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Thread: Spiritual Isolation

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    Default Re: Spiritual Isolation

    Quote Posted by Finefeather (here)
    Quote Posted by greybeard (here)
    In my case I think Spiritual isolation is necessary and a gift.
    It got me over thinking I was an important person
    Chris you never spiritually isolated yourself... you isolated yourself from material noise.

    Love brother
    That's a great way of putting it Ray and true.
    Much love
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    Be kind to all life, including your own, no matter what!!

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    Default Re: Spiritual Isolation

    Isolation gives you the gift of freedom. Your no-longer held by the social view of rights and wrongs. Your actions of kindness are not judged by the public view, should you happen to aid someone deemed wrong fro example. If you were part of the tribe your attraction to those wrong ones would inter punishment. Buy because your an outcast no one reports you but they do mock you.

    I myself am a outcast for I do not subscribe to the- you must exist like this here - mentality. This approach doesnt mean Im a bad guy, quite the opposite for in isolation I have learnt the values of life. I value nothing that I own and willingly share and give it to others knowing it shall assist thier journey here.

    Sure, my life was changed in 1999 by people around me but their attacks only made me stronger and made my love even bigger for all I come across. I never judge, I help, I smile and live a long life of giving with the hope that others find the same path soon.

    Apologies for spelling errors, my pet used my original laptop as a toilet and I forgave him soon afterewards. I now have a cheap laptop with a malfunctioned keyboard so Im stuck with a larger USB keyboard now. But Im surviving with it just like how I overcame persecution - never let it consume your heart but let it do its dance for it shall soon get bored.

    Love and light to you all.
    I am the member formally known as Macros the black

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