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Thread: Official Inauguration of Swiss Space Systems (S3) Croatia

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    Default Official Inauguration of Swiss Space Systems (S3) Croatia

    Plans in the making.... satellite launches, suborbital passenger flights, spaceport.. "Croatia will play a role in the engineering of the upper-stage of S3 system."

    [QOUTE] Zagreb, Croatia (February 16, 2015). S3, officially inaugurated its daughter company, Swiss Space Systems Croatia, in the presence of the Ambassador of Switzerland in Croatia, as well as representatives of the national and local authorities and international guests from the aerospace sector.

    The company is located in Zagreb and Sladjan Zovko is its General Director. For the S3 Group, this inauguration represents a new important step in its expansion in Europe, as Croatia will play an important role in different parts of the S3 program. First activities of S3 Croatia will be the ZeroG flights, which are taking place in Croatia in the first half of 2016. In the longer term, Croatia is foreseen as an interesting location to operate. S3 Croatia also plans to build a spaceport infrastructure in Ubdina and will be involved in the development work on the upper-stage and its assembly, creating highly skilled jobs in the country. Moreover, S3 Croatia will play a role in Space Research and Education, involving the main universities and research centers from Croatia active in this field.

    Swiss Space Systems (S3) is developing its activities and now counts more than 75 employees in Switzerland, Spain and the US. The engineering team, supported by their industrial and academic partners, is progressing on the Research & Development phase of a reusable, flexible, safe and affordable small satellite launching system, based on an Airbus aircraft carrying the SOAR sub-orbital shuttle on its back. The SOAR carries an expendable upper-stage, released at an altitude of 80 km to go up to 700 km and deliver the satellites in low earth orbit. After the launch it is disintegrated into the atmosphere without producing space debris. 2015 will be a crucial year for S3, with its first ZeroG flights and wind tunnel testing and a mock up flight test campaign leading to the end of its R&D phase. In Europe, S3 already counts on a strong network of industrial and institutional partners from France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Now, this European network will be extended to Croatia with the inauguration of a daughter company in Zagreb as a first step..... [/QUOTE]

    Continue reading...the juicey stuff inside:

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    Default Re: Official Inauguration of Swiss Space Systems (S3) Croatia

    From http://www.s-3.ch/en/mission-goals:

    Quote We propose a sustainable system based and built on aeronautics experience and its developments.

    Quote The start of the test flights is planned for 2017.
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    Default Re: Official Inauguration of Swiss Space Systems (S3) Croatia

    I see a good way to put orbital components and parts assembled in space to make orbiting hotels or peaceful views to calm some of that ego down. LOL
    GPS magnetic assembly all fired with the same amount of fuel to be in the same area, then fire boosters to connect thru AI and robots.

    Star Trek intro; "Space....the final frontier. These are the voyages of Enterprise. It's mission to seek out new worlds and beings...to boldly go, where no human has gone before(with permission from Creator of course) IN peace and understanding and respect. Cautious, yet emboldened to help humanities continued survival and restoration of the planet through technological advances. Mega Air Filtration machines, powered by wind, tide and solar. So much on the docket of solutions.

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