teacher."

    When he brought in the skull to show it to me, I didn't know what to expect. I've been around other skulls before, but they didn't feel good to me, quite frankly. They felt rather creepy and manipulated.

    This skull is definitely different from the others I've been around. It exuded an energy of unconditional love. I felt warmth in my heart. I felt tears for no reason. I just sat and stared at it for awhile.

    The skull weighs 11.71 pounds and measures 9.4 inches in diameter. It has been found to be anatomically correct for a female, aged 25-29 years old. Made of one large crystal, it is the only skull in the world to have a separate jawbone of the same crystal.

    Bill explained that Hewlett Packard, experts in crystals and computers, had examined and tested it in 1970. They noted that the quartz measured seven out of ten on the Mohs scale of hardness. Observing that although the crystal was one piece, it had three or four growth phases, each with a different axis. Cutting through this would have been difficult as striking a different axis could shatter the crystal. Yet there were no tool marks anywhere on the skull, and there appeared to be a total disregard for the axis. Modern technology could not cut such a crystal without shattering it due to the heat and vibrations created.

    Furthermore, it was found to contain three prisms and two lenses. In order to achieve this in modern technology, the skull would have to be created under zero gravity conditions. Hewlett Packard concluded, "This object should not exist."

    Looking at the clarity of the crystal, I could easily understand why other experts had claimed it may have come from Brazil. Brazilian quartz has a clarity that isn't commonly found elsewhere. And looking deeper into it, I could almost see faces, and pictures pulling me in��.

    I leaned back from it quickly and broke my gaze with it.

    I said, "So tell me about how you came to be the keeper."

    "I'd always been interested in crystals and I'd heard fishing stories about FA (Frederick Albert) and his adopted daughter Anna Mitchell-Hedges. When I found someone who could introduce me to Anna, I jumped at the chance. I got to listen to her stories and was fascinated by her adventures. Whenever I got a chance I went to visit her and her secretary, Cynthia.

    "In 1989, when Cynthia passed away, Anna didn't know what to do with herself. She moved around from England to Canada and then to Indiana and lived for three years with me. At that time, she was in her nineties. Being around the skull all the time and being around 'Sammy', it was just a high shot of energy all the time. Never dull. The phone would ring and it would the National Enquirer wanting to come and take pictures. But Anna would say she was busy and couldn't talk. She loved to travel around and do lectures with the skull."

    Anna moved around some more, between Canada and England and again came back to live with Bill in Indiana. This time, in 2001, she was really ill. Bill convinced her he could take care of her. She knew his love of the skull and knew they had past lives together. She taught him what she learned of the skull, what she expected him to do with it, and how it was intended to be utilized.

    "Anna had found the skull on her birthday, January 1, 1907. She passed away on April 11, 2007, my birthday, and she passed the skull to me then," Bill said. "I feel she's watching me from some place. She's definitely with her father around the skull."

    There's always a special energy around that skull. "She taught me that not everyone needs to see the skull, but some people are very drawn to it. And I try to make it available for those people so they have a chance to experience the energy of the skull."

    I asked, "So how did Anna find the skull?"

    Bill elaborated, "F.A. Mitchell-Hedges heard there was a city in British Honduras (Belize) where there was a connection between the Maya and Atlantis. He thought it was called the White City. He thought Lubantuum was it. When they uncovered this eight acre center with seven pyramids and ball courts, etc., the pyramids were made in circular corners rather than straight, and lacked mortar for blocks. It wasn't the white city, because that hasn't been found yet, but this was where the skull was. Sammy and her friends heard that if you got on top of the largest pyramid you could see all the way to the ocean. Everyone warned her not to go to the top due to danger. But one day, she and a few friends sneaked up to the top and as they did so, the sun hit a space between some of the rocks, and a light came back in her face. She thought there was someone in there with a flashlight and told her father. Although angry with her for disobeying him, her father decided to investigate. It took them six weeks to create a hole big enough for a small person to crawl in without it caving in. Anna was small and chosen to go into the pyramid. She found the skull and put it in her shirt. When they brought it out, the natives all cried and kissed the earth. Mitchell-Hedges was astounded that it meant so much to them. He gave it to the high priest, and the Mayans kept it for two years. They burned fires around it for twenty-four hours a day. Everyone came to see it. When Mitchell-Hedges had to leave, the high priest gave it back to him. Mitchell-Hedges had done so much to help the Mayans with jobs, money, food, respect, that the high priest decided to present it back to him."

