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Thread: ancient aliens

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    Default ancient aliens

    So I just wanted to get other people's opinion on this subject. Aliens exsist obviously tons and tons of evidence that's not what I want to debate though. The mainstream tv is controlled probably down to every single show and why they appear at certain times but I'm watching ancient aliens and to me I feel as of they r getting ready to admit something. I feel like they know they can't hide aliens exsist anymore so they are prepping the general population to believe that they do exsist because they do. However I feel like they r trying to manipulate it and they r going to try and control the alien subject like maybe there is only one race that we have had contact with which would be a lie or how knows I just feel like they r trying to twist the truth because from this show there is alot of real good information but I also feel like there is alot of twisted and guided information.

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    Default Re: ancient aliens

    If you're referring to the Series, Ancient Aliens, IMO it's got some very worthwhile info in it, (and some of the theories, I think they could be pushing it). That's where you have to use your discernment and check other sources. At the end of the day, you may end up with a whole bunch of contradictory info to wade through. Which are correct? I don't trash something just because it's on mainstream media. I try to remind myself that a good deal of this is someone else's theories, not necessarily fact. That, and keep an open mind.

    As for the concept behind "ancient aliens", yes, I think anyone with half a brain would realise that there is way too much evidence "out there" to be completely ignored. (ie I've never believed the mainstream explanation of how the Pyramids at Cheops were built, but pick which of several alternative theories may be correct? (or none of them?). Personally, I find it more believable (and logical) that some kind of advanced technology (probably "alien") was used then to build them that we cannot, or have not, yet duplicated.

    I approach everything with the idea of that infamous phrase from Sherlock Holmes: "When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth" (and that means looking at everything in between - the grey areas between black and white). That's half the problem: we humans tend to try and simplify many things into "black and white", this or that, as if there were only two possible choices. Perhaps that's why we miss so much

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    Default Re: ancient aliens

    Most of the ET's that have come to Earth in the past are members of a federation of worlds connected to the Plejaren ... they have supervised Earth for the last 13,500 years ... our forefathers thought they were angels/gods but , in truth they are just highly developed human beings with abilities that seemed like magic to primitive man ... they say three groups visit Earth that have no connection with the plejaren federation , as they are not advanced enough to allow the Plejaren to enter into official contact with them ... they sent a letter to the carter administration and the white house rejected the terms , so no official help from them ...
    Raiding the Matrix One Mind at a Time ...

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    Default Re: ancient aliens

    Welcome to the rabbit hole.

    First piece of advice I'd offer you? Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.

    Second piece of advice I'd offer you? Collect what you watch like curios. Mainstream television could be controlled, but it might not be.

    Third piece of advice I'd offer you? Be critical about what you see/hear/read and realize that it's OK not to have an opinion. Some of the best thinkers (and there a few on this forum) have actually put their foot firmly and deeply into their mouths by asserting "this is the way it is" when in fact it was just a guess, and it ended up being wrong.

    Final piece of advice I'd offer you? You are ultimately in control of you. And that's a hard enough thing to sort out without having to consider the alternatives, most of which involve very tempting pseudo-realities that we can buy into and end up loosing sight of the fact that "you are ultimately in control of you."


    I know they're real. It's simply a matter of applying logic and common sense to what we know about the universe...or should I say multiverse.

    Of course there's other reasons I know they're real, and others on the forum know they are. But revert to Rule #1, even and especially with people here on this forum.

    (The secret to the rabbit hole is knowing that it's only as deep as you want to go.)

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    Default Re: ancient aliens

    If the Universe is out there, there are scads of Aliens. Internet lore says there are 57 kinds here. Probably true. The powers that be are said to be planning a fake alien war, so therefore they have to SAY there are Aliens at least. The answer to these things is usually ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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