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Thread: Most Dangerous Person In Prison...?

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    Default Re: Most Dangerous Person In Prison...?


    Astrotheology is the study of the astronomical origins of religion; how gods, goddesses, and demons are personifications of astronomical phenomena such as lunar eclipses, planetary alignments, and apparent interactions of planetary bodies with stars.

    The term astro-theology appears in the title of a 1714 work by William Derham, Astro-theology: or, A demonstration of the being and attributes of God, from a survey of the heavens based on the author's observations by means of "Mr. Huygens' Glass". Derham thought that the stars were openings in the firmament through which he thought he saw the Empyrean beyond.[3] The 1783 issue of The New Christian's magazine had an essay entitled Astro-theology which argued the "demonstration of sacred truths" from "a survey of heavenly bodies" in the sense of the watchmaker analogy. Edward Higginson (1855) argues a compatibility of "Jewish Astro-theology" of the Hebrew Bible, which places God and his angelic hosts in the heavens, with a "Scientific Astro-theology" based on observation of the cosmos.

    Manly P Hall (1901–1990), mystic and a 33rd degree mason, taught that each of the three Abrahamic faiths has a planet that governs that religion. Judaism is Saturn: the symbol of Judaism is a hexagram symbol of Saturn, and the day of worship is on Saturday, day of Saturn. Christianity is the Sun: the symbol of Christianity is the cross symbol of the Sun, and the day of worship is Sunday, day of the Sun. Islam is Venus: the symbol of Islam is the star and crescent (the star commonly thought to represent Venus), and the day of worship is on Friday.

    Dorothy M. Murdock [4] a proponent of the study, has released books on the subject and teaches the connections between the solar allegory and the life of Christ. She also goes beyond the astronomical comparisons and postulates ties between the origins of many of the early Abrahamic religions to ancient mythologies of that in Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

    The same term is used by Jan Irvin, Jordan Maxwell and Andrew Rutajit (2006) in reference to "the earliest known forms of religion and nature worship", advocating the entheogen theory of the origin of religion.


    Of course, this is from Wiki, but it probably is not that far off.

    a bit too close to the truth about how our lives, and the flow of time is predicted and predicated via astrology.

    that the Ley lines exist and flow (bloom and shrink) according to how the geometrical patterns they create in resonance, how those patterns move with the planets and the heavens in relation to the earth.

    Thus they are trails and storyboards for the motion of the heavens and the world and people, in specific and general.

    And they also portend dimensional portals, their bloom and shrinkage, and what and when something may come through them, from other times, other realms, other dimensions. See 411, missing people in parks and such. You'll find me expounding and explaining in detail in those threads.

    Again, just a bit too close to the truth for some who wish to maintain their rule over humanity, via the same data being in their hands and in their use.
    Interdimensional Civil Servant

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    Default Re: Most Dangerous Person In Prison...?

    Quote Posted by awakeningmom (here)
    Santos Bonacci does lectures on something he calls "astro-theology" -- I think he's australian. Here's a link to a recent interview with him on one of my favorite shows (the Higherside Chats). Sorry I don't know how to embed the video itself yet....but here's the link.


    He's got a lot of stuff out there on YouTube too....

    He's from Melbourne as far a I can remember, His Astro-theology I would high recommend, a diffident way of looks at the big picture even if you don't believe everything he states, You'll come away with a different spin on of some the world pass events, great to listen to an he's an enthusiastic person too.

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    Default Re: Most Dangerous Person In Prison...?

    Most dangerous prisoner in Africa

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