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Thread: Dutch bucket hydroponic food production

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    Default Dutch bucket hydroponic food production

    According to mhpgardener, Dutch buckets work better for plants bearing fruit and vegetables than the Kratky system that works well (no electricity and almost no maintenance) for leafy greens.

    Electricity is needed to automate the system. But if the grid goes down, there is a work around to save the plants. Here is how to set up the system.

    Improvements and fixes.
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    Default Re: Dutch bucket hydroponic food production

    Here is Mike Adams with a detailed DIY explanation on the Kratky system. Posted earlier, but reposting here.

    This is the introductory video explaining the concept. The free 'how to' videos require an email sign-in to watch and download.

    Synopsis: Non-circulating, no weeding, no maintenance, nutrient dense plants built using available household scrap items or inexpensive Walmart junk. Some items may require 3D printing or for purchase. Website is http://www.foodrising.org/

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