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Thread: Electrify the soul

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    Default Re: Electrify the soul

    I was raised a catholic , and this song was part of me growing up. It is the most sublime music/song I have ever heard. Love Ave Maria by Schubert. Get goosebumps when I hear it.
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    Default Re: Electrify the soul

    I was having a conversation and it was suggested I post the song here. Another version is posted in the Aurora thread but this one's performed in the outdoors in Norway. The song came to mind because of the sometimes shallow lives we live.

    Let us see, is this real,
    This life I am living?
    You, gods, who dwell everywhere,
    Let us see, is this real,
    This life I am living?
    ~ Pawnee Dream Song

    The Norwegian group Wardruna singing Helvegan with Aurora comes to mind. Some of the comments are facinating. Some are writing that this is the first time they have heard REAL music, REAL singing.


    "Haunting and beautiful".

    "A cry from ancient spirits begging today's generation to remember who they are".

    "I have listen to this song many times but this version really brought me into deep thought. How we lived as humans in ancient times and how we live now."

    Just had to come back and add this one
    "I can feel my beard grow as I listen to this."

    A revealing commentary on real music and what passes as music today.

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