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Thread: Men in black

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    Default Men in black

    Documentary Promoted by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as he urged USA to do the same.

    The planet have given you all that you have !
    What do you give in return ?
    Be the change you wish to see.

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    Default Re: Men in black

    Thanks, I enjoy watching the Russian UFO videos and I haven't seen this one before.

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    Default Re: Men in black

    There is the men in black and there is men in black that are ETs disguised as humans...
    Raiding the Matrix One Mind at a Time ...

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    Default Re: Men in black

    I posted this on another thread:

    Quote Posted by Hervé (here)
    'contagious visions' of man in black trying to kill them [...] All of which are highly reminiscent of another famous poisoning case: Salem
    Might sound weird, but 'men in black' are far older than people think, they go back to the middle ages, I found one from the 16th century, check this out:

    So that we not only have a case for ancient aliens, but also for ancient MIBs ! (whatever the century, they still wear their 'hats', strange isn't it?)

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    Default Re: Men in black

    Gee, this is unreal...thanks for posting this..mojo.. Is it accidental, faith or what.?..I don`t really know. It did remind me of my own past.

    Me too, had a encounter with a man in black...way back...when I was a child (about 8 years old) and with a triangle craft many years later (about 2010).

    Anyways, the triangle craft did fly by in front of my sight....just when I was reaching the end of the forest and when I had a view towards the fields.....It was pretty spooky.. this craft is totally black, looks very strange and the craft was very quiet too...and at first I was pretty shocked. It did fly by so close I could see the cockpit windows good...but you could not look inside...black glass you can not look through.... I could not see anything written on it..nothing....no flag also.....

    My first thought was....Ok, now...what is going on. What was this...an UFO, an military craft or do I have hallucinations by now....?

    So I searched around all over the net....military crafts in Germany, Russia and US..and found the B 2 Spirit which looks like the one I seen.....and it was long time a secret air craft, is written........They have it for more than 20 years already, as far as I know.....You can see it here for example :

    So a triangle craft can always be actually a military craft. But it might got made with alien technology? It is very possible I think.

    The man in black I had contact with when I was a child..was...in the same area..where I seen the craft about 40 years later...the same forest. As children growing up next to this forest, we often spend time there. Like on this day I been there with a friend. But she did run away when she recognized someone standing there.

    He was standing in the middle of the forest with a black briefcase chained to his arm....dressed totally in black cloth...black hat, black coat, black pants, black shoes and black gloves. His face was very pale.

    I talked to him...he answered. Then all I remember....I was walking away but....I don`t remember how I came home this day. Missing time....no memory......
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