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Thread: Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame (a talk about online bullying).

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    Default Re: Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame (a talk about online bullying).

    Quote Posted by Natalia (here)
    Quote Posted by jackovesk (here)
    Quote Posted by Natalia (here)
    Well despite any other possible things about Monica or her connections, or who may have helped her, or who she is or may be connected to, the message that she shares is a very important one for society in general.
    So its not an (APRIL FOOL) post, then the joke I'm sorry to say must be on you...

    TIP: Natalia, please be more careful when choosing your (Role Models)...
    just because I see a good message in her talk and that she did it well, on something that is in my own heart (compassion and empathy), does not mean that I totally trust her or that she is my role model.

    And, whatever she has done, she is a better public speaker than me, I wish I could be as confident at it as she is!
    Don't be too harsh on yourself Natalia, not everyone is cut out to be an implanted 'SPY'
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    Default Re: Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame (a talk about online bullying).

    I kept listening to this wondering what she was trying to sell to all of us? Internet clampdowns due to cyber-bullying? Getting rid of anonymity on the web? She was definitely polished -- a little too polished -- with forced laughs at self-deprecating jokes, long pauses for effect, and at one point she repeated a line for emphasis. Definitely a well-rehearsed speech, and likely not written by her. Of course she WAS a Presidential intern at one point, suggesting she's no slouch, but how does one get to be an intern at the White House? What family or other connections must one have? And what has she been doing for the last 17 years?

    Back in the 90's when this whole "scandal" came out, I used to think Monica was just some poor naive girl who got conned by a serial woman-chasing President (a President I voted for), and then betrayed by someone she thought was a friend.... But now I know that nothing is as it seems anymore -- and most events we've been sold were orchestrated for other reasons. I've now read several articles linking Monica to Mossad, arguing that she was a honeytrap, and of course, the entire "Clinton-Lewinsky scandal" now seems like a complete bread and circus show used to distract the public from something else entirely. Still, I did like parts of her message about compassion and empathy. It's just that I don't believe she came out of the woodwork at this time for nothing. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Oh how cynical I've grown!

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    Default Re: Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame (a talk about online bullying).

    She has been used and abused from her internship with the president and more, potentially pushed by Mossad agents, but at 22, she was used by Mossad if anything, not a paid shill.

    What if she is an innocent MKUltra programmed presidential profile person. This would mean that she would have been programmed since childhood and used since.

    Anyhow, I do believe that the only thing she must have wanted for years was to suicide, like many Young girls and women who are bullied on the net and that she brings a worthwhile message. I also do think that any potential real career was ruined for her.

    Bringing it out at this moment may have something to do with politics, but i doubt it. Once you have been around teenagers and their incredibly heavy web bullying, girls being pushed to do strip shows on Skype for their boyfriend and unknowingly being taped and published, even fake shows (someone else body with the head of the targetted victim for example), you understand that the problem has to be adressed.

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    Default Re: Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame (a talk about online bullying).

    Well whatever the intention behind this talk - whether it's money or for a political party, or whatever....the words she spoke are powerful and true and very positive. For this reason I think it's a very good speech and hope it does genuine good. I hope it makes people think about the effect they have when spreading rumours or criticising the actions of others.
    There is too little compassion and empathy online; too many people wanting to share gossip or be quick to criticise without knowing the full facts about any given situation...and this balance needs to be redressed.
    Thank you Natalia for sharing this with us here on Avalon,

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    Default Re: Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame (a talk about online bullying).

    I have to admit, I did not want to like this video. Monica Lewinsky is someone who's name we should have never heard of, but because we did, the consciousness of millions was focused on a rather trivial and embarrassing incident - which instead, could have been directed towards understanding what is really wrong in this world. So when I saw this post I thought "I wish she would just go away, what the heck is TED using her for."

    As her talk progressed, I thought that by discussing the internet trolling phenomena, she was going to appeal for an end to free speech on the Internet. She didn't. Instead, she just gave us some ideas about how we need to appeal to our higher selves and combat trolling what it does happen on the Internet.

    Do I "feel sorry" for Monica Lewinsky? Well, I try not to, just as I did and tried 15 years ago not to have any feelings for her then (not with 100% success). Since I do not know here personally, she is just a celebrity, a person I know through the filter of the media. The media is always trying to get us sucked into the cult of celebrity, of parading individuals before us and idolizing or demonizing them, of manipulating our emotions of love and hate and getting us to direct them into our TV screen. I have tried to resist this temptation of directing my energy into a TV set and have been pretty successful, but still need to try harder.

    So was this TED talk worthy of my attention? Well, her message was clear, constructive, relevant to her personal story and our time now. And having had her name bantered about in the media (including 40 raps songs) for so long, I think she does deserve those 22 minutes, and used the time well.

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