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Thread: Global Oneness : "Sangha as the next Buddha"

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    Default Global Oneness : "Sangha as the next Buddha"

    This is a discussion of the global oneness day talk titled "Sangha as the next Buddha." I'm not sure how many attended, but I will try to recall as many details of the conversation as I can throughout whatever discussion might ensue.

    Quote With our evolution on all levels as a given, what is the future and the character of the guru and spiritual teacher as we have come to know them? In this regard, Thích Nhất Hạnh’s script ‘The Next Buddha will be a Sangha’ has become very popular. And recently Barbara Marx Hubbard said: “I see millions of Avatars popping all over the world.” With the wisdom of the many incredible teachers past and present becoming ever more infused into our collective consciousness we find ourselves coming together at a higher level and creating a new ‘Being’ though our love and connectedness. This panel explores the nature of the future Guru, Buddha, Christ, God, etc and of Real Community.
    They use the term Buddha to describe really any spiritual teacher/guru that we look up towards. As our evolutionary state is rising, we are all finding this Christ consciousness within us and spiritual leaders are spiraling us further upwards into a realm in which the next guide to look up to and listen to is the spirit of the collective. The term Sangha draws this towards a Buddhist belief, but it is a word representative of any collective. I feel this happening on a larger and larger scale every day. If enough people believe in an idea, it hits a critical mass of sorts and everyone falls over to it. It happened with bad stuff in the past, but right now it is happening with stuff like THIS too.

    At one point in the day someone also said something like this:

    Quote First, we love ourselves, then the other, then the family, then the land, then the country, then the religious family, then the planetary family, and then the stellar community, then the galactic community, then the universal community, then the community of the multiverse.
    It is the mycelial spread of this love and unification that will spiral us up the z plane (and other planes which will have to be named strangely because of the hubris of using the last 3 letters in order to label the first 3 dimensions of our universe).

    Woop Woop to any other attenders, but even if you have not attended yet, please share your thoughts on these ideas.
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    Default Re: Global Oneness : "Sangha as the next Buddha"

    Love prevails all thoughts.

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    Default Re: Global Oneness : "Sangha as the next Buddha"

    I have been thinking about this. I think there's a lot to it. I joined in with that meditation on Sunday. Maybe we can widen those cracks.

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