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Thread: Obama, the American Pharoah

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    Default Obama, the American Pharoah

    I wasn't sure where to put this, as it relates to cloning, a sitting president, and a possible earth collision event, or a CERN induced phenomena.

    The idea that Obama may be a clone of the the Egyptian ruler Akhenaten has been discussed in previous threads. I don't know if this video was posted or not.

    However, new ties have come to light. Curiously, the first triple crown winner in 37 years, is named American Pharoah. He won on 6-6-15 (666). Could this be a reference to Obama, and in what sense? Does it mean he is destined for a third term, or to rule three countries, three continents, or simply a coincidence.

    But then I ran across another video which discusses the meaning of end portion of "I, Pet Goat II" where a lightning bolt hits the cap stone of what appears to be an Eqyptian pyramid. Barack Obama translated means lightning from heaven.

    While I don't think this video succeeds in making a solid case for anything, I find it adds nicely to the triple crown win, American Pharoah, and the idea that Obama and his family could be clones, and adds a nod to a possible future event. Not so far fetched if you believe the global elite are quite technologically advanced.

    Oh, and hubby just now mentioned to me that Ezekial 37 talks about new life from old bones. (Not a biblical scholar here.)
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    Default Re: Obama, the American Pharoah

    My dear, it's all orchestrated for your entertainment.
    Add to all this O's supposed b-day of Aug 14, which is day 216 = 6x6x6.
    We are living in a fantastic AI created whirled of holographic creation...enjoy it!

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