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Thread: Uniting & Breaking Free to Self-Sufficient Community-Fleeing To Freedom. I need a TEAM

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    Default Uniting & Breaking Free to Self-Sufficient Community-Fleeing To Freedom. I need a TEAM

    I need you to join my quest of changing the world if you have the required skills to contribute to my ideas, which is to create a new country, society, or organization and become leaders to then pursue uniting as many people on earth to start working towards a better world civilization. My current objectives are writing articles, books, and creating documentaries to wake up humanity and show them that everyone matters and everyone can contribute to the world-revolution that we all desire. Money controls the world, and therefore we will need lots of money to begin our journey. To gain enough power and influence as a group-entity, which is required to be a credible and reliable source of informational truth, we must start gathering many resources and build a "gods empire on earth". We won't be spending money polluting places and depopulating people, but rather contributing to the food industry, medical industry, to educational and media revolutions, multicultural collaboration, and eco-friendly technological advancement. The Native Americans were slaughtered in genocides. Now we must realize that it's not meditation and protesting that will change the world, as merely spiritual influence will never overcome physical influence. We must use a balance of physical and spiritual enforcement in order to see the change that we desire. It all starts with the unity of very intellectual individuals who desire change, and will dedicate their everyday lives to the process of creating a better world. Are you the one? Do you have a leadership gene? Can you write long paragraphs rather than "ya I want change, **** the system." Will you be able to assist me writing books, writing articles, building websites, networking with skilled people, and fundraising our projects? Our main project is to build a self-sufficient society or country on an island or in a dense forest where we will start from scratch, isolated from modern civilization, but using both modern and ancient knowledge in order to influence the world around us. We will not be isolated, but we will be thriving as a society separate from the chaos that we are trying to overcome and change. Are you ready for intense spiritual and physical growth? Are you ready to break free from the system/the matrix? Are you ready to feel what it's like to not be a slave, and to unite with other intellectual spiritual people in order to reach your full potential and utilize your skills? Join me. Join us. We can do this, together.

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    Default Re: Uniting & Breaking Free to Self-Sufficient Community-Fleeing To Freedom. I need a TEAM

    for your age TheInBetween ,you are a blessed boy and a blink of hope for everyone
    Hate is a useless lie that we convinced ourselves as valuable for our inner balance

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    Default Re: Uniting & Breaking Free to Self-Sufficient Community-Fleeing To Freedom. I need a TEAM

    TheinBetween, I wish you much success with your project. You may just achieve what you set out to do. Remember anything is Possible, and that power Corrupts.
    “a complete understanding of reality lies beyond the capabilities of rational thought."
    ― Gary Zukav

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    Default Re: Uniting & Breaking Free to Self-Sufficient Community-Fleeing To Freedom. I need a TEAM

    Its been said that the old man with experience is short of life force which the young ones have and the young ones is not at par with the knowledge of the old man with experience.
    You can start with yourself. show people that you are able to break away from the matrix and they will follow.
    good luck. I have started my transition from matrix to off grid. I am doing it gradually by myself you can join me if you wish

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