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Thread: Red Ice Radio about massive wave of incoming immigrants to Sweden

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    Default Re: Red Ice Radio about massive wave of incoming immigrants to Sweden

    I would imagine the immigration situation is due to the control system. 150 years ago plundering and pillaging was done overtly. Now the bankers covertly plunder third world countries with their corporations. If,on the rare occasion, they fail, they use the military of one of the countries that the bankers own, like the USA, England, etc. (Read USMC Gen. Smedley Butler's retirement speech - 1933).

    The solution is for everyone to stop supporting the control system. Stop buying things from corporations. Stop using banks and their subsidiaries. Move to the country and grow you own food. Sell your TV.

    But if you are reading this, you already know this. I'm preaching to the choir. But we are only 1% of 1%. We need to work with even more vigour to inform those who don't know. They are our brother and sisters, no matter what country they were born in, literally.

    According to the Farsight Institute, when the Atlantians drilled through the Earth's crust to try to gain access to magma for power production, they killed all but around 2000 women. All people are related to those few who survived 70,000 years ago.

    Everyday I share a tidbit with someone new in an attempt to peek their curiosity in order to spur them into the rabbit hole.

    I also try to keep learning and being the change... (love).

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    Default Re: Red Ice Radio about massive wave of incoming immigrants to Sweden

    “Despite continued dynamic the European refugee policy has not become more professional . . .”
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    Default Re: Red Ice Radio about massive wave of incoming immigrants to Sweden

    Swedish veteran cop rants about immigrant crimes on Facebook, ignites nationwide row

    RT Tue, 07 Feb 2017 17:16 UTC

    © Reuters

    A Swedish police investigator triggered a media tsunami with a Facebook post linking violent crimes with immigrants. Peter Springare received an outpouring of support from fellow officers and common Swedes, as well as some accusations of racism.

    Springare is a senior investigator at the serious crimes division at the Örebro Police Department with 47 years under his belt. In the Saturday post he said what he was going to say would not be politically correct and that saying such things could harm an officer's position or pay grade, but he was about to retire and didn't care.

    "Here we go; this is what I've handled from Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment," he wrote.

    "Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again. Christopher... what, is it true? Yes, a Swedish name snuck in on the edges of a drug crime. Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again," he added.

    The post goes on to identify the origins of the suspects.

    "Countries representing all the crimes this week: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects, we can't be sure because they don't have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they're lying about their nationality and identity."

    The post steered waves in Sweden and has since received over 36,000 'likes' and 16,000 'shares' by Tuesday. People supporting Springare's words started a group on Facebook with over 75,000 members. Among the people voicing support of the opinion were fellow police officers, both serving and retired.

    According to news website Nyheter Idag, the police station where Springare works received at least 60 bouquets of flowers addressed to him on Monday - a "bloombomb" from admirers.

    Others were not happy with the investigator's remark, calling him right-wing or even racist. The post was referred to the special prosecutors' office, which handles crimes involving law enforcement, to see whether it violated police regulations, according to Swedish media.

    National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson said that it was important to distinguish what an officer does in the line of duty and outside of it.

    "When he acts in his professional capacity, he should be extremely careful with issues of ethnicity. If he wants to talk about the problems of crime among immigrants in his spare time, he has freedom of expression like any other," he told P4 Extra radio, adding that he knows Springare as a "very good person."

    In a second post, Springare denied accusations of right-wing sympathies.

    "If you can't discuss the problem of crime among immigrants without somebody attributing it to racist propaganda, we are in deep trouble," he said. "The problem is that nobody wants to talk about this."

    Establishing facts about how crime rates correlate with perpetrators belonging to the immigrant community is not the same thing as branding all immigrants criminals, Springare said explaining his position.

    Swedish police reportedly has significant problems tackling crime in some parts of the country. There are allegedly at least 55 areas in Sweden, where the law cannot be fully upheld, which are dubbed 'no-go zones' by the media.
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    Default Re: Red Ice Radio about massive wave of incoming immigrants to Sweden

    New video from Paul Joseph Watson about immigration problems in Sweden.

    When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,
    the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic ~
    Dresden James.

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