    In 1943, during the war, Mitchell-Hedges took his treasures and gave them to his friend, Burney, for safe keeping. Mitchell-Hedges was unaware that Burney subsequently passed away and everything, including Mitchell-Hedges' treasures was put up for sale. Receiving this information the day before the sale, Mitchell-Hedges then had to bid against the British Museum to get the skull back in his possession. He kept the skull with him the rest of his life. Before he passed away in 1959, he gave it to Anna.

    Rumors of Mitchell-Hedges and Anna were they were in the secret service together. After their expedition in the early 1930's, Anna went to Paris and studied at Anton's, the most famous hairdresser at that time. When she was taking her tests to be a hairdresser, a famous general asked her out for dinner. She got drunk as she wasn't used to drinking, and when she went to take her test, she passed with flying colors.

    She had all the top people in Europe for her clients: The Vanderbilts, the French ambassador's wife from England, even Wallis Simpson. She spent many weekends with Wallis and the Duke. All these famous people helped fuel the rumors of being in the secret service.

    Given Homann's interesting background, I asked, "What are some of the more exciting things you've had happen in your life since having the skull?"

    "Meeting some very interesting people�it's my job to be in the right place at the right time. To do that, it makes it like a river going downstream�.going with the flow and taking it as it comes. I thought it would be interesting to work with the Hopi, and I wanted to meet Grandfather Martin. This was before or at the summer solstice in 2008. When we first met, he said the Hopi prophecies for our future were of doom and gloom, and there was no hope. We've gone too far. In being with the skull, his prediction lightened up and changed, and he saw the possibility of hope. He felt the skull was brought here by people after the last world ended and brought to the Mayan people. Grandfather Martin is someone I have deep respect and love for.

    "Also, I went to see John of God in Brazil. I'd heard so much about him, and was doing lectures at the time. I didn't have any time to leave the skull anywhere safe, and I had to keep it close. It's not like it's something you can leave in a hotel room. I had it in a knapsack, in line with the thousand of people there to see him. I placed the bag beside me as I was next in line.

    "The first thing he says to me is 'What's that? Bring it to me right now. I want to see it.'

    "I'm trying to hide it, but he kept pointing and getting excited. Next thing I know he says, 'Where did you get this? How did you come to have it? Where are the other 2?'

    "That got me thinking. He said it came from a land that sunk under the sea a long time ago.

    "That was my first experience with John of God. He's a really awesome person, and I look forward to working with him more in the future."

    I couldn't resist asking the question, "Is there only 1 skull?

    "As far as all records, they only found the one skull." Bill answered.

    "Do you want to elaborate on that?" I asked.

    "Some other time," he said.

    I asked, "What do you think the purpose of the skull is?"

    Bill answered, "It's here to raise the consciousness to a new level. By being with the skull, one of the things that happens is people's hearts open to universal love. Helping them to realize all life is connected. We're all one. Its purpose is to help us see that. We don't have to change the world to make a change. By opening our hearts, we create change. It's my way of helping the world, and giving something I have as a gift to help the world."

    He continued, "I just want the world to be in peace. We are in a position to destroy our world just as we did thousands of years ago.�..I can't see why you'd want to destroy everything when we all have a chance for a positive and beautiful future with a human race who has a chance to work spiritually. The vibrations of this world are changing, and our earth is alive, and if we realize we are all one, and can live without judgment and fear, then we have a great chance with this world. And that's what it's all about. I'm trusting my instincts, and if God puts me in the right spot, I'll do my best to do my responsibility.

    "The earth right now is going through major changes too. Unless we can work on our hearts and really balance everything out�.the earth is reacting to our negativity with the earthquakes everywhere. What will hold the earth together is spiritual consciousness. Then our prayers are not only for our leaders, but for all leaders of the world, that they find that peace and love in their hearts and they can work together for the benefit of mankind. The skull is an important player in the next so many years. After that, it may go into hibernation again for some time. I believe it feels that mankind needs a little help and maybe it's already done, but it's doing as much as it can in whatever way it can. I don't really understand it. I'm just the legs. I just do what I'm supposed to."

