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Thread: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

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    Default Re: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

    Quote So yes, I pay attention to the field of politics, but I am "an anti-political activist" working towards dismantling the political gambit that the "Elite" have deliberately contrived to give them power over us. That part of life I have chosen to be a part of and to try to introduce change en mass does indeed feel like slogging.
    My comments were not directed at you personally they were more generic in nature. Sorry if I did not express myself very clearly.

    When it comes to how long the elites live and how much they suffer (opposed to everyone else) I think it is really irrelevant. My feeling is that we live in a distorted time realm. What seems like 80-90 long years to us is the blink of an eye away from this world. While time is an evolving issue (for me) I have been attempting to grapple with it for years and I truly believe I am gaining a small bit of insight. Two or three days of our time is the equivalent of 80 - 90 years on this planet. Longevity and suffering are all but meaningless in the scope of real-time. I hope this makes sense.

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    Default Re: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

    Quote Posted by ERK (here)
    It's possible that some of these elites have the Methuselah gene. Guy de Roth lived until he was 98, meanwhile his wife did not live so long. Kissinger could have the gene, I know a few more that are in their late 90's (elites) who are from same heritage that might also have it. Just a thought. http://www.scientificamerican.com/ar...-to-long-life/

    I think I did mention that some of the elites are now using a new stem cell anti aging approach. It costs about a million a year per person to use the stem cell approach.
    Of the over 2,500 documented "factors" (documented, but not all studied) the precursors to stem cells is amongst them, along with trace amounts of vitamins, minerals, antigens, hormones, things the body and blood produce that we don't even know of... If someone is paying a million bucks for stem cell therapy it wouldn't surprise me... but I am sure like everything Big Pharma sells it probably costs a penny and sells for $5 in this case it might be a penny to $100. The elite are prone to egocentrism and vanity just like the rest of us... (even worse)

    Oh.. and this "free solution" of course is the fractionated essence of blood, a distilled residue of already "cleaned" blood recently filtered from the liver. Shhh... don't tell anybody... it's a secret... And this doesn't involve the sacrificial harvesting and murder of innocent children. But this does explain why this it originates in a perfect state, pristine, sterilized and 100% bio-organically available, literally with your body's own biochemical signature in it. I would imagine if anyone consumed this "secret" remedy and treated it like it was really worth it's weight in gold... they could add several decades to their own life... It may explain the cases of people who have supposedly lived for 200-300 years in a youthful state...

    ( I have difficulty with the cloned "old people" interpretation myself... that's doesn't jive for me...)
    We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time
    By faith we understand things which are seen were not made of the things which are visible

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    Default Re: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

    Money talks when it comes to getting optimal medical treatment.


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    Default Re: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

    I have often thought this myself. My suspicion is that they have had access to stem cell therapy for a long time. A person I know is getting it for a torn shoulder - 2 shots, $1500 each. Insurance won't pay because it is still being tested and tracked for the FDA to approve or not. Her doc told her "the cells will go through your body slowly and fix everything".

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