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Thread: Deborah Tavares - Life in the Future: 2035 & Beyond

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    Default Deborah Tavares - Life in the Future: 2035 & Beyond

    I don't know if this posted before or how old it is , so my apologies in advance

    Published on Nov 21, 2014
    IEEE is going along, and setting the pace, of the plan for your future...3D printers replacing you on your job, World Standards by World Government, and Technology that will drastically change your society and you...They stealthily use the Delphi Technique developed by the Rand Corporation to recruit.

    Predetermined conclusions you as an attendee of their seminars thought you helped make but were fooled into thinking it was your decision. That is of course if you don't reject their plans and speak up before they carry them out right under your nose. Deborah Tavares explains their plans.

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    Default Re: Deborah Tavares - Life in the Future: 2035 & Beyond

    Super thread ShadowStalker, thank you.

    I have experience in these fields that Deborah Tavares discusses here and it is truly frightening what is being done to humanity and the killer in the selection of technology and science is the link to economics. Economics is Genocide.

    The IEEE is a for profit organisation and is seeding the specialists wiith a vision which is totally incompatible to the natural genome. I have witnessed to my horror discussions amongst professional technologists who gleefully extoll the wonderful world they envisage yet they lack the scope of intellect to cross analyse the implications to the impact each of their glorious ideas promote. As with all sciences, each of them are deliberately compartmentalised ensuring such blindness to their actions.

    In the early 1980s I discussed with colleagues the future and told them of mobile phones, chipping (everything) and robotics and they laughed raucously at my comments, well we know differently now and those friends are entirely respectful now to visionairies and tread cautiously in their professions. Sadly though, many of the capital spend decisions are now being made for economic reasons and the welfare of humanity isn't considered, as is a pre condition of the economic (genocidal) cult that dominates our existence.

    I thoroughly endorse viewing this presentation as it is packed with entirely "doable" technology today, let alone in 2035. In fact Deborah states at the conference a major obstacle to implementing these ideas is the global demographic of "baby boomers", over 50's, which is a problem that they believe requires restitution. It is quite sickening, though you must view and draw your own conclusions.

    Deborah Tavares: at Stop the Crime website - highly recommended
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    Default Re: Deborah Tavares - Life in the Future: 2035 & Beyond

    Snoweagle and shadowstalker,

    Please consider that the evidence which Deborah Tavares uses in support of her claims (about the planned extinction of mankind) is subject to entirely different interpretations.

    I have studied many of her documents and I have concluded that they do not support her claims. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...eborah-Tavares.

    All The Best,


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