    "What do you see for the future of the skull?" I asked.

    "I'd like to have a foundation or museum of the Mitchell-Hedges collection, to help people know who they were and how special they were. Sedona would be a great place to have the skull where so many people could view it and connect with it. It would give more people that opportunity than my travels provide. I'm working on that right now."

    For more information on the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, visit www.mitchell-hedges.com

    When I could take my eyes away from the skull, I felt my heart open to an incredibly peaceful feeling and new opportunities�

    Phoenix Rising Star

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    Default Re: Crystal Skull of Love

    When you open the site below, you will see a picture of this crystal skull.

    Relax and gaze at it for a few moments and see if you are receiving a very gentle message. Its very subtle and comforting.

    The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull


    With these words, Bill Homann draws a clear line between all that has been wrongfully said of the December 21st, 2012 prophecy to date, and of its true meaning. Nothing disastrous or devastating will happen on this date: quite simply, according to the Mayan Calendar, it will be the end of a very long cycle which began on August 13th, 3114 BC.
    As was the case for the year 1000, when there was talk of an inevitable “thousand and a thousand no more”, once again now there are catastrophic prophecies. It is human nature to fear the “end”, whatever cycle it may be.
    Undoubtedly the astronomic cycles calculated by the Maya were extremely precise. However, the fact remains that their interpretation needs to be more contained, and above all it should be read in the same spirit as the Maya who formulated the prophecy.
    Bill is firmly convinced that “something” will happen on that date, but nothing devastating. We will experience a change of era, and man will be able to gain a greater connection with nature and with the whole world. We will have the possibility to grasp the deeper meaning of things, and everything will become clearer.
    It will not be the end of the world, but the beginning of a new way of thinking, and thus of living.
    This is the code with which to decipher the end of this cycle: an opportunity given to humankind for love to be the key word in this new phase. For this reason the Crystal Skull must become a tangible symbol of this deep global renewal.

    We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Default Re: Crystal Skull of Love

    Also from http://www.mitchell-hedges.com/en/fu...ove/home.html:
    Bill Homann says:
    “I believe the main message is one of universal love. The skull works to open an heart of man to help us realize that we are all connected, all human life, all animal life, all plant life, all mineral life, thought universal love, on this planet. When we come to this knowledge and understanding, we will be able to make a quantum leap in consciousness, to a future of higher knowledge and love.
    Meeting the skull and opening your heart lets each of us take this love with us, and it works like a pebble dropped in a pond, sendin out this love vibration to all that we meet. Fear and hate is powerful, but the light of universal love wipes everything clean.
    The skull is trying to share with the world for all of us to drop our egos and to work and support each other as if we are all one. That all living beings contribute to the whole and all are sacred. We are not separate from each other; we are all connected through love.
    Rather than live in our own single-minded consciousness we need to embrace unity consciousness.
    I also feel that the Crystal Skulls are here to help man connect to a higher consciousness. That they work by connecting with the heart of man by breaking down the barriers that keep people from feeling oneness with each other. This is where the great healing takes place and this is why we are now calling this “The Skull of Love”.
    There are many stories and beliefs about what the skull is, where it came from and how it was made. I can not honestly say I know for sure any of those answers. No one does. From a scientific point of view, no-one can explain how it was made: In 1970 Hewlett Packard carried out extensive tests on the skull, establishing that it was made of two parts, the skull and jaw, which, incredibly, had been carved out of a single piece of crystal. Other things render this object ‘impossible’: the fact that it contains three prisms and two lenses, which in theory could only be obtained by working in zero gravity… but even more incredibly, the surface of the skull, which is made of piezoelectric crystal (the same material used in computer circuitry), shows no traces of the use of tools, ancient or modern. As the Hewlett Packard experts said at the time, ‘this object should not exist… we cannot explain how it was produced’.Iconografie Maya
    Some of you may even wonder why I am now the keeper of this skull. I believe because of my past ties the skull is where it wants to be. It chose me, and I chose it.
    It is multidimensional and would be gone if it didn’t want to be here in this reality.
    I also plan on letting as many people that are interested in the skull have the opportunity to experience it. The public interest in crystal skulls is increasing and so I will do my best to communicate the message of the skulls.”

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