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Thread: Counter-extremism made in the UK.

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    Default Counter-extremism made in the UK.

    Hi all,

    Today at work i read the following 2 articles ... i am still shocked of the obvious police state propaganda.

    Counter-extremism: May targets 'all those who spread hate'

    Can David Cameron's extremism plan work?

    Anyone know what extremism is? Because i cant seem to understand it on these articles ... they keep it so vague and just give examples of IS extremes.

    Here some lines i found weird ...

    "Deradicalisation classes will be made mandatory for others deemed a threat."

    "An official investigation into the application of Sharia law in the UK"

    "Home Secretary Theresa May said non-violent extremism could not go "uncontested" as it led to the erosion of women's rights, the spread of intolerance and bigotry and the separation of some communities "from the mainstream". "

    "The government wants to create powers to curtail the activity of "extremists", even if they don't break hate laws or incite violence. "

    ETC ETC ....

    I think I am living in 1984 ....


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    Default Re: Counter-extremism made in the UK.

    The quantum field responds not to what we want; but to who we are being. Dr. Joe Dispenza

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