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Thread: British Rail And The Great UFO Caper

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    Default British Rail And The Great UFO Caper

    This story really makes you wonder if British Rail knew something and thought it was worth the time, money and effort to file a patent.

    British Rail Once Patented a Flying Saucer

    If British Rail can't manage to get its trains running on time, how did it ever think it would be able to master space travel? That didn't dull its aspirations back in the 1970s however when it patented a plan for a flying saucer.

    Designed by Charles Osmond Frederick (with the patent granted in March 1973), the patent describes a craft that uses nuclear fusion for its energy source, with laser beams generated in pulses to stabilise the vehicle. Magnetised subatomic particles would provide lift and thrust, with a thick metal shield in the hull protecting passengers from radiation.

    Its grasp of physics is, clearly, bat**** crazy, and with the likelihood of the craft ever getting made being slim, the patent lapsed in 1976. But as YouTube star Tom Scott points out, even the most insane ideas, if original enough, can be worth patenting.
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    Default Re: British Rail And The Great UFO Caper

    We had a little discussion about this a while back on the Here and Now thread. eaglespirit is supposed to be building one

    Quote Posted by ulli (here)
    Quote Posted by araucaria (here)
    Quote Posted by eaglespirit (here)
    Quote Posted by araucaria (here)
    Quote Posted by eaglespirit (here)
    Quote Posted by araucaria (here)
    From the mainstream science magazine New Scientist (9 April 1978) :
    Anyone spurred on by the current interest in flying saucers to think about building one for himself could do little better than turn to BP 1 310 990. This patent, which describes an atomic-powered, saucer-shaped space vehicle, was published in 1970. Since then the patentee, none other the British Rail, has not paid the renewal fees so the patent has lapsed, meaning anyone is allowed to construct the saucer according to the specifications. According to these, powerful electromagnets deflect charged particles produced by a thermo-nuclear fusion reaction to create lift and drive. Electrodes in the pulsed field are bombarded by charged particles and generate electric power for the craft. BR claimed that the idea was far less crazy than it sounded and that the inventor was experienced in nuclear physics.
    Let's set up shop, Araucaria : )
    Well, you've built the garage eaglespirit, but do you have the expertise in nuclear physics (can't say I have)?
    Sure You do : ) ...thermo-nuclear fusion Spirit reaction.
    We'll get 'er done...I'll be the test pilot, Haha!!
    OK, you can pick me up here. We have some very nice landing beaches and when they stop remembering the good folk of 1944, they will remember how the eagle has landed etc. on the new D-Day (disclosure day) of Y Year of E Era. We can then pick up the rest of the villagers and go have a celebration in Barbados or somewhere.
    Great idea. And then you can drop everyone here:

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    Default Re: British Rail And The Great UFO Caper

    Haha, hilarious, this has made my day !!

    All I can say is ... it obviously wouldn't run in the autumn - too many leaves in the air !

    (Brits will understand that)